When Li Singtan returned to his room, he saw Xie Ming peacefully sleeping. He sat beside her and touched her cheeks. He promised himself that he would never let his enemies do anything to her. He will always protect her.

After sitting beside his wife for a while, Li Singtan got up and walked towards his study.

After some time, Xie Ming woke up and noticed that the side beside her was empty. She got up and looked around. Noticing that he was not there, she knew where he was. Slowly getting down she started walking towards the door.


Inside the study room.

Li Singtan was busy reading some documents when the door of the study room opened.

Li Singtan looked up and saw his wife slowly walking inside the room. He quickly got and caught her hand and said," Why aren't you resting?"

Xie Ming ignored his question and said," Just because I am not feeling well that doesn't mean that you have the Liberty to again work like a horse."

Li Singtan scratched his head and said," This actually-"

Xie Ming interrupted him and said," I know that you did not eat anything since afternoon." Raising her eye brows, she continued," Am I right Mr Li."

Li Singtan carried her in his arms and said," You shouldn't be walking like this."

Xie Ming hit him on his chest and demanding," Let me down."

Li Singtan ignored and continued walking.

Xie Ming felt irritated and shouted ," Let me down. When you don't listen to me why should I listen to you?"

Li Singtan halted. Looking at her red face, he knew that his little wife was angry. He sighed and said," Okay fine I did not eat anything." He paused for a while and said," I'll go get something to eat for both of us from the kitchen. We can eat it together in the room itself. Okay?"

Xie Ming nodded her head," Get more food. I am very hungry."

Li Singtan smiled and started walking towards their room.


Next day when Xie Ming woke up, Li Singtan was still sleeping beside her.

Turning her head towards him, she silently observed his handsome face.

She touched his nose, then his cheeks and eyes and then at last his lips. Realising what she was doing, Xie Ming quickly retreated her hand back.

She got up and leaned on the headboard and thought about how Li Singtan had protected her yesterday. He did not even think twice before firing an employee for her sake. She actually owed Li Singtan a lot. Looking at him again she smiled. This man had saved her when she was about to take her own life away. He had given her a new life. He was even willing to wait for her. So she should give this relationship a chance right?

Thinking about this, she slowly mumbled," I'll think about it."

Li Singtan slowly opened his eyes. Seeing that she was already awake, he got up and asked," Why did you wake up so fast?"

Xie Ming smiled," Good morning."

Li Singtan moved closer and said," Good morning wifey." And then he kissed her forehead.

Xie Ming blushed. When his warm lips touched her forehead she felt giddy. She lowered her head and said," You should go and get ready otherwise you will be late for work."

Li Singtan chuckled. He then got down of the bed and entered the washroom.


When he came out of the washroom, Xie Ming was no where to be found.

Li Singtan quickly put on his business suit and left the room.


Li Singtan breathed a sigh of relief when he saw her sitting in the dinning room sipping tea. Walking towards her, he said," Why did you come down all by yourself?"

Xie Ming smiled at him and said," I was waiting for you. Come and have breakfast with me." Pointed at the chair beside her, Xie Ming said," I used the washroom of some other room and came down. Don't worry I am fine now."

Li Singtan sat on the chair and said," But still your should be careful. I will come back fast today and keep you company."

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Xie Ming nodded her. She then started placing food on his plate.

Li Singtan lowered his head and sighed. His wife really wanted him to gain weight.

After eating, Li Singtan kissed Xie Ming on her forehead and said," Be good okay. I'll be back soon. Don't move much."

Xie Ming nodded her head," I'll get lunch for you."

Li Singtan patted her head and said," No need. I'll be back before lunch. I'll get the doctor to see you again and once he confirms everything is okay, you can get lunch for me everyday."

Xie Ming smiled," Okay. Now go."

Li Singtan pinched her nose and said," Wait for me."


Li Corporation

As Li Singtan entered his office, Han Zihao came in will a dull expression," Good morning sir. There is a parcel for you which arrived early in the morning." Placing the parcel on the table, Han Zihao said," Its from him."

Li Singtan raised his eyebrows and slowly opened the box.