Twenty-two years later.

"Dada, look at brother Yushen, he is teasing me again." Twenty-one year old Li Qiang shouted before rushing towards her parents room.

"Hey Qiang, don't disturb mom and dad. We can sort it out mutually and in peace." Twenty-one year old Li Yushen shouted his lungs out to stop his one minute thirty seconds younger sister from complaining about him to their father who would definitely scare the shit out of him for teasing his precious daughter.


Banging the door, Qiang shouted, "Dada open the door."


Inside the room.

With his legs and arms wrapped around his wife, Singtan was having the most peaceful sleep but the loud door banging sounds made him frown and groan.

Poking her husband's arm who was obviously pretending to sleep, Ming helplessly shook her head, "Will you go open the door, the kids are calling us out."

Without opening his eyes, Singtan tightening his grip around her, "They are grown ups now and can handle their problems on their own. We shouldn't always interfere, this will not help them grow."

Ming sighed and helplessly shook her head. Singtan was becoming more and more clingy, possessive, childish and demanding as he was growing old.

"Singtan are we going to spend another day just sleeping all day? It's boring." Ming complained.

Snuggling closer, Singtan kissed her neck and asked, "Do you want to go for a long vacation? I am free."

After handing over the company to his eldest son Li Zian, Singtan had lots and lots of time in his hand which he decided to spend exclusively only with his beloved wife.

"We can't go on a vacation now honey. Zian just took over the company and still needs your help in many things. My baby is still young and I don't want him to take too much pressure." Ming did not want Zian to take over Li corporation so early. She wanted him to enjoy life but the latter turned out to be exactly like his father, a workaholic. As soon as he completed his business management studies from abroad, he rushed back and decided to take over his father's position.

Singtan frowned and snorted, "He is a grown up man now Ming and not a baby anymore."

" But still I-"


"DADA." Li Qiang shouted.

Singtan sighed and helplessly shook his head before getting down from the bed.

" They are seriously too much." Singtan groaned before opening the door ready to bash his kids up but all his frustration flushed down when a pair of adorable eyes which were exactly the same was his wife greeted him.

"Princess, what happened?" Singtan dotingly asked.

Pouting her lips, Qiang complained in a very spoiled way, " Dada its Yushen, he is teasing me again. He said I am looking like a pretentious innocent little shrew on the photographs of my last photoshoot."

Singtan frowned and yelled, "How dare he call my little princess that. Call him here right now."

Moving closer, Qiang whispered, "He is hiding behind that pillar."

Singtan nodded his head and made his way towards the pillar where Yushen was hiding.

Pulling his ear, Singtan dragged him out, "How can you tease your sister like that? Didn't I ask you not to bother her?"

"Ouch dad, it hurts." Yushen winced and screamed in pain.

"Dad give me one more whack from my side for touching my things." Zian added while walking towards them.

"Big brother, Yushen is teasing me again." Qiang complained to her second backer.

Pinching his little sister's nose, Zian smiled, "Don't worry princess, I will teach him a lesson later."

Hugging her big brother, Qiang exclaimed, "Big brother is the best."

"Pheww no one loves me." Yushen sighed before wiping away his fake tears.

Letting go off his youngest son, Singtan pushed his kids away, "Alright now get out all of you and let me spend some alone time with my wife. You people are too noisy."

"Dad, don't you think you should sometimes leave our mom for us too? You don't even let us talk to her properly." With her hands on her waist, Yumi complained.

" Huh, wasn't twenty-one and twenty-five years enough for you all? You people took her attention away for so many years and now it is my chance." Singtan shamelessly said.

Yumi helplessly shook her head and sighed. Her mommy was right, their dad was indeed the most shameless of all the dad's in the whole world.

" Big sister Yumi, did you see my photos? It's in the magazine." Qiang yelled excitedly.

Yumi smiled and nodded her head, "Yes I did honey and you are already a hot topic. Everyone is talking about you and many want to know your schedule."

Sticking her tongue out, Qiang chuckled, "Big brother Ben told me that he will arrange a manager for me. And with you, big brother Ben, big brother Sam and big brother Zian protecting me, I don't have to worry about anything."

Yushen gasped and yelled, "Hey, where is my name? You think I don't love you?"

"Nai." Qiang shouted before pulling Yushens hair and running away.

" You-" Yushen groaned before rushing after her.

" Big brother Zian help." Qiang shouted before rushing towards him.

When Zian protectively wrapped his arms around his youngest sister and gave Yushen a 'Do not touch her look', Yushen puffed his cheeks and grumbled, " I feel so wronged."

Yumi chuckled and wrapped her arms around Yushen, " Aww don't worry, I am there for you."

Looking at his four kids, Singtan felt nothing but proud. His four kids were not only good looking but also smart and perfect in what they were doing.

Zian had grown to be as tall and handsome like his father. He was responsible and knew how to handle situations in a very wise way just like Singtan. He was cold and emitted a strong aura which was enough to scare the shit out of people. It had only been a few months since he took over Li Corporation but was already running things smoothly without any kind of problem.

Though Yumi wasn't their biological daughter, she still resembled Ming in almost all aspects. Since Ming and Yurin were biological sisters who shared similar features, Yumi resembling Ming was natural and acceptable. Genes played its part very well in Yumi's case. Yumi was very beautiful and had a stunning personality which forced people to admire her. She had joined the entertainment industry after college and was now one of the top models and actresses who had won multiple awards. She was considered the epitome of beauty and was praised by all. Her identity as a top celebrity and the elder miss of the Li family made her inevitable and more powerful.

Li Yushen and Li Qiang were twins and the happy packet of the whole Li family. Yushen resembled a little of both his parents which made him look more handsome. He had a very joyful and bubbly character which was his true self but for the rest of the world he was considered to be as cold and overbearing as his big brother. He was about to complete his business management course and was also working in Li corporation sideways to prepare himself for the VP post which he would take over as soon as completing his studies.

Qiang on the other hand looked exactly like Ming and only shared Singtan's sharp nose. She was as beautiful and delicate as her mother and had stepped into the entertainment and modeling industry just like her big sister Yumi not too long ago. After doing a couple of photoshoots and sending out portfolios, she had already managed to capture everyone's attention.