After the vigorous activity, Chen Siquan and Xie Yurin dressed themselves and left the office together.

On the way back to the Chen Mansion, Xie Ming said," Siquan do you think I should talk to elder sister about Li Singtan. She cannot be a mistress. Nobody in the Xie family has ever been a mistress."

Chen Siquan touched her hand and said," You are too innocent Yurin. After all that your sister had done, you still want to help her."

" No matter what she is still my sister."

Chen Siquan smiled and said," Do what you feel is right."

Xie Yurin nodded her head. In front of Chen Siquan, she was showing her concern for Xie Ming but deep within she was boiling with anger. If Xie Ming had any kind of connection with Li Singtan, all her efforts of taking revenge would go waste. She wanted to make Xie Ming suffer.

" Uncle Seini is coming back tomorrow." Chen Siquan said.

Xie Yurin lowered her head and said," He might be very angry. Specially with you."

Chen Siquan sighed," You don't worry. He is my uncle and I know how to handle him." Narrowing his eyes he continued,"I am just worried about the shares that are in his hands."

That was true Chen Siquan was only worried about the shares that Chen Seini had in his hand. The Chen family owned 60% shares of Chen enterprise. Out of that 60%, Chen Seini had 35% of the shares which made him the biggest shareholder among the family member while Father Chen, mother Chen and Chen Siquan had 20% of the shares while grandfather Chen had 5%. This happened because when Grandmother Chen died, she had transferred all her shares to her second son, Chen Seini. She also asked her husband, Grandfather Chen to give 60% of his to her second son while only 40% to her elder son, Chen Siquan's father. Nobody knew why she had done this. Even Grandfather Chen found this strange because grandmother Chen had always loved both her sons equally. Grandfather Chen dotted on his wife a lot so he did not think twice before doing what she wanted but he kept 5% share under his name. Being the biggest share holder, Chen Seini could easily throw Chen Siquan out of the CEO position.


Li Corporation

Li Singtan was getting ready to leave for the day. After getting married, he had started leaving office quite early so Han Zihao had to schedule his meeting according to that which was very difficult.

Before leaving, Li Singtan called for Han Zihao and said," Cancel all my meetings for the weekend and I am going to stay at Li ancestral mansion for sometime."

Han Zihao shook his head and said," Sir there are many meetings scheduled this weekend, specially on Saturday."

Buttoning his suit, Li Singtan said," Cancel them." Without waiting for Han Zihao's reply, Li Singtan walked out of the office.

Han Zihao could only clap his hand on his forehead and sighed.

While returning home, Li Singtan stopped by a flower store and bought some fresh lilies for his beautiful wife.

As Li Singtan opened the back door of his car and placed the lilies inside, a man stood beside him and said with a deep voice," It's not safe for Mr Li to walk around recklessly like this without any bodyguard."

Li Singtan looked up and the moment he saw who the man was his face turned dark. Placing his hand on his pocket he said," Seems like Mr Simon is very much interested in life right now."

Simon chuckled," Who isn't? Who wouldn't be interested in someone like you?" Taking two steps towards Li Singtan, he said," Too bad that such a handsome man like you got married. My daughter really fancies you a lot."

Li Singtan smirked," Don't get me involved with that crazy daughter of yours. If that's all Mr Simon had to say, I'll take my leave."

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" Can't stay away from your Wife right? Ahhh kids these days. Even I was like this when I got married."

Li Singtan closes his eyes in order to ease his anger," Stay away from her Simon. The more distance you maintain the better. She has nothing to do with all of this. She is innocent."

Simon let out a small laugh and said," Too bad. She is your wife now so she is no more innocent."

Pointing his finger towards Simon, Li Singtan said," For the last time Stay away from her. Don't test my patience. You know me well. If I want I can take away everything you have. Including your wife whom you are hiding pretty well."

Simon smiled and said," No wonder you are known as the king of the underworld. You know about my wife too. Interesting."

Li Singtan shook his head and said," I know many things Mr Simon but I don't like involving innocent people in matters like this." Pausing for a while he continued," Take this as a warning Simon. Don't try to test my patience and ability." Without waiting for Simon's reply, Li Singtan hoped into his seat, started his car and left.

Simon laughed out loud and murmured," Li Zhehan your son is more interesting than you."