Inside the Office.

Xie Ming placed the containers on the table and sat on the couch. Thinking that Li Singtan was still busy and won't be coming back anytime soon, she decided to look around.

Walking towards Li Singtan's desk, Xie Ming sat on his chair. Her eyes then feel on a small drawer. Remembering what she had seen inside when she had opened it last time, Xie Ming opened the drawer again. Finding the same thing inside, she picked up the photo in her hand, Xie Ming stared at it. After looking at it carefully for few seconds, she finally found him. She smiled as she saw the young Li Singtan standing in a corner with everyone else. Looking at the person standing next to him, Xie Ming found him very familiar.

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As she was trying to recognise the person, the door suddenly opened.

" Dude this is not-" Yang Yutang paused in between when he saw someone that he had not expected to see.

Xie Ming on the other hand quickly got up from the chair and started walking towards the couch.

Yang Yutang in the other hand smiled at her and said," Well that seat also belongs to you. So there is not harm sitting on it Mrs Li."

Xie Ming looked at the person standing in front of her who looked quite familiar. Tilting her head, she slowly murmured," Yang Yutang?"

Yang Yutang slowly chuckled and said," you remember me?"

Xie Ming on the other hand crossed both her hands and smiled. Off course she remembered him. Who wouldn't remember the most flirtatious person if their college.

Yang Yutang walked towards her and gave her a hug," Ming."

Quickly dodging it, Xie Ming sat on the couch and said," Your charms and tricks never worked on me neither will they now. And besides I am already married and you are currently standing in my husbands office."

Yang Yutang could only freeze with his arms extended forward. Looking at Xie Ming he thought ' Charms? What charms? And what tricks? I never used any tricks on you. I would be courting death if I would've used any charms or tricks on you.'

Clearing his throat, Yang Yutang sat in the couch and said," Well I-"

But before he could finish hai sentence, Cie Ming burst into laughter and said," I was just kidding. It feels good to see you after so many years."

Yang Yutang smiled and patting her head she said," It's good to see you too."

As Yang Yutang was about to retrieve his hand back from her head, the office door once again opened.

Standing in front of the open door was a man whose whole body was emitting cold vibes.

Looking at Li Singtan's cold expression, Yang Yutang gulped and quickly retrieved his hand back. On the other hand seeing such an awful expression in his face, Xie Ming was confused.

When Li Singtan was informed about his Wife's arrival, he quickly finished his meeting and rushed towards his office but as he entered, he saw Yang Yutang patting his wife's head similar like the way he does. If it would have been someone else, he would have broken both his hands for touching his wife. Yang Yutang was lucky.

Li Singtan quickly walked past Yang Yutang towards Xie Ming. Tucking her hair behind her ear, he said," Did you wait for long?"