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 Chapter 99: Lei Chen's Choice!

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The moment the blood line was severed, Lei Chen coughed out blood and trembled.

When Shan Hen suffered the blow by Nan Song, he staggered backwards hundreds of feet with a pale face. Blood trickled down the corners of his mouth. On his face was conflict and pained regret. He lowered his head, as if he could not face Nan Song.

All this happened too quickly. In the blink of an eye, the tables were turned. Su Ming stared at Shan Hen and smiled brokenly.

Shan Hen's face was pale as blood continued flowing out of his mouth. Suddenly, he lifted his head and shouted towards the sky. His scream was desolate. He turned away in a swift motion and charged into the forest, no longer looking at Nan Song and Su Ming. In a heartbeat, he made it into the forest. As he continued crying out in agony, Shan Hen disappeared among the trees.

At the same time, the tribe leader of Black Mountain Tribe let out a vicious grin, as if he had expected this a long time ago.

He charged towards Nan Song, and the man in black, who had been fighting against Nan Song, also threw his fist at him despite the injuries on his body.

There was grief on Nan Song's bloodless face. His body was so withered that he looked like a skeleton. The blade in the shape of the crescent moon had sunk deep into his back, and the wound bled continuously.

The moment the tribe leader from Black Mountain Tribe and the man in black robes closed in on him, Nan Song let out a loud bark of laughter. That laughter contained grief, and his entire body lurched forward. Immediately, a long crack appeared at the center of his brows. A dim green figure charged out of the crack and rushed towards his enemies.

The moment it got closer to the man in black robes and the tribe leader, the green figure exploded, creating a shocking force that stirred up everything around them. The man in black robes was already injured to begin with and could not bear the pain brought by the impact. His weak eyes immediately shattered, and he moved back, screaming.

The tribe leader did not expect Nan Song to be able to do such a thing while so gravely wounded. He also knew that the curved blade buried deeply in his body contained a type of venom that would make blood coagulate. It could prevent powerful Berserkers from triggering their blood veins to explode, that was why he had dared to close in on Nan Song in the first place.

That blade was prepared for Dark Mountain Tribe's Elder by Black Mountain Tribe, but an unexpected situation happened, and they ended up using it on Nan Song instead.

The tribe leader coughed out blood. He had been chasing after them the whole way, and he could no longer suppress the injuries on his body. As he coughed out blood, his breathing gradually weakened. When he landed on the ground, he fell back hundreds of feet, an aghast look on his face.

The moment the green figure exploded, a brilliant gleam appeared in Nan Song's eyes as he stood there, looking as if all his injuries were cured. He took a step forward and appeared before the wounded and retreating man in black robes, hurling a fist at his chest before the other could even think of dodging.

With a bang, the man in black robes shuddered, and his chest was torn apart. His eyes became dull, and he died in an instant.

Nan Song did not stop. He turned his eyes towards the tribe leader of Black Mountain Tribe, who was not too far away from him. He had a calm demeanor as he charged at him. A look of terror appeared on the tribe leader's face, and he quickly retreated, screaming.

Once he got closer to the other five people from Black Mountain Tribe, he grabbed one of his tribe members without hesitation, and inserting some sort of power into the man, he threw him towards the approaching Nan Song.

That man from Black Mountain Tribe let out a horrible scream, but it was drowned out as his body suddenly exploded, causing a large amount of blood mist to scatter around them.

With terror and panic in his veins, the tribe leader growled, "Retreat!"

Under the protection of the other four members of Black Mountain Tribe, the tribe leader and the other four people ran towards the forest without caring for anything else. They were absolutely terrified. Nan Song's strength threw them into disbelief.

The tribe leader believed his life to be important. He could not stay there. He also knew that the next wave of reinforcements from Black Mountain were on their way. Once they met up with that batch of people, they would be safe.

"Don't even think about it!"

Nan Song did not even spare a glance at the Black Mountain Tribe member who had self-destructed. He swung his right hand, and the blood mist that appeared due to the explosion dispersed. Once he landed, he slammed both of his hands onto the ground.

The earth underneath the five people immediately started shaking. A giant hand of mud shot out of the ground and sped towards them, seeking to grab the tribe leader of Black Mountain Tribe. The tribe leader sank into desperation and pushed another of his tribe members nearby to avoid his own death. His courage seemed to have completely disappeared. He did not turn his back and rushed into the forest, fleeing rapidly.

"Begone, all you scoundrels who've lost the pride of Black Mountain Tribe!"

Nan Song did not chase after them. He stood there, instead, and shouted towards the forest.

All this happened in the span of a few breaths. Su Ming approached quickly and saw Nan Song standing there, his body swiftly weakening at a speed noticeable with a naked eye while the people from Black Mountain Tribe escaped.

"The tribe should be safe... the next wave of people from Black Mountain Tribe won't arrive so soon. Too many of their Berserkers died, they're beginning to think about withdrawing."

Nan Song continued standing there. The crack in the center of his brows began to let out a gray light.

"I've fulfilled my promise to your elder... and I've repaid his debt for saving my life..."

Nan Song looked at Su Ming and a smile appeared on his face.

"Grandpa Nan Song..." Su Ming whispered.

"Even if Shan Hen did not injure me, I would not have lasted long. I wanted to use the Verdant Berserk Chains to heal all of you and return the life I took from Lei Chen before I died, but I can't do it now."

Nan Song let out a light sigh and lifted his head to look at the sky. The sky in the distance was still covered by the red fog, and thunderous booming sounds came from within. He knew that Mo Sang was still fighting and hanging on.

"If you see Shan Hen... ask him why for me."

Nan Song placed his hands behind his back and closed his eyes. He stood there unmoving, as if his body had taken root. Before him was the dark forest. Behind him were the footsteps left behind by the people of Dark Mountain Tribe as they left the place.

His shadow lengthened, illuminated by the moonlight... A great wave of sadness washed over Su Ming. He looked at Nan Song, who had lost all signs of life. He did not touch his body, but chose to take a few steps back and kneel down before bowing his head to the ground three times.

"Su Ming..." Lei Chen struggled up and went to Su Ming's side. He too, knelt down. There was sadness on his face.

The young man no longer looked like a teenager but old, as if he was in his forties.

After a long while, a gentle breeze blew past them and swept the snow on the ground, lifting Nan Song's hair, which still made him look imposing even after his death, and moved Su Ming and Lei Chen's hearts.

"The tribe should be safe now... Lei Chen, go back."

Su Ming stood up without a sound. His eyes were cold as he looked at the dark forest lying before him.

Lei Chen touched his right eye. That eye of his was completely blind now. He fell into a thoughtful silence for a while before he shook his head.

"I'm not going back.

"I'm going to search for ways to make myself stronger... Only when I'm powerful will I not suffer, only then can I protect my home and the members of my tribe.

"I heard that there is another tribe on the other side of the plains and over the mountains. That tribe is located very far away, but it's much stronger than Wind Stream... I'm going to go there, and no matter what price I have to pay, I will become stronger!

"Even if I have to become a Fallen Berserker, I'll do it!"

Determination appeared on Lei Chen's face. There was also a hint of madness, but that madness was hidden deep in his eyes. He did not show it on his face.

"Su Ming, you're different from me. Once you return to Wind Stream, you'll have much better room for growth. But we're brothers... we'll forever be brothers... wait for me. Once I become a powerful Berserker, I will return!" Lei Chen mumbled with eyes closed.

He stepped forward and hugged Su Ming. They embraced without saying a word. After a long while, Lei Chen let out a huge bark of laughter and turned around, showing his back to Su Ming, which now held hints of age, and walked away into the distance, to his dreams and the place he was determined to reach. He walked forward until he completely disappeared from Su Ming's sight.

Su Ming looked at Lei Chen. He did not try to persuade him otherwise, but chose to send him off, not knowing whether he would see his friend ever again. He was no longer certain of the future.

After a long while, he shook his head, and his uncertainty was replaced by a cold, murderous look under the full moon. Su Ming looked at the forest, which was hidden by the darkness, and took a deep breath.

'Now, it's my turn to chase after you!

'Shan Hen as well...'

Su Ming turned his head and looked in the direction where Wind Stream was located. Somewhere hidden in the distance, his people were moving towards the tribe. Perhaps Bai Ling was also in Wind Stream.

The promise...

Su Ming closed his eyes bitterly. When he opened them once again, there was a frightening calmness within them. He bounded forward, and moonlight surrounded his body. Underneath the full moon, Su Ming was like the shadow of death. He charged into the forest and began his pursuit.

Without anyone chasing after them, his tribe members would arrive safely in Wind Stream City. Of this, Su Ming was certain. He also knew that there was no longer any need for him to do anything for his tribe in their migration.

He had already done everything he could. As of then, he had something more important to do. Su Ming could still remember distinctly the vague thought that surfaced in his head as the familiar sensation roused within him when the Elder of Black Mountain Tribe appeared before them.

That idea had bloomed when he saw the elder being chased by the gigantic Wings of the Moon. During that instant, when Su Ming felt that he flew and had turned into the Wings of the Moon, changing course and charging towards the Elder of Black Mountain Tribe, the vague idea became clear in his head.

'Fire Berserker Art... I'm practicing the Fire Berserker Art, and since the Wings of the Moon came from the people of Fire Berserker Tribe, then I can suppress their powers! Now that I've completed the third burning of blood, it's as if there's a fire flowing in my veins as well, that's why... I should be able to help the elder!'

The shadow of the red moon shone brilliantly in Su Ming's calm eyes. They looked enchanting in the dark night.

His body moved like a wisp of smoke as he ran through the forest.

'But before that, I'm going to make Black Mountain Tribe suffer! I'll make them feel the pain of losing their tribe members... The tribe leader of Black Mountain Tribe is now heavily wounded, and the other three people are of no danger to me... Then there's Shan Hen as well!'

Su Ming clenched his fists and lowered his head as he disappeared into the forest.

From the role of the pursued, he now changed into the pursuer. From prey, he had become the hunter. Without realizing it himself, Su Ming had changed.