When Li Singtan returned to his room, he saw Xie Ming sleeping peacefully. He took a deep breath and sat beside her.

Running his hands on her cheeks, Li Singtan could not help but smile but the moment he thought about Simon, his smile froze. Did Simon really think that he could threaten him like this? Did he actually forget who Li Singtan was?

Getting up from the bed, Li Singtan opened the wardrobe and started packing their clothes. He decided to take Xie Ming to the Li ancestral mansion tomorrow itself.


Next morning

When Xie Ming woke up it was almost afternoon. Scratching her head, Xie Ming sighed. She had always been a morning person but since the day Xie Ming started staying here she usually overslept.

Getting off the bed, Xie Ming's eyes fell on the two neatly packed suitcase. She raised her brows and thought ' Are we going somewhere?' The only person who could answer this was Li Singtan. So she started looking for him.

One of the maid told Xie Ming that Li Singtan had already left for office. Xie Ming felt a bit disappointed.She decided to wake up early from tomorrow. " What about breakfast?"

The maid smiled and said," Yes Madam master ate his breakfast before leaving."

Xie Ming smiled and said," Good. I'll prepare lunch for him today and visit him in his office."

The maid hesitated for a bit and said," Madam why don't you rest and we prepare lunch for both of you."

Xie Ming shook his head and said," Why don't you people rest and I prepare lunch for everyone?"

The maid widened his eyes in shock and said," That Madam- I that. Master has strictly ordered us not to allow you inside the kitchen."

Xie Ming furrowed her brows and said," Who is he to stop me? This is also my house. I can do whatever I want to"After saying this she walked inside the kitchen.


Inside the kitchen

Butler Chang and other maids could not do anything. They couldn't stop their Young Madam. They could only silently pray to God that their Young Madam wouldn't hurt herself.

Xie Ming on the other hand was very excited. She decided to make some congee, pork ribs and some rice ball for her husband.

Within Forty minutes everything was ready.

As Xie Ming was pouring the hot congee in a container, she lost her grip splashing some of the hot liquid in her hand.

Retrieving her hand back, Xie Ming shouted," Ouch."

Butler Chang quickly rushed towards her and said," Ohh God how did this happens?" Turning towards the maid he shouted," What are you staring at? Go and get the first aid box."

Seeing Butler Chang in such a sorry state, Xie Ming smiled and said," It's fine uncle Chang."

Splashing some water on Xie Ming's hand, butler Chang said," No Young Madam it is all my fault. I shouldn't have allowed you to enter the kitchen. What will happen if master-"

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Cutting him in between Xie Ming said," Relax Uncle Chang. Nothing will happen. I am fine." Pulling her hand away, Xie Ming said," Just help me pack these. I'll go change."

Butler Chang could only stare at Xie Ming's back as she left the kitchen.


As Xie Ming entered Li corporation, everyone could not help but stare at her. She was wearing a skinny black pant with a simple white top while her hair was tied up into a high pony tail. She was looking more young and beautiful.

Ignoring the stares of the employees, Xie Ming got into the lift and pressed the button of the topmost floor, the CEO's office.


CEO's office

As Xie Ming got out of the lift, all the employees quickly got up and greeted her. Xie Ming also politely nodded her head and smiled at them.

Walking towards the reception Xie Ming asked," Hey is Singtan in the office?"

The receptionist first greeted her and then said," Ma'am Boss is having the meeting with the finance department. I'll just inform him about your arrival."

Xie Ming waved her hand and said," Never Ming don't disturb him. I'll just wait for him."

The receptionist smiled and said," Okay ma'am. Let me escort you inside."