Li Singtan instructed bulter Chang about few things before leaving.

Butler Chang quietly nodded his head and said," You don't have to worry about anything Young master. I'll take care of everything. Actually I-"

" What is it?" Li Singtan asked.

Lowering his head, butler Chang said," Today when Young Madam was preparing lunch for you, she accidentally actually-"

" Speak properly."

" She dropped some hot congee in her hand. I tried to stop her from entering the kitchen but she said that this was her house so no one could stop her."

Li Singtan's eyes turned dark. His wife had burnt her hand while preparing lunch for him and he did not even notice it.

" Don't let her enter the kitchen next time. Even if she insists, don't leave her side. Did you understand?"

Bulter Chang nodded his head.


Walking towards his car, Li Singtan noticed that Xie Ming was already sitting in the passenger seat. Walking towards the driver seat, he opened the door and sat inside.

Xie Ming looked at him and said," What took you so long?"

Buckling his seat belt, Li Singtan said," He told me about what happened in the kitchen today." Taking both her hands on his hand, he noticed that there were blisters in her left hand. Touching it lightly, he asked," Does it hurt?"

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Xie Ming shook her head and said," No it doesn't. It's just a small burn."

" If you had applied some cold water and ointment on time, these blisters wouldn't have appeared." Li Singtan said with a soft tone.

" Uncle Chang splashed almost all the entire water present in the world." Xie Ming giggles after saying this.

Li Singtan kissed her hand and said," Be careful next time. Don't hurt yourself. I don't understand why do you have to enter the kitchen. You have so many people around you. I pay them a huge sum of money every month so use them. Okay?"

Xie Ming nodded her head and said," I will not say that I'll never enter the kitchen but I promise that I'll be extra careful from next time. Okay?"

Li Singtan lowered his head and sighed. He then started the car and left.


Meanwhile in a remote area of country S, an old man was quietly sipping tea and listening to his subordinate.

" Sir, Simon has started making his move towards Mr Li."

Old man placed his cup on the table and said," Did you send them email?"

The subordinate nodded his head," Yes Sir But-"

" What is it?" The old man asked.

The subordinate hesitated a bit and asked," All these years you were after Li Singtan. You either wanted him half dead or dead. What happened now Sir? Why are you helping him?"

The old man let out a small laugh," Well I guess fate doesn't wants us to be rivals anymore." Getting up from his seat, he said," Make arrangements. There's no point staying here now. Let's move back to the city."

The subordinate shook his head," But Sir its dangerous there. What if they attack you? We should not let our guard down."

Old man crossed his hands and said," You still don't know Li Singtan well. He is the king of the underworld for some very good reasons. You don't have to worry about me. Just keep an eye on Simon and keep updating me."


Outside old ancestral mansion.

When Li Singtan and Xie Ming stepped out of their car, Li Quin was the one who greeted them with a cheeky smile on his face.

Li Singtan rolled his eyes when he saw his brother smiling like a fool. Pulling his wife closer to him, he said," Why are you smiling like a fool?"

Li Quin chuckled and said," Hehe my sister-in-law is going to stay with us from now. I am so happy."

Li Singtan furrowed his brows and said," We are not staying here forever." Turning his head towards Xie Ming, he said," Stay away from him. The kind of stupidity that he has is contagious."

Hiting Li Singtan on his arm, she said," How can you say something like that to your brother?"

" Truth is truth. The fact that he is my brother cannot change the truth." After saying this, he went inside the mansion.

Li Quin look this opportunity and hooked his arm around Xie Ming and said," Sister-in-law this is the first time you are coming here, so let me show you around okay."

Xie Ming nodded her head and followed him.