Li mansion.

\"White or blue?\" Ming asked.

Buttoning his shirt, Singtan sighed. \"Honey for the last time, everything looks good on you. Just wear a rag and you'll still turn me on.\"

Ming rolled her eyes at her husband and decided to go with the blue dress.

Stopping her, Singtna shook his head. \"No, don't wear the blue dress.\"

Ming raised her eyebrows and frowned. \"You just said I look good in everything.\"

Singtan vigorously nodded his head. \"Yes you do look in everything there no doubt in that but did you forget that even Siquan is also coming tonight and how short this dress is?\"

Ming sighed and helplessly shook her head. \"Really Singtan? It's already been so many years and we already have a twenty-five years old son and a daughter. What the hell is wrong with you? And even you are on good terms with Siquan now. You go out with him for drinks and party together sometimes. In fact even Siquan has such a lovely family of his own.\"

Singtan frowned and pursed his lips. \"So? That doesn't change the fact that he is someone who almost took you away from me.\"

\"That happened because you were too shy and stupid to not tell me that you like me when we were in college. And now your son is behaving as stupid and annoying like you.\" Ming couldn't help but nag her husband. If not for his weird thing with confessing to the woman he loves, her son would've never been like that.

\"If not for you, I would have been a grandma by now.\" Ming added.

Walking towards the wardrobe, Singtan took out a knee length dress. \"Here wear this.\"

Ming sighed and helplessly shook her head. \"You are still so unbelievable.\"

\"Better to be safe than sorry honey. I cannot take any kind of risk.\"

\"We have been married for more than twenty-five years now. What risk are you talking about?\" Ming slapped her forehead and sighed.

\"So? What if we are married for more than twenty-five years? Now that doesn't mean I have the right to start treating you casually or I should stop doting on you.\" Singtan reasoned out. No matter how old they grow, he would never stop getting jealous or doting on her. He was still scared of losing his beautiful wife.

\"Instead of wasting your time, why don't you spend your time lecturing your son.\" Snatching the dress, Ming barged into the washroom and banged the door shut.


Inside a restaurant.

\"Ahhh this is too much.\" Yang Liang groaned in frustration.

\"Brother Liang, they have been doing this since afternoon.\" Linyangg pouted her lips and complained.

Without paying any attention to anyone, Zian kept on placing food on Mian's plate. He then started peaking the shrimps for her.

\"Yumi say something, your brother is too much.\" Linyang complained.

When Yumi did not say anything, Linyang called her out again. \"Yumi.\"

When Yumi did not say anything, Zian shook her shoulder. \"Linyang is calling you.\"

Coming out of her daze, Yumi cleared her throat. \"Hmmm I am sorry, I was thinking about something. Ya what did you say Linyang?\"

\"Yumi are you fine?\" Mian asked.

\"Did you talk to him?\" Linyang asked.

Zian frowned and asked, \"Talk to whom?\"

Giving Mian a look, Linyang explained, \"She was going to call Zixin today.\"

\"Zixin? Where did you get his number from?\" Liang asked.

\"We have her Zixins numbers.\" Mian said.

\"Did you talk to him?\" Chen Huang asked.

Yumi took a deep breath and nodded her head.

\"Hey it's alright, everything is going to be okay.\" Zian consoled his sister.

Giving Zian a weak smile, Yumi nodded her head. She had no hope left after talking to him over the phone. Yumi didn't understand why Zixin chose to leave her and be with someone else. She always thought that their relationship was strong, stronger than Zian and Mian's relationship. But now she realised that she was wrong.

Looking at her brother who was peeling shrimps for Mian and was also helping her wipe her mouth with a tissue, Yumi smiled. Their relationship was much more blissful and real than they ever had.

\"Okay let's not talk about that now. So did you hear about this year's annual party's destination? It's Venice.\" Huang excitedly showed them the message from their group chat.

\"Ohhhh they've already decided the destination?.\" Liang asked.

\"Hahaha look at this, it says that each and everyone has to have a partner this time. So you have six months my dear friends, start looking for one.\" Linyang said.

\"Buckle up Huang, you have only six months in hand.\" Tapping her watch, Mian gave him a thumbs up.

Huang chuckled and helplessly shook his head. \"And after that, uncle Songpa is going to torture me to death.\"

\"Well, I have to say man you are a very brave man. I mean you have the nerve to fall for uncle Songpa's daughter. I would've never had the guts to do that in ten lifetimes.\" Liang helplessly shook his.

Everyone knew how possessive and protective Songpa was of his daughter, Lui Huiling.

Banging his head on the table, Huang sighed, \"She is cute and so beautiful. I couldn't help it.\"

Mian chuckled and added, \" Too bad she calls you 'Brother Huang'\"

\"Ahhh young master Chen's heart breaks into tiny little pieces when Huiling calls him out the same she calls out Zian and me.\" Liang added.

Huang groaned and rested his cheek on his hand. \"I know right? Sometimes I feel like it's wrong to feel like that for her but I just can't help it. She has even started invading my dreams now. It's getting tough day by day.\"

\"Do something before it's too late. I mean what if you keep thinking and she gets a better man?\" Mian said before looking at Zian.

\"I think I should ask her to stop calling me brother. Yes, I'll do that and then I'll see how she reacts.\" Huang clapped his hands together to boost his confidence.

Just then Liang received a call.

\"What? How?\" Liang shouted.

Keeping quiet for quite some time, Liang answered, \"Hmm okay we are coming.\"

\"What happened?\" Zian asked.

When Liang gave Zian and Huang a meaningful look, all the three of them got up and grabbed their coat.

\"Where are you people going?\" Mian asked.

\"Something came up so we have to go.\" Zian explained.


Passing her his car keys, Zian said, \"Just drive back safely okay? I'll call you later.\"

Before leaving along with Liang and Huang.