Xie Ming smiled at Li Singtan and said," Not really."

Li Singtan turned towards Yang Yutang and asked coldly," Why are you here?"

Yang Yutang furrowed his brows and said," What do you mean by why I am here? Do I need a reason to visit my friend. Can I not come here without any reason?"

" No" Li Singtan said.

Xie Ming sat down on the couch and started opening the container and said," Alright now both of you stop this. I bought lunch. Let's eat."

Yang Yutang quickly pounced on the couch and rubbed both his hands," Ahh Ming can I also eat?"

Before Xie Ming could answer Li Singtan caught Yang Yutang's hand and lifted him up," No you won't."

Xie Ming rolled her eyes at her husband and said," There is enough food for all of us."

Yang Yutang cheekily smiled and said," See sister-in-law says there is enough food."

Li Singtan reluctantly let him go. He then sat beside Xie Ming.

Looking at the woman sitting beside him who was quietly serving lunch for him, Li Singtan couldn't help but smile. He had never thought that a day would come when Xie Ming would bring lunch for him in his office not as friend or colleague but as his wife.

Handing a bowl of rice to Yang Yutang and then to Li Singtan, she said," Quickly taste and tell me how they are."

Li Singtan raised his brows and pointing towards the food, he asked," You made these?"

Xie Ming nodded her head.

"They let you enter the kitchen?" Li Singtan asked with a cold tone.

Picking up a pork rib and placing it on his plate, Xie Ming said," It's my kitchen and do you think they can stop me."

Li Singtan sighed and continued eating.

Yang Yutang in the other hand was quietly observing them and eating the delicious food," Ahh Ming its very tasty."

Xie Ming smiled at him and continued eating.

Everyone was busy enjoying the food, when Xie Ming asked Yang Yutang," Hey what about that weird cap guy with whom you used to hang out most of the time?"

Li Singtan almost choked on his food and patted his chest.

Xie Ming quickly handed him a glass of water and said," Be careful."

Yang Yutang on the other hand smirked and said," He is fine. Doing well. In fact he got married recently."

Xie Ming raised her eyes and said," Which stupid girl actually married that weird cap guy?"

Li Singtan coughed once again and looked at Yang Yutang with cold eyes.

Noticing the deadly glare, Yang Yutang scratched his head and said," Actually he wasn't that bad. He was just an introvert at that time. Hey Ming what would you do if you were married to the weird cap guy?"

Xie Ming shook her head and said," Ahhh I would never marry someone like him."

Li Singtan lowered his head and pursed his lips and said," Enough now. Eat quietly."


After eating the delicious lunch, Xie Ming packed everything back and was ready to leave.

Turning towards Li Singtan, Xie Ming asked," Ya actually I wanted to ask you something. Why did you pack our clothes?"

Li Singtan smiled and said," We are going to the Li ancestral mansion today. I'll pick you up after work. We'll have dinner over there."

Xie Ming nodded her head and left.

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As Xie Ming left the room, Yang Yutang cleared his throat and said," I wanted to talk to you about Sim-"

Interrupting his friend in between, Li Singtan pointed his finger at Yang Yutang and said," Never again touch my wife ever again. Never pat her head ever again."