When Li Singtan entered his room, Xie Ming was sitting on the bed applying lotion.

Slowly walking towards her, he sat beside her.

Without lifting her head, Xie Ming said," Finished fixing your appointment Mr Li."

Li Singtan raised his eyebrows when he sensed a tinge if jealousy in Xie Ming's voice. He decided to play along with his brothers plan and said," Ya everything is fixed."

Getting up from the bed, Xie Ming said," Okay. You should wear something good that day."

Nodding his head, Li Singtan said," Ya I was also thinking about buying a new suit before I go for the meeting."

Xie Ming furrowed her brows and thought ' He did not even wear something good when we were getting married and now he wants buy a new suit for a meeting? How important is this Rushi entertainment'

" Will you help me pick one?"

Forcing a smile Xie Ming said," Ya off course why not?"

Li Singtan pursed his lips trying to stop himself from laughing ' She looks even more cute when she is jealous' he thought.

Walking towards her, he said," You have to pick up a really nice and classy suit for me. This meeting is indeed important. This meeting can definitely change many things."

Picking up her night cream, Xie Ming said," I don't know about other things, but it will definitely help you change your wife." Without waiting for his reply, she continued," Mr Li I think you got married to a wrong woman. Ahh but you know it's never too late. It's just been 3 days so we can easily annul our marriage."

Li Singtan widened his eyes in shock. His forehead was covered with a layer of sweat," What? What did you say?"

Dabbing the cream in her face, she said," Is there something wrong with your ears Mr Li?"

Li Singtan understood that the situation was getting out of hand. He quickly decided to handle it," Ming it's nothing like what Quin told you."

Without replying, Xie Ming quietly picked up a pillow and walked towards the door.

When Li Singtan saw this, he quickly ran towards her and caught her hand," Hey I told you nothing is going one between us and you don't have to leave the room for such a small matter. I was just joking okay."

Shoving the pillow in Li Singtan's hand, she said," Who said that I am the one who is leaving? I don't want to disturb you and your appointment plans tonight. So why don't you sleep in the living room or guest room. It's okay if you want you can go and sleep with Ms Rushi too."

Li Singtan was dumbfounded. If he had known that his little teasing would lead to such a situation, he would have never ever done that. He started cursing himself for not telling her the truth straightaway. " You are kicking me out?"

Crossing her hands, Xie Ming questioned him back," What do you think?"

Throwing the pillow towards the bed, Li Singtan pulled Xie Ming into his embrace and said," Stop being jealous. I was just joking okay. There is nothing going on between us. Actually there is nothing going on between anybody."

" I am not being jealous."

" Then Why is your face red?"

" Because you are irritating me and disturbing my beauty sleep."

Pushing him away, Xie Ming opened the door and gestured Li Singtna to move out.

" I am not going anywhere." Li Singtan said.

Pushing him out of the room, Xie Ming shouted," You don't have a choice Mr Li."

Before Li Singtan could protest, he realised that he was already out of the room and the door was already closed.

Knocking at the door, Li Singtan said," Open the door Ming. You can't do this."

No reply.

" Open the door now."

No reply.

" So you are not going to open the door."

No reply.

" Fine I am going this sleep right here on the cold floor for the whole night."


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