After everyone finished eating, they gathered in the living room and were sipping tea together.

Xie Ming excused herself and gave father Xie a call.

" Hello dad."

" Ahh my dear daughter. How are you?" Father Xie asked excitedly.

Xie Ming giggles," I am fine. I just wanted to ask whether you are free tomorrow or not."

" If there is something important, I can reschedule everything."

" Mother wants you and Yufan to come over for dinner tomorrow."

"Meili wants yes to come over?"

" Yes Father."

Father Xie smiled and said," Okay we will come."

" Father How is Yufan?"

" He is learning everything quite fast but he is still small and he has a long way to go."

" Don't forget to get him along with you tomorrow Okay dad."

" Okay love. Bye."

" Bye dad."

Next, Xie Ming called her best friend.

" You ungrateful friend. You are calling me after so many days. Now that you are married with someone great, you don't want to remain friends with someone like me.*sob**sob* I am sad."

Xie Ming rolled her eyes," Stop it Yixi don't be so dramatic. Are you free tomorrow?"

An Yixi asked with a excited voice," Why?"

" If you are free, come to the Li ancestral mansion tomorrow for dinner." Xie Ming said.

An Yixi screamed from the other end," What? What did you say? You are inviting me for dinner in the Li ancestral mansion?"

" Yes"

" So that means I can have dinner with all the Li's together?"

" Father and Yufan will also be there."

" Ahhhh Xie Ming I love you."

Xie Ming laughed," So you are coming or not?"

" Which idiot will decline such a lovely opportunity. I'll be there on time."

" Okay then. See you tomorrow. Bye Yixi."

Hanging up the call, Xie Ming went inside.


While Xie Ming was busy making phone calls, Li Singtan also dialed a number.

" You dude what's up?" Yang Yutangs cheerful voice was heard from the other end.

" Come home for dinner tomorrow. Xie Family is also coming over."

" Okay. I'll see you tomorrow then."

Li Singtan smiled mischievously after hanging up the call.

When Xie Ming returned back, she noticed that Li Singtan was not there.

When mother Li saw Xie Ming looking around, she said," He is in the backyard."


Looking for Li Singtan when Xie Ming entered the backyard, she saw him smiling happy while he was staring at his phone.

Xie Ming raised her brows and said," What are you smiling at?"

Li Singtan lifted his head up. When he saw his beautiful wife standing in front of him, he tosses his phone back in his pocket and smiled at her and said," Nothing."

" Oh I thought may be you were fixing an appointment with the eldest daughter of the Rushi entertainment ." She paused for a while and continued," I am a bit tired so I'll head out. You can continue with whatever you were doing." And Without waiting for his reply, she rushed out of the backyard.

Li Singtan in the other hand was shocked as well as confused ' What appointment was she talking about? And how did she know about Rushi entertainment?' Narrowing his eyes, Li Singtan shouted," Li Quin."

Li Singtan got up and rushed towards the living room.


When Li Quin was happily sitting in the couch cracking nuts, he saw his elder brother rushing towards him like a hungry tiger.He got up and hid behind his mother.

When Li Singtan saw him hiding behind mother Li m, he said," Come out."

" Why do you look so angry? What did he do?" Mother Li asked.

Li Quin shook his head and said," No mom I did not do anything."

When mother Li saw Li Singtans red face, she knew that Li Quin had done something terribly wrong. Pulling Li Quin's left ear, Mother Li asked," What did you do Quin tell me fast?"

" Aahhh mom that hurts. You can't do this I am not a kid anymore. I am- awww don't twist it like that. Okay okay I'll tell you but first leave my ear."

Rubbing his left ear, Li Quin lowered his head and said," I told sister-in-law about the eldest daughter of the rushi Entertainment. I told sister-in-law that she is interested in the meeting if brother is the one who attends it."

" And" Li Singtan shouted.

Scratching his head, Li Quin said," I also told sister-in-law that brother would personally fix an appointment with Ms Rushi and attend it."

Everyone else started laughing while Li Singtan had the ugliest experience in the whole world.

Father Li patted his sons shoulder and said," Seems like you have use the guest room tonight. Don't worry I'll ask someone to clean it for you."

Grandpa Li pointed at Li Quin and said," This brat really needs to be punished."

Pointing his finger at his brother, Li Singtan said," I'll make sure you don't receive your salary for the next month." He then stormed out the living room and went upstairs.

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