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I AM KING on the pedestal

I am King and before me is my army, fifteen hundred strong

I am King and the fools sings and jeers

I am King and the soldier salutes

I am King and the peasants stood awaiting their fates

I am King and my enemies quake and shiver with fear

On my left, there is the spear of my ancestor. High and mighy to pierce through my enemies.

On my right, there is my shield. Strong and Sturdy to defend me from my enemies.

Before me is a feast worthy of the Gods and I am at the head of the table.

I dreamed of my Ancestors' halls. They were bright and warm. MY Eternal Glory await.

I dreamed of the north, of an offering left to ME by God, an offering that will make me KING. I needed only to take it.

I gathered my finest fifteen hundred warriors . It was not easy for many tribes refuse my vision. One By One, I slaughter the weakest tribe leaders until other leapt to join my cause.

Still the Elder fools refuse me of my vision, They fear the unknown. Thus I brought to them the vision of the Gods, a ring they had bestow upon me. A sign for me to lead my people across the water.

I brought them with me and sail to the north. Across the Narrow Waters I claimed what the Gods had promised me.

Upon the dark earth, We crushed the servants of our enemies beneath our heels as we marched across the land. I allowed not one of my fifteen hundreds to fall. The blood of the Ancestors surged in our veins and each and every one of my warriors earned the Gods's mark upon their skin.

We descended into the heart of this new land, where men wore flimsy cloth and women ripe for the taking. They are pigs for slaughter, fats and full of wealth. Their soldiers were weak, dressed in black armor that made them look like a roaches. They screamed, They cried, but all fell equally before my axe. What is a blade without strength to swing it?

We took their villages one by one, We burn their cities and topple their temples, We slaughtering their men and ravage their women. My warriors has their fill of revelry and excitement. We sings and we dance to praise the Gods, for delivering such gift to us and to ME. The filthy pigs in silk and jewels gather their armies and fought us the next day.

The enemy this time was strong, Their commander was worthy of respect but weak roaches are still weak roaches and even though we were forced to retreat, I still honor the roaches commander with a place upon my belt. In the dark of night, there "He" came to me.

Usoukama, the God of war. He asked of me a sacrifice.

A sacrifice of power, A Sacrifice of Glory and Blood to grant me the might to fell my enemies and take my destiny upon the throne of Gods.

I gave it willingly. My axe fell fifteen hundred times, and the iron drinking its fill of kins blood.

Usoukama was pleased.

The enemy opened the gate and invited unholiness into this land. My people paid the price.

The Demons cut us off from the Ancestors, raised our buried as His children, tortured our dreams. The Demon murdered the Ancestors Way. I will find a new Way, for I have been chosen to lead my people. I gather my forces so that I might wage war on The Demon. I am the son of Usoukama, and I will lead the my people back to glory.