Yang Yutang took the phone back and asked," So what do you think?"

Li Singtan leaned backwards and said," it's a warning."

Yang Yutang smiled and said," Do you think it's him?"

Li Singtan smiled back and said," Who else can it be?"

Understanding what the two men were talking about, Zechan asked," But why is he suddenly doing all this?"

Yang Yutang raised his brows and said," Now that is what I am thinking about. Isn't he your number one enemy."

Li Singtan did not say anything. He just laughed.

Yang Yutang furrowed his brows and said," Why the hell are you laughing?"

Li Singtan pressed a button and called Han Zihao in.

" The old man is seriously up to something." Zechan said.

" He means no harm this time. This email proves that. He is warning me. The word about my marriage has already spread and now they are looking for my wife." Li Singtan said.

Yang Yutang smiled at his friend," Dude you really married Xie Ming."

Li Singtan just smiled but that smile was enough for Yan Yutang to understand that it was indeed Xie Ming whom his friend had married.

" Finally your ' Taking things slow' has ended." Yang Yutang said with a bright smile on his face. " I'll pay her a visit soon. It's been a really long time."

Li Singtan narrowed his eyes and said," No need to visit."

Zechan and Yang Yutang were out of words. Yang Yutang was about to say something when Han Zihao entered the room," Boss."

" Did you book the tickets?" Li Singtan asked.

Han Zihao nodded his head.

Getting up from his seat, Li Singtan said," If that is all, I'll take my leave."

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Yang Yutang also got up and said," It's not safe for you to go out with Xie Ming like this."

Li Singtan patted his friends shoulder and said," I'll take care of everything don't worry. You just prepare the team. I have a feeling that we will need them soon. I am shifting to the Li ancestral mansion this weekend with Ming. It's safe their."

Yang Yutang smiled at his friend and hugged him," Dude I can't beleive you are married now. Ahh you are out of the bachelor list now."

Li Singtan hugged his friend back and said," An Yixi called Xie Ming day before yesterday."

Yang Yutang let Li Singtan go and said," That's good. Hey why are you telling me this."

Li Singtan smiled at his friend and said," Think about it." He then walked out of the room leaving Yang Yutang in daze.

Yang Yutang had this huge crush on An Yixi when he was in college but he never took things further because he thought that he wasn't someone who could handle serious relationships. So he never confessed anything to her and let her be on her own.

Thinking about his one time huge crush Yang Yutang's face flushed red.

Zechan who was standing beside her noticed his flushed face and asked," Dude what's up with your face? And who is An Yixi?"

Yang Yutang smiled and said," Friend."