Somewhere in country S.

" I am breaking the alliance." the old man said.

A man who was sitting beside him, placed the cup on the table and asked," May I know the reason."

The old man got up and said," No specific reason. I don't want to keep going against Li Singtan. So I have decided to let him be. I also suggest you to stay away him."

The man laughed and said," At these years you were the one who was after him. You wanted to destroy him but now suddenly when you know that he has something that we can use against him, you are backing out."

The old man narrowed his eyes and asked," You know."

The man chuckled and said," Who doesn't? Everyone in the underworld knows that the king of underworld got married. And some people are also planning to meet his wife too. And let me tell you I am one of them."

The old man slammed the table and said," Don't cross the line Simon. Stay away from the girl."

Simon leaned back and asked," Why are you being so angry? This is perfect opportunity to take everything away from Li Singtan and you don't want to use it. Since so many years you have been looking for something that would bring him down. And now look at you."

The old man shook his head and said," Things are different now. I don't want anything from Li Singtan now. And I expect you to do the same."

Simon chuckled and said," Do you think you can stop me from doing anything? Let me tell you something, the show has just begun."

The old man scrunched his forehead and left the room.

Though the old man had broken the alliance with his partner Simon, with whom he had been working for 3 years just to bring Li Singtan down, he still couldn't stop him from doing anything. The old man never liked Li Singtan but things were different now.

Thinking about how ruthless and shameless Simon was, the old man shook his head. He had to warn Li Singtan about this.


Not knowing about the commotion that his marriage had created within his enemies, Li Singtan was sitting in the meeting room impatiently waiting for the meeting to end so that he could go home and have lunch with his wife.

In the middle of the presentation Li Singtan asked," How long?"

Han Zihao slapped his forehead. This was the fifth time Li Singtan has asked this question. What was wrong with his boss today. Clearing his throat, Han Zihao said," Ehh Boss. This presentation will take a while."

Li Singtan grumbled. Placing his hands on his cheeks, he said with a dull tone," Continue."

The employees literally placed their hands on their mouth to stop themselves from laughing. Their cold and aloof boss today was looking like a kid who was desperatel waiting for the school to get over so that he could go home.

In the middle of the presentation, Li Singtan's phone rang. Looking at the called ID, he quickly picked up the call and said," Hey."

Xie Ming fumbled a bit and said," Hey I got your number from Butler Chang. Are you busy?"

Li Singtan shook his head and said," No I am not busy."

The employees present inside the meeting room almost fell from their seats. They were in the middle of a presentation and their boss said that he was not busy.

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Xie Ming bit her lower lip and said," Ohh if that is the thing then why aren't you coming back for lunch. I was waiting for you."

Li Singtan'a eyes beamed with excitement when he heard that his wife was waiting for him. He quickly nodded his head and said," I'll be their in fifteen minutes."

Hanging up the phone, Li Singtan grabbed his keys from the table and said," Meeting adjourned." He then rushed out of the room leaving everyone dumbfounded.

Han Zihao almost fainted. If his boss kept on skipping meetings like this how would An empire as big as Li Corporation survive.


When Li Singtan reached home, Xie Ming was sitting in the living room reading a magazine.

She smiled brightly when she saw Li Singtan's handsome figure appearing in front of her.

Li Singtan smiled back and started walking towards his beautiful wife. He then kissed her forehead and asked," how are you feeling now?"

Xie Ming got up and said," I am feeling much better." Grabbing his hand she pulled him towards the dining room and said," Food is ready. Let's go eat."

Li Singtan cheekily smiled and followed his wife.