Xie Ming raised her eyebrows," Ohh is that so."

Li Quin nodded her head and said," She was very annoying."

" What did Li Singtang day?" Xie Ming asked

Noticing a tinge of jealousy and insecurity in his sister-in-law's voice, Li Quin cleared his throat and said," Ahh forget it sister-in-law."

Xie Ming pulled him back and said," Brother-in-law that was not the answer that I was expecting."

Li Quin shook his head and said," Okay sister-in-law I will tell you but you have promise me that you will not tell bro that I told you this."

As Xie Ming nodded his head, Li Quin continued," Bro told me that he will meet the eldest daughter of the Rushi entertainment afterwards. He also told me not to get involved it this as he will PERSONALLY deal with her."

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Xie Ming rubbed the space between her brows and said," Oh is that so. Then Okay. Let's go down everyone is waiting for us."

After saying this Xie Ming increased her pace and started walking downstairs.

Li Quin was still in shock. He had thought that Xie Ming would be very angry and would bash his brother. Catching Xie Ming's pace, Li Quin said," Ehh sister-in-law you don't have anything else to say or ask?"

Xie Ming shook her head," No."

Li Quin frowned. He had purposely lied because he wanted to get back to his brother but nothing happened.

Xie Ming on the other hand was feeling very uneasy ' He is just meeting her for business. What is wrong with you Ming?' She tried to brush those thoughts away but nothing was working.


When Xie Ming and Li Quin entered the dinning area, everyone was already sitting and all the dishes were already served.

When Li Singtan saw his wife, he smiled. He stood up and pulled a chair for her and said," Come sit here. We were waiting for you."

When Xie Ming saw her husband's handsome face, she wanted to roll her eyes and give him a good beating. But she controlled her wild feelings and quietly sat on the chair.

Li Singtan kept on placing food on Xie Ming's plate.

Xie Ming sighed and quietly ate whatever he was serving her.

All the other family members could not help but smile after seeing the couple.

Mother Li passed Xie Ming some pork ribs and said," Ming tomorrow invite your brother and father here for dinner. Since you all don't want to have a wedding anytime soon, we will atleast have to throw a party for your welcome. We will have discuss and decide the date with your father."

Xie Ming pursed her lips and said," That is not necessary mother. I-"

" It is important child. You are a part of our family now and everyone needs to know that." Grandma Li said.

" Your Grandma is right." Grandpa Li added.

Feeling helpless, Xie Ming looked at Li Singtan for help but when she saw a broad smile on his face, she decided to let the elders decide.

Li Singtan placed his hand on Xie Ming's shoulder and said," You can also invite your friend An Yixi tomorrow."

Xie Ming smiled broadly and asked," I can?"

Mother Li laughed and said," Yes you can. You can invite whoever you want. This is your house."

Xie Ming nodded her head and continued eating.