A luxurious car stopped in front of an underground base camp which had a very high security. Not even a fly could enter without permission.

When the security guard standing in front of the entrance saw who was sitting inside the car, he quickly greeted him and let him in.

As the man got out of his car and passed through the security personnel's, they could feel the cold and dangerous aura emitting out of this man. They could not help but tighten their breaths.

A young man in his early twenties was waiting for the man near a door. His name was Zechan. He was one of the most trusted and capable man of Li Singtan.

As he saw Li Singtan and Han Zihao walking towards him, he could see the coldness in his face. He wanted to know what exactly did that person do but he was too scared to asked," Boss."

Li Singtan nodded his head and asked," Where is Lui Songpa?"

Zechan lowered his head and said," He is inside the chamber."

Li Singtan sighed. He had told him not to do anything to that person until he orders but this Lui Songpa was too impatient.

As they entered the chamber, the guards greeted Li Singtan.

Zechan opened the door of a particular room for his room.

As they entered the room, they could see Lui Songpa was doing something to that person and that person has passed out.

With a deep voice Li Singtan called out his name," Lui Songpa."

Lui Songpa turned and greeted him." Boss."

Putting his hands inside his pocket, Li Singtan said," I told you not to do anything to her."

Lui Songpa shook his head and said," But I did not do anything. I was getting bored, so I decided to peel some skin off her body. She is too fragile. I was only working on the fifth one and look she passed out."

Zechan and Han Zihao three theire palm on their face. They always wondered what was wrong with Lui Songpa. He loved torturing people. Li Singtan had taken him for a medical checkup to see if something was wrong with him but everything was normal. He was a normal human being. People who were brought to this chamber feared Lui Songpa the most. Some would even vomit out each and every information just to escape Lui Songpa's torture. But Lui Songpa was also a reason why people never threatened Li Singtan. They knew that if they were caught Lui Songpa would torture them. Lui Songpa was famous for his ruthless torturing methods within the underworld.

Li Singtan furrowed his eyes and said," Step aside. And next time if you are bored, peel an apple not someone's skin. Did you understand."

Lui Songpa, who was standing there like a child who was wronged nodded his head.

Li Singtan sat on a chair and looked at the person who was lying motionless on the ground," Pour some cold water on her and wake her up."

As the men followed Li Singtan's orders and poured cold water on her, she woke up.

Clearing her blurry vision when she slowly opened her eyes, she was shocked. She gulped and said," President I-"

Li Singtan crossed his legs and said," Did you think that I will let you go after you hurt my wife."

Zhang Yuoro gasped and said," Wife? She was you wife? You are married?" She could not beleive that Li Singtan was married. All these years she had dreamed about being the future Li Patriarch but now.

Li Singtan smirked and said," If you had done something to me, may be I would have spared your life but you have harmed the most important person in my life." Pointing towards her nails he said," Are these with the help of which you hurt my wife."

Without waiting for her reply, Li Singtan said," It looks like Ms Zhang loves to use her nails to hurt others. It is indeed a very harmful weapon. So for the sake of humanity we should do something about it."

Lui Songpa's eyes sparkled and he said," What do we have to do Boss?"

Li Singtan got up and said," Pull out all her nails one by one." Pointing towards Lui Songpa, he said," I want to hear her screams loud and clear."

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Lui Songpa chuckled and said," Your words my action boss."

Zhang Yuoro struggled and said," Li Singtan please you cannot do this. How can you be so ruthless. I am a woman. You can't do this with me."

Li Singtan smirked," I will not spare anyone who will even lay a finger on my wife whether it's a man or a woman." Walking towards the door, he ordered," Start."

Zhechan and Han Zihao has never seen Li Singtan be so ruthless with a woman. He always tried to avoid torturing or capture them. But today, seeing how ruthless he was being with Zhang Yuoro, they could not help but be more cautious of their boss. They also reminded themselves that never, even in their dreams should they ever annoy their lady boss.