After seeing how splendid Li Mansion was, Xie Ming had expected Li Ancestral Mansion to be the same but as she entered the Li ancestral mansion, she realised that it was not even near to what she had thought it would be. It was much more grand and splendid than she had thought.

The house looked like a museum as it was full of antique things. The paintings on the walls, the carpet, the furniture everything looked marvellous. Though this was the first time that Xie Ming was entering the house, she felt warm and happiness filled her heart. She felt like a person who was returning home from an exile after many years.

Li Quin nudged his sister-in-law who was in daze and said," What happened sister-in-law you okay?"

Xie Ming nodded her head and stepped inside the house.

Mother Li and grandma Li came towards her and gave her a hug.

" Ah I am so happy. Finally my daughter is going to stay with me." Mother Li said.

Xie Ming smiled and hugged mother Li back.

Grandma Li patted Xie Ming's head and said," Let's go and eat something."

Rubbing his stomach, Li Quin said," Hmm I am also very hungry."

Mother Li knocked his forehead and said," Who asked whether you are hungry or not? And you were telling me that you had a very important meeting today and will be coming home late. What happened now? Why are you here?"

Li Quin grinned and said," I postponed it."

Mother Li playfully slapped her younger son and said," Wash your hands before eating."

" I need to use the washroom." Xie Ming said.

" Li Quin will show you the way."

Xie Ming looked at Li Quin and nodded her head.


Meanwhile in the dinning table, Grandpa Li, Father Li and Li Singtan were having a serious discussion.

Father Li placed his hands on the table and said," Bringing Xie Ming here was a very good discussion son. It's much more safe here."

Li Singtan nodded his head," I know dad."

Grandpa Li snorted and said," That Simon guy, I don't understand what problem does he have. His father once tried to challenge me but couldn't succeed. Then this Simon guy tried to challenge your dad but failed and now he is challenging you."

Father Li nodded his head and said," You know why they couldn't win against us or harm us. But for you it's different. I hope you are understanding what I am trying to say son."

Li Singtan sighed," I understand."

" Your Mother and grandmother are well acquainted to such things so it wasn't difficult for us. But Xie Ming. You have to extra careful." Father Li said.

Grandpa Li crossed his arms together and said," I think you should tell Xioa Ming everything. The sooner the better."

Li Singtan lowered his head," I want to give her some time to adjust first. It's just been few days. I don't want to pressurise her."

Father Li did not say anything. He knew what was stopping his son from revealing everything to his wife. He knew that Li Singtan was scared that Xie Ming would refuse to stay with him after knowing the truth but the truth cannot be hidden for long.

" Don't worry about Ming. I'll take care of her." Mother Li said had she walked towards the trio.

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Placing her hand on Li Singtan's shoulder, Mother Li said," Don't worry about her from now on. Focus on your enemy from now. You will have to show him that it is not easy to go against a Li."

Li Singtan nodded his head," Where is Ming?"

Grandma Li sat on the chair beside grandpa Li and said," She is using the washroom."


Li Quin took Xie Ming to Li Singtan's room and said," This is brothers room. You can say that it is also your room from now." Pointing towards the washroom he said," and there is the washroom. Come back fast sister-in-law my stomach is grumbling."

Xie Ming laughed and entered the washroom. She liked how cheerful Li Quin was. He was totally opposite of Li Singtan who was cold and always emitted a dangerous kind of an aura. Only if Xie Ming had seen how Li Quin was at work. At work Li Quin was much more ruthless and cold compared to Li Singtan.

After Xie Ming came out of the washroom, they headed downstairs.

As they were walking, Xie Ming turned towards Li Quin and asked," Brother-in-law can I ask you something?"

Li Quin nodded her head and said,"You can ask me anything."

Xie Ming smiled and asked," Day before yesterday when you had called Singtan, What were you talking about? I mean he had a very odd expression on his face after the that. I am just curious."

Li Quin thought and said," Ohh that. Actually it was about a meeting with Rushi entertainment. Bro was suppose to attend it but he asked me to go instead."

Xie Ming raised her eyebrows and asked," Isn't that meeting related to global entertainment.?" When Xie Ming saw Li Quin nod is head, she again asked," Then why was Li Singtan suppose to attend it?"

Li Quin shook his head and said," Yes all matters related to global entertainment is attended by me. But the Rushi entertainment is now in the hands of the eldest daughter of the Rushi family. She had specially requested that it should be elder brother who should attend this meeting and not me. Ahh the worst thing is that when I got there, she refused to even talk to me. She said that the meeting will take place only if elder brother attends it."