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 Chapter 98: He is the Traitor!

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Eleven people!

Eleven people rushed out from the dark parts of the forest. With the tribe leader from Black Mountain Tribe leading them, they charged towards them. One of them was a man with a blank expression wearing black robe. It was clear that the screen of light, the ravine, and Nan Song's Berserker Art had a large impact on them.

Fatigue was clear on their faces. They were no longer as excited as before, nor where they screaming in that odd manner. This time, in the war between the two tribes, Dark Mountain Tribe was not the only one who had suffered losses. Berserkers from Black Mountain Tribe died as well, and the number of deaths on their side was greater than Dark Mountain Tribe's.

Their Head of the Guards died, their chief of hunters died, their vice chief of hunters died, and more importantly, their prodigy, Bi Su, had also died in battle!

The vast amount of deaths of their Berserkers brought about a huge blow towards Black Mountain Tribe. If it were not for the existence of black robed men and the tribe members who had their levels of cultivation forcefully raised by Bi Tu using a Fallen Berserker Art, they would have had a hard time catching up to Dark Mountain Tribe.

Black Mountain Tribe absolutely did not expect that Dark Mountain Tribe would be so hard to destroy and would make them pay such a great price. Perhaps this was something not even their Elder, Bi Tu, had expected.

He was completely held back by Mo Sang. His powers in the Transcended Realm did not give him much of an upper hand in the war between the two tribes.

'If time went back, and we knew how this would end up, perhaps...'

They would not immediately declare war, but would take more time to prepare themselves.

Even if Black Mountain Tribe won this war, they would still suffer a devastating loss. More importantly, if Dark Mountain Tribe managed to enter Wind Stream, then all the deaths suffered by Black Mountain Tribe would be in vain. They would not get even a single trophy of war.

Besides the man in black robes, all the other people from Black Mountain Tribe were regretting their decision. Yet they were already too far gone and no longer had any choices but to continue fighting. It was especially so since Bi Su died. It had become a must for the tribe leader of Black Mountain Tribe to kill Su Ming.

As he looked at the eleven people approaching them, Su Ming's face was calm, and a cold glare appeared in his eyes as he stood up with his right hand holding tightly onto Blood Scales.

Nan Song and Shan Hen looked murderous as they watched silently.

Lei Chen also remained unmoving, but within his eyes, the same madness and killing intent burned.

The moment these eleven people from Black Mountain Tribe came to a thousand feet away from them, Nan Song took a step forward, and the red light from his body blasted into the sky. Bhere was still a line connecting him with Lei Chen behind him. The blood red light on Lei Chen's body became stronger, as if it turned into a screen of blood that protected him.

With a low growl, Nan Song's shirt exploded. His old face suddenly turned younger, and the muscles on his arms bulged up. Growling, he slammed his hands onto the ground.

The moment he did so, a giant vortex immediately appeared underneath the feet of the eleven people charging forward. The vortex was filled with mud, and a hand made of mud shot up and caught their legs.

Nan Song charged forward. Behind him, with the fastest speed he could muster, Su Ming too, dashed forward. Shan Hen's eyes were filled with killing intent and conflict as he raised his right hand. A bone knife in the shape of a crescent moon instantly materialized in his hand. He rushed forward like an evil spirit.

At that moment, Lei Chen's body was trembling, and his face began to turn older, as if his life was being sucked away.

The mud on the ground held back half of the people from Black Mountain Tribe, but it did nothing to the man in black robes. That person stomped on the ground with his right foot, and as most of the mud immediately exploded, he charged towards Nan Song.

The battle began.

Su Ming still maintained his silence. He didn't pay any attention to the man in black robes, nor did he choose to fight against the tribe leader from Black Mountain. He charged towards the remaining nine people instead.

The highest level among the nine people was only the seventh level of the Blood Solidification Realm. Most of them were around the sixth level. As long as Shan Hen kept the tribe leader from Black Mountain Tribe occupied and gave Su Ming enough time, then with his speed, Su Ming could kill all nine of them.

Shan Hen moved oddly as he closed in on his enemy. His target was the tribe leader of Black Mountain Tribe. As these two people clashed with each other, thunderous roars reverberated through the air, and they crossed swords with each other.

Su Ming's speed was extremely quick as he ignored the pain in his body. Under the pale light from the sky, he felt as if his entire body was enveloped in moonlight. The shadow of the blood red moon appeared clearly in his eyes. In the blink of an eye, he closed in on one person and brought his spear up. The moment he clashed weapons with that person, another wound appeared on his body, but that person's head flew into the sky, and blood scattered all over the place.

Su Ming fell to the ground, breathing rapidly, but he did not stop. He charged forward with moonlight surrounding him. It melted into his body, causing it to continuously heal even while in his current condition. As he dashed forward, five of the eight remaining people from Black Mountain Tribe closed in on him. The other three bypassed the defenders quickly and looked as if they were about to leave the battlefield. They were going to continue chasing after the tribe in the plains.

When they saw the three people breaking off and charging into the distance, the five other Berserkers from Black Mountain Tribe quickly closed in on Su Ming. He did not hesitate and leaped into the air, but did not throw the long spear in his hand. Even if he did throw it towards the three people running in the distance, he could only kill one person. That was why Su Ming chose to throw the spear to the ground underneath him.

Blood-red light appeared from the long spear, turning into a giant blood-red eagle that sped down to the earth. With a crash, it landed on the ground under Su Ming, stirring up a huge wave of air and force, which caused the five men closing in to flinch.

Su Ming used the impact caused when he threw Blood Scales away to charge towards the three people who run around him and were now running into the distance.

As all 243 veins gave off a red light on his body, he shot forward like a red meteor and closed in on the three people rushing away. These three people were not any normal Berserkers either. There was not a hint of hesitation between them. One of them immediately stayed back to block him while the other two flashed with a blood-red light and ran even faster. The presence of their Qi under the crimson light showed that they had both reached the peak of the sixth level of the Blood Solidification Realm.

The person who blocked him also used some sort of method to hide his level of cultivation which was why Su Ming had not noticed his power due to their previous contact being very short. Yet as the blood-red light on the person's body glowed brightly, the might of Qi from a Warrior at the seventh level of the Blood Solidification Realm erupted forth. The madness on his face spoke of his determination to hold Su Ming back.

At that moment, the blood veins on his body swelled up at a rapid speed as if he was about to trigger the explosion of his blood veins!

They were at the same level, sso if he self-destructed with Su Ming in close proximity, his fatigue and the injuries on his body would make him unable to fend against it. Yet if he retreated, then he would have to watch the other two people disappear from his sight, and disaster would fall upon his migrating tribe.

When the person who blocked Su Ming's path chose to self-destruct, the wounds that already existed on his body tore open, and he started bleeding.

"You're not the only ones who know how to self-destruct. Those of us from Black Mountain Tribe can do the same!" the man roared and laughed viciously at Su Ming as he charged forward.

A glint appeared in Su Ming's eyes. He did not retreat, but instead quickened his pace. The moment he approached the man, and the blood veins on the man's body were about to explode, Su Ming opened his left hand, which had been held tightly in a fist, and swung it towards the wounds on the man's body.

A dash of red powder flew forward and fell onto the man's wounds in the blink of an eye. The man jolted and widened his eyes. The blood veins in his body were in a state where he was at the verge of self-destruction, but his blood started burning suddenly, and as he passed by Su Ming, his entire body turned into red mist and rose into the air.

That sight fell into the eyes of the two people who were charging forward and the people who were running to catch up to Su Ming. They felt the hairs on their skin rise.

"Fallen Berserker!"

"He's a Fallen Berserker!"

A cry of surprise rang through the battlefield, one that caught Nan Song and Shan Hen's immediate attention. The tribe leader of Black Mountain Tribe, who was fighting against Shan Hen, too, changed his expression and an aghast look appeared on his face.

Even the man in black robes, whose face remained blank, was stunned when he saw that sight. Yet very soon, a strong glint of light appeared in his eyes, as if he had discovered something.

However, during the short moment he was taken aback while fighting against Nan Song, a chance appeared for Nan Song.

Thunderous sounds rang abruptly. Su Ming did not stop. He charged towards the two people ahead of him who remained stunned by his actions. These two people gritted their teeth and immediately split up, but at that moment, Su Ming coughed out a mouthful of blood, which turned into blood mist instantly and dashed towards the person who ran to the left.

The blood mist contained the powerful might of Su Ming's Qi. He had just cast Dark Blood Dust. At the same moment, he sped towards the right and started fighting against the Black Mountain Tribe Warrior who had ran to the right.

After a while, a few more wounds appeared on Su Ming's body. He panted harshly as blood red light enveloped his entire body; the blood red moon shone brilliantly in his eyes. He turned to where the people were fighting and rushed back.

Behind him, two unmoving corpses lay in two different directions, their bodies torn apart.

There were only seven people left from Black Mountain Tribe on the battlefield!

Besides the man in black robes and the tribe leader from Black Mountain Tribe, the other five people were all deeply shaken by Su Ming's killing intent and the previous scene which made them think that he was a Fallen Berserker. They looked at each other, and a rare desire to fall back appeared in their eyes.

Suddenly, Shan Hen, who was fighting against the tribe leader of Black Mountain Tribe, coughed out blood and tumbled backwards. He had been gravely wounded by the tribe leader, and his body was flung aside towards where Nan Song was. There was a murderous look on the tribe leader's face as the blood bear materialized behind his back. It let out a roar and pursued Shan Hen, swinging its giant paws, which were formed by the blood mist, to deliver the killing blow on Shan Hen.

When he saw that the blood bear's paws were about to land on Shan Hen, Nan Song's expression changed. He was the closest to Shan Hen at that moment. Without any hesitation, he leaped into the air and pulled Shan Hen as he punched the blood bear's paws. With a bang, Nan Song staggered backward.

"Go back and heal. Let me deal with this person..."

Nan Song was talking quickly, but he suddenly jolted, and blood trickled down the corners of his lips. His body started withering away at a rapid speed. As a mournful look appeared on his face, Nan Song slammed his palm into Shan Hen.

The moment Nan Song saved Shan Hen, the latter lowered his head, and with the curved blade in his right hand, sliced apart the blood line connecting Nan Song and Lei Chen using some unknown method. The moment the blood line was severed, he also managed to thrust his blade into Nan Song.