\"So he will come back and take Yumi with him to country C?\" Mian asked.

When Zian nodded his head, Mian sighed. \"What will I do if Yumi goes away too? Linyang is always out of town so there is no one left whom I can hang out with. I think I should take a transfer and get shifted to some other hospital.\"

Zian widened his eyes in shock. \"What? Why would you do that?\"

\"Why should I stay here when everyone is leaving?\" Mian asked.

\"Well you still have Liang, me, Yushen, Qiang, Guang, Huiling and and-\"

\"I bet no one cares whether I stay here or not and-\"

Cutting him off, Zian grabbed her hand. \"I do,I care whether you stay or not. I don't want you to go anywhere again.\" Only he knew how tough it was to stay without seeing her for six months. If she would go away again, how would he carry on with his proposal plans?

\"Hmm why? Why do you care about me?\" Mian asked before inching closer.

\"I-\" Zian gulped in nervousness when Mian placed her hand on his chest. His breathing hitched, his heart started beating loudly, his palm started turning sweaty.

When he did not say anything for a really long time, Mian smiled. \"Li Zian, you have a week in hand to tell me why you care about me and if you don't, I'll do what I have to.\"

Zian widened his eyes in shock and stared at her. Will she really leave him if he doesn't propose to her within a week?

\"Uff the two of you, aren't you both tired already? It's an office for God's sake. Go get a room if you both really want to do something.\" Linyang rolled her eyes and sat beside them.

\"Linyang I think we should leave.\" Grabbing her bag, Mian got up.

Just then Zian caught her wrist and asked, \"Do you have to go somewhere?\"

\"Lingyang, Yumi and I are meeting Liang and Huang for dinner. You wanna join?\" Mian asked.

Zian smiled and nodded his head. \"Of course, I'll pick you up.\"

Mian nodded her head and left along with Linyang.

After they left, Zian took out his phone and started watching the proposal videos again.



Uptown club.

\"Dude, that is ridiculous.\" Lui Guang slapped his forehead and helplessly shook his head.

Yushen frowned and cursed himself, \"I know right? I acted like a dickhead. How could I possibly forget to ask her name?\"

\"What's there to rant about? She is one of your employees, I mean how difficult is it to ask the head of that department her name?\" Xie Zinhai explained.

\"He doesn't want to look despo after doing that.\" Zhang Yaozu chuckled and helplessly shook his head.

\"You guys are not helping. Do you have any idea how beautiful she was? I was stunned for a moment.\" Yushen sighed in satisfaction. He had seen many beauties but something about that woman made him feel weird and ticklish everywhere.

Zhang Yaozu took out a paper from his pocket and placed it on the table. \"This year's group party destination. I have planned it all.\"

\"Dude it's like six months away. Why are you planning for it right now?\" Zinhai asked before picking up the paper.

Yaozu excitedly clapped his hand and grinned, \"Well, it's just six months peps and this time no one is allowed to enter without a woman accompanying him. So you have six months in hand, start looking for one.\"

\"Hey Yushen, what does your sister like? Roses or lilies?\" Ashton asked.

\"Get lost, don't even think of getting anywhere close to my sister. Brother Zian is going to kill you.\" Yushen rolled his eyes and hissed at Ashton who was trying to court his sister.

Zhang Yaozu was Anna and Mike's son, Xie Zinhai was Yufan and Ling's only son while Ashton was Sebastian and Dina's only son.

\"Dude this way Qiang is going to remain single for her entire life and what is so bad about Ashton? He is handsome, dashing, he is rich and he is also our best buddy.\" Guang defended his friend.

\"Exactly our Ashton is the most eligible bachelor.\" Zinhai backed Ashton up too.

\"Dude my sister is a budding superstar okay? Did you not see the pictures of her first photo shoot? She looks lit in that. My sister is fucking awesome okay?\" Yushen proudly ranted about his sister. No matter how much he teased her but he was extremely proud and happy for her success.

\"Ash, don't listen to Yushen. Just go for it, court Qiang and I am pretty much sure that she likes you too.\" Yaozu encouraged his friend.

\"I don't know man, I think she doesn't like me. I mean we have known each other for so many years but she hasn't given me any hints. You know what I mean right?\" Ash asked his friends.

\"If you don't court her or give her any hints, how will she know?\" Zinhai asked.

\"Or maybe she also likes you but also thinks that you don't?\" Huang pointed out.

\"So should I tell her?\" Ashton asked.

\"Well, if you wanna get thrashed by Dad, big brother or me then please do.\" Yushen smiled and knocked Ashton's forehead.

Ashton sighed and helplessly shook his head. He had always liked Qiang but never dared to tell her about his feelings or court her because he was too scared of his uncle Singtan and maybe a little of his brother Zian as well.

\"Anyway, where are we going this time?\" Guang asked.

\"I have a few opinions in mind out of which Venice tops the list.\" Yaozu started explaining his entire plan to his friends.

The party they were talking about was an annual group destination party kind of a thing in which all of them took a week off from their respective duties and went out to chill and have fun. It started off three years ago and eventually became a mandatory annual thing.

Last year they had planned a trip to Paris which turned out to be a very bad idea when they were forced to eat dog food by random couples getting all cozy with each other all over the streets and every possible place. It was quite annoying. So in order to not face the same thing again, they decided to take a partner with them.

\"Okay so Venice it is.\" Ashton clapped his hands together and rubbed it in excitement.

\"I'll tell brother Zian and the rest about this plan too. You know, so that even they could start looking.\" Yushen said.



To avoid confusion, here is a quick recap of names:-

A)Li Singtan X Ming

1)Li Zian

2)Xie Yumi

3)Li Yushen

4)Li Qiang

B)Yutang X Yix

1)Yang Liang

2)Yang Linyang

C)Mike X Anna

1)Zhang Mian

2)Zhang Yaozu[boy]

D)Songpa X Beth

1)Lui Guang

2)Lui Huiling

D)Zichan X Delila


E)Chen Siquan X Weiwei

1)Chen Rong[boy]

F)Robbin X Linda

1)Chen Huang

G)Quin X Rose

1)Li Jin [Ben]

2)Li Muang [Sam]

3)Li Nuan

H)Yufan X Ling

1)Xie Jinhai[boy]

I)Sebastian X Dina