When Li Singtan arrived home, Xie Ming was waiting for him in the living room sipping tea.

When Xie Ming saw her husband, she smiled at him and said," Welcome back." Her eyes then fell on the lilies that he was holding she thought ' Those flowers are for me right? For who else would he bring flowers for'

Getting up, Xie Ming walked towards her husband and stretched her hands and said," Thankyou."

Taking few steps backwards, Li Singtan said," What?"

Xie Ming furrowed her brows," What What?

" Why are you stretching your hands like that? What do you want?" Li Singtan asked.

Crossing her hands, Xie Ming asked" Aren't these lilies for me?"

Raising his eye brows, Li Singtan said," Who said these are for you?"

Xie Ming lowered her head, she thought 'Stupid Ming why would he bring flowers for you. It's not like he is in love with me or something like that' Clearing her throat, Xie Ming said," Oh okay."

Li Singtan nodded his head trying to control his laughter. He loved the expression that she had on her face when he teased her," What made you think that these are for you?"

Turning back Xie Ming said," I just thought. For whom did you buy these flowers for?"

" For someone." Li Singtan said.

" Oh okay." After saying this she rushed upwards. She did not want him to see her red face but the thought about Li Singtan buying flowers for someone else made her feel uneasy.


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When Li Singtan entered the room, Xie Ming was nowhere to be found. He then heard the sound of running water inside the washroom.

He quickly grabbed a pen and paper. After writing something on it, he placed the flowers along with the note on the bed and left the room.

When Xie Ming came out of the washroom, her eyes fell on the flowers which was carefully placed on the bed.

Walking towards the bed, Xie Ming roughly grabbed the flowers and shouted," Since he brought it for someone else, why did he place it on my bed?"

When Xie Ming was about to throw the flowers on the couch, she saw a small note which was carefully placed inside the bunch flowers. Carefully picking up the note and reading it a smiled appeared on her face. The note said- " BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS FOR MY BEAUTIFUL WIFE."

Looking at the flower again, Xie Ming could feel her heart beating fast. Sniffing it's beautifully scent she carefully placed it one the bed again. She then walked towards her wardrobe and picked up a dress.


When Li Singtan entered the room, he saw that the flower which he had left for her to see was still on the bed. Li Singtan furrowed his brows and thought ' She did not even look at it. She really thought that I brought these flowers for someone else. She is not angry with me right?'

Just as he was busy with his own thoughts, Xie Ming turned towards him and said," Ohh you are here. Just give me a minute Okay. I'll just wear my shoes and then we can leave."

Li Singtan nodded his head and said," You did not touch the flowers?"

Xie Ming shook her head and said," No. You told me that they are not for me. So why should I touch them when I know that they are for SOMEONE else."

Li Singtan cursed himself inwardly. It was all his fault. His wife was now misunderstanding him. Scratching his forehead, Li Singtan said," it's not like what you are thinking."

Xie Ming crosses her hand and said," Oh so tell me what it is like?"

Li Singtan had no idea how should he deal with a situation like this. He had previously dealt with many situations but this was the most difficult one.

Xie Ming on the other hand was grinning inwardly. Trying to control her laughter after seeing that extremely confused and anxious look on Li Singtan's face, she walked towards him and knocked him on his forehead and said," Don't give me that look Mr Li. What did you think only you can tease me?" Fixing his tie, she continued," I saw your note and Thankyou for the flowers."

Li Singtan wrapped his hands around her waist and said," Your Welcome Mrs Li."

Xie Ming lowered her head and said," You are not allowed to gift flowers to anyone else except for me. You have such a beautiful wife. Why do you need to gift flowers to someone else?"

Li Singtan laughed and said," Are you praising yourself?"

Xie Ming raised her brows and asked," what don't you think I am beautiful?"

Kissing her forehead, he said" You are the most beautiful woman I have ever met."

Xie Ming blushed. Pushing him away, she said," Let's go otherwise we'll be late."