Yang Yutang clapped his hand in his forehead and said," Hey I never touched Ming okay. I just patted her head."

Rolling his eyes, Li Singtan said," You are not allowed to even pat her head."

Raising both his hands up, Yang Yutang said," Okay Okay. I won't. Now Mr Jealous Li can me talk business."

Walking towards his chair, Li Singtan gestured him to sit down.

Yang Yutang took a deep breath and said," Simon has been contacting some foreign agencies recently seems like the old man broke his alliance with him."

Li Singtan raised his brows and said," The old man is more interesting than I thought he was."

Yang Yutang nodded his head in agreement and said," I really want to know what that old man is upto. Why is he suddenly being so good to you?"

Li Singtan leaned back and said," Any other news about Simon?"

Yang Yutang sighed and said," He is planning something big. Singtan don't just focus on protecting Xie Ming. You also have to protect yourself. They will just use Xie Ming as a bait. Don't forget that their main target is you."

Li Singtan nodded his head and said," Nothing else matters until and unless she is safe."

" By the way who is that woman inside the chamber whom Lui Songpa tortures everyday?" Yang Yutang asked.

" Ask Lui Songpa to let her go. Ask him to warn her not to say a word about anything that happened." Li Singtan said.

Nodding his head, Yang Yutang left his office.

Thinking about what Yang Yutang had said, Li Singtan took a deep breath. Simon was planning something big. He wanted to use Xie Ming as a bait. Li Singtan will never allow his plan to succeed. He did not care about his life as long as his Ming is safe, he did not care about anything.


Meanwhile, Chen Siquan was having a very tough time dealing with everything. Termination of collaborations with the Li corporation was a very huge loss for the Chen Enterprise. The board members were furious and anxious at the same time. The value of their shares also started decreasing. Some employees even started handing over their resignations.

Chen Siquan was sitting inside his office all by himself. He had asked his assistant not to disturb him.

As Chen Siquan was thinking about different ways to get out of this mess, the door opened.

Standing in front of the door was a beautiful woman. Her facial features were somewhat similar to Xie Ming except for her eyes. She had pitch black eyes. Swaying her body left and right, she walked towards Chen Siquan," Honey."

Hearing her sweet voice, Chen Siquan smiled and pulled her into his arms," Yurin What are you doing here?"

Wrapping her arms around his neck, she gave her a peck on his lips and said," I was feeling very weird at home so I decided to check on you." Touching his hair, she said," I know all this happened because of me. I- I am sorry."

Chen Siquan cupped her cheeks and said," No darling don't blame yourself for this. This isn't your fault."

Xie Yurin lowered her head and said," But if not for me you wouldn't be facing all this. I heard about the termination."

Chen Siquan sighed and said," Ya it's true that Li Corporation terminated all the collaborations between us. But you don't worry Okay I'll find a way out."

Xie Yurin pursed her lips and asked," But what did they suddenly do that?"

" I think it's because of your sister." Chen Siquan said.

Hearing Xie Ming's name, Xie Siquan raised her brows and said," Elder sister? That is not possible. She is not related to the Li's in any way."

" I don't know. I saw her at Li Singtan's office and they were behaving quiet intimately."

Xie Ming furrowed her brows and said," You might have mistaken. Elder sister is not like that."

" No I saw it with my own eyes. May be she seduced Li Singtan in order to save Xie enterprise." Chen Siquan said.

Tears stared flowing from Xie Turin's eyes. Covering her face with both her hands she sobbed," It's all my fault. I forced my sister to become a mistress. It's all my fault. For a stupid revenge I-I"

Removing her hands from her hand and wiping her tears away, Chen Siquan said," Okay now enough. Don't shed your tears for someone who doesn't deserve it. Whatever you did was not wrong. You don't worry about the company. I'll find a way out."

" Siquan I think it's time to remind Li Mosen about his promise."

Chen Siquan's face lit up as he heard his wife's suggestion. He had completely forgot about the promise. Pulling Xie Yurin closer, Chen Siquan licked her lips and said," Beauty with brains."

Xie Yurin blushed and pressed her lip against his. Sucking his lips hard, she started unbuttoning his shirt.

Biting her lower lip, Chen Siquan started pulling down her zip. Breaking the kiss, he moved towards her ears and bit her earlobe and said," Mrs Chen you wouldn't want to do it on this chair right."

Xie Yurin blushed and hit him on his chest. Chen Siquan chuckled and lifted her up and walked towards the couch.

Placing her carefully on the couch, he pulled Xie Yurin's dress off her body and started trailing kissing all over her body. Starting from her collarbone then her chest and finally her lower abdomen.

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Xie Yurin let out a loud moan.

Hearing her moan in pleasure, Chen Siquan couldn't control himself anymore. He quickly undressed himself in order to complete the deed.


Greetings readers 😄

I was just going through the comments and realised that many of you have some confusion regarding the scene where Chen Siquan enters Li Singtan's office.

So the thing is, the Chen's and the Li's had many business collaborations. The main source of the collaborations was a promise between grandfather Li and grandfather Chen. You'll know about what the promise exactly was in the later scenes.

Because of the various collaborations, Chen Siquan could enter Li Singtan's office without any restriction and off course how can we forget about Zhang Yuoro who is Chen Siquan's cousin and she was also an employee of Li Corporation.

So now I hope the confusion has been cleared.

It was also my fault for not being able to explain things properly and I am sorry for causing inconvenience to my beloved readers :).