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I watched intently as the scene unfold before my very eyes. The nurse, or otherwise known by the name Kirstel, grabbed the knife that flew towards her head, gripping the handle tightly as she gritted her teeth. Meanwhile, the policeman, whose name still remains unknown to this very moment to me, continued to assault the nurse through various means by digging a few smooches on her smooth skin. On the other hand, the salesman just continued to watch the moment unfold before his very eyes while still beating his dick profusely without even thinking about stopping.

The nurse then chuckled with a distorted scowl on her face with her limbs still tightly clinging all over the policeman's body.

"You fucking piece of shit!" The nurse screamed out loud with a distorted grin as she pointed the knife towards the policeman's head. "FALL!" Her loud snarl echoed throughout the room as the loud white noise coming from the huge TV screen that served as a wall of the room.

Without further ado, the nurse swung her arms and thrust the knife towards the policeman's head, making the poor fucker stop whatever he's doing. No, he stopped moving all together, but his lips are still on the nurse's skin, buried on the female dungeon crawler's neck. Blood started to spew all over the place, painting the white tiled room into a crimson hue along with what seemed like a green liquid that's also coming out of the wound on the man's head. The policeman started to fling his arms around and even tried to grab the nurse's arms, but his body instantly gave and he just began to dangle around powerlessly as his blood continuously flowed out of his head. The policeman then started to look like a stroke victim as his body convulsed with the knife pierced through his skull.

After doing this, Kirstel struggled to pull the knife out of the policeman's head but managed to do so right away anyway after a few tries. The tanned muscled man then fell onto the floor, plodding with his mouth wide open and his pupils moved up to the roof of his eyes. Blood then began to turn the white uniform of the nurse into a pinkish hue as the policeman continued to lay above her almost lifelessly. The lady nurse then kicked and pushed the policeman off her body as she continued to stab, thrust, and dig her knife through the now unmoving policeman on the floor. The policeman screamed loudly upon having that pierce through his brain.

After what seemed like a few thousand strikes, the nurse finally stopped burying her knife towards the policeman's head. Instead, she now started to kick the lifeless body of the policeman. She began to stomp on the policeman's nuts while the head of the policeman himself began to continuously release an unfathomable amount of blood and a green, slime-like thing that are also being spewed out of the countless varying holes that are now all over the policeman's mangled head.

I could see a bit of his bones sticking out of the holes on his head, and it seemed like the knife that the nurse used to finally put a fucking end on this motherfucker son of a bitch rapist is rather sharp because the wounds on the policeman's head looks clean without a trace of it being shredded like in the case of using a dull knife. The blood spewing out of the policeman's head then stretched outward to become what seemed like a fan shaped circular halo around the policeman.

It seems that this is the end for the policeman.

From what I know about my mother's favorite parasites that she planted inside of the policeman's body, those parasite would crawl all over the host's body but would settle inside of the host's brain until they inevitably eat enough nutrients to the point that they wouldn't even need to have a host in the first place. Thus, all of the parasite in the policeman's body is inside of his head. Now that the nurse had pretty much turned the policeman's brain into mincemeat in just a matter of a few seconds, I'm sure the parasites in the policeman's body have also died along with him because they haven't had enough time to devour all of the nutrients inside of the policeman's body. That must have explained the green goo or bile or puke, whatever that shit is, that's coming out of the almost countless stab wounds all over the policeman's head. I'm not even sure anymore if I'm looking at his face or at the back of his head. If it wasn't for the policeman's tight and huge ass, I wouldn't even notice that he's laying on the ground with his face on the floor.

The nurse is still gripping on the knife as tightly as she could as she used the collar of her white uniform to wipe the blood that had accumulated on her face. Kirstel then began to pant loudly with a few tight and hoarse gasps along the way as she looked down onto the policeman who lay lifeless on the floor. After a while, she used her other hand to brush her long hair back while looking at me and the salesman alternatively with a weakened and almost drowsy pair of glistening eyes.

"What?" The nurse said with a shrug as she looked at the shocked face on the salesman. Perhaps she wasn't talking to me because I look relatively calm. To be honest, that should have been a bigger red flag for her. "Is this the first time you saw a fierce woman, piggy?" Yes, she's most definitely talking about the salesman. She then stretched her hands wide as she allowed the blood to drip all over her exposed skin.

"No, no, of course not, Kirstel!" The salesman uttered with a timid and nervous voice, almost stuttering while he's at it. "I'm just very, very amazed to see your amazing and beautiful self destroy that bigot till he dies."

"Kneel." The nurse said while pointing her fingers on the floor as she looked down on the salesman who still has his hands inside of his pants.

"H-huh?" The salesman replied like a fucking idiot as she looked at the nurse with awe.

"I said kneel, swine!" The nurse roared before stomping her feet on the ground as she pointed the knife on her hands onto the salesman who's still looking at her with awe. "I want you to kiss my feet and worship me, pig, or I'll fuck you up! I mean that, you fucking son of a bitch!"

"O-of course, Kirstel!" Upon hearing the nurse's roar, the salesman immediately went on hiis knees and began to crawl towards the nurse. He then started to lick, kiss, and pretty much make love to the nurse's bare feet. It seems that the nurse had lost her shoes along the way while she's out there at the bottom of the pool. Huh. And I find that super fucking weird, but oh well! "Thank you very much for allowing me this great opportunity to worship your beautiful feet, Kirstel."

"Shut the fuck up, pig." Kirstel said while looking down at the swine beneath her feet. "And don't you fucking dare call me by my name again, or I'll fucking kill you, understand? Call me Goddess from now on."

"Yes, Goddess."

"What are you?"

"I'm a pig, Goddess."

"Whose pig are you?"

"Yours, Goddess."

"Good. You'll be a great inclusion to my plan. Hmm... I'm sure you don't know the plan yet, but that doesn't matter. You'll see more of that if we get out of here and fucking murder, Veronica." While the nurse is saying those words, she slowly diverted her gaze at me, making me see the glint of fury coming out of her eyes.

"OHHHH!? SO YOU WANT TO MURDER ME!?" A loud and familiar voice reverberated throughout the room as this grotesque scene unfolded before me. "You're quite a bold little bitch, aren't you Kirstel, huh?"

The nurse then looked back behind her to see that the face she scorned the most have started to reappear on the TV screen.

"You coward." Kirstel enunciated with a soft growl as she pointed her knife towards the woman on the TV screen. "I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU, VERONICA! YOU WILL NOT ANYMORE SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY! MURDER! MURDER! MURDER! THAT'S WHAT I'D DO TO YOU UNTIL YOU CAN'T GO BACK ANYMORE!"