When Li Singtan reached home, Xie Ming was waiting for him. She was wearing a knee length off-shoulder dress. Her silky hair was left open. She had almost no makeup in her face but she still looked like an angel who had just descended from heaven.

Li Singtan could not take his eyes off his beautiful wife.

Seeing his reaction Xie Ming chuckled," Like what you see Mr Li."

Coming back to his senses, Li Singtan walked towards his beautiful wife. Running his hands down her silky hair, he said," You look beautiful tonight."

Xie Ming raised her eyebrows and said," What do you mean by tonight? You mean other days I don't look beautiful."

Li Singtan froze. He gulped and said," I did not mean- I mean- I"

Xie Ming laughed. She then raised her hand to fix his tie and said," Relax Mr Li."

Li Singtan wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer," Mrs Li are you trying to tease me?"

Xie Ming pursed her lips and nodded her head.

Li Singtan laughed heartily and said," Come let's go."


After fifteen minutes, Li Singtan and Xie Ming arrived outside the theatre. Seeing how crowded the place was, Li Singtan became even more cautious. He held Xie Ming's hand tightly.

Seeing a complicated expression in his face, Xie Ming said," Don't worry. I won't run away."

Li Singtan looked at her and said," Stay close okay."

Xie Ming nodded her head.



Since Han Zihao had already booked the tickets, they directly entered the hall. After finding their seats and realising that there was quite sometime before the movie starts, Li Singtan decided to go out and buy some popcorn and cold drinks for them.

Soon the movie started. Li Singtan raised his eye brows when he realised that it was actually a horror film.

Li Singtan wanted to teach Han Zihao a lesson until he realised that Xie Ming was so scared that she had actually thrown herself onto him. Li Singtan wrapped his arms around her and said," Its just a movie. Relax."

But Xie Ming held his shirt tightly and buried her head in his chest for the entire time. She would occasionally lift her head up but as soon as a scary scene started, she again burried her head on his chest.

Soon the movie ended. When they came out of the hall, Xie Ming noticed that Li Singtan's well ironed expensive clothes were all crumpled up.

Thinking about how she had behaved during the entire movie, Xie Ming thought Li Singtan might be angry. But when she looked at the man walking beside her, he had a very bright smile on his face. Seeing this Xie Ming's face turned red.

Li Singtan noticed her red face and asked," What happened?

Xie Ming lowered her head and said," I have to go to the washroom."

Li Singtan sighed and said," Okay. I'll be waiting for you downstairs. Come soon okay."

Nodding her head, Xie Ming rushed towards the ladies room.


After few minutes when Xie Ming came out of a ladies room, she saw a man standing in front of her. He was neither too old nor too young. The man was letting out a danger kind of the vibe with Xie Ming did not like.

Trying to avoid him, she quickened her pace.

" Greetings Mrs Li." the man said.

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Turning towards the man, Xie Ming weakly smiled," Do I know you?"

The man laughed and said," You don't know me but your husband knows me very well. It's a pleasure to meet Mrs Li."

Xie Ming could sense something was off with this man. She decided to get out of his sight and said," Singtan is not here he is waiting for me downstairs. If you want to can meet him."

The man waved his hand and said," Ahh Nono I won't trouble Mr Li and his newly wedded wife. Just tell Mr Li that I was talking about him and also tell him that we will soon meet and Mr Li will remember that meeting forever."

Xie Ming furrowed her brows," Okay I'll pass you message. But I don't know your name."

The man smiled at her and said," It's Simon."