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 Chapter 96: Awakening!

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Bi Tu's power and the Wings of the Moon that was formed through his Berserker Art brought terror among all those who saw him. After all, all those who lived around the region were incredibly familiar with the Wings of the Moon.

Now that Bi Tu's killing intent was so strong that he defeated the elder with his powers from the Transcendence Realm, who could hope to fight against him?

The Wings of the Moon that was chasing after the elder was quickly closing in on him. It would catch up before the elder could fall into the light from the statue protecting the tribe.

In that instant, all the tribe members from Dark Mountain Tribe became desperate, but they could do nothing. Not even their tribe leader could save the elder...

Nan Song slammed his hand on his forehead, and the crack at the center of his brows appeared once again. The dim green figure sped forward as if it wanted to help the elder, but the distance between them was too large. No matter how quick the green figure was, the Wings of the Moon was too close. It was already less than 30 feet away from the elder!

Su Ming's head was blank. His family, the person closest to him, was now facing death, but he could do nothing. He could only look at the Wings of the Moon getting closer to the elder and open its mouth. The moment it was about to swallow the elder, Su Ming, who had remained silent, let out a shrill cry.

That mournful scream contained all of his strength. His wounds were torn apart once again, and blood flowed out, but he did not notice it. Within his eyes, there was only the sight of the Wings of the Moon going in to swallow the elder.

It was as if he had lost control of his own body. He madly charged forward. His shrill cries echoed in the sky and fell into the elder's ears, similarly falling into the Wings' of the Moon that was about to swallow him.

The shadow of the blood red moon in Su Ming's eyes seemed to burn with a similar feeling as when he was performing the burning of blood. It spread throughout his entire body once again, as if it wanted to burn all of him. As he cried out, Su Ming only had one thought in his mind - that Wings of the Moon must not injure the elder!

That thought turned into a loud bang in Su Ming' head, causing his vision to turn blurry, and his eyes, nose, ears, and mouth to bleed. He felt as if he was flying and had just leapt off the ground, rushing towards the elder falling from the sky at an incredible speed, towards the Wings of the Moon that had its mouth opened to swallow the elder, and right into it!

A strange sight immediately came into existence!

The large Wings of the Moon trembled and began struggling. It was only for a moment before it sezied moving, and a clear look appeared on its face. It looked at the elder, which was right before it, then abruptly changed its course with a flap of its wings and charged towards Bi Tu, who was situated behind it with a stunned expression on his face.

The elder jolted. During that very instant that had happened just moments prior, he saw a familiar look in the eyes of the Wings of the Moon...

Su Ming did not know why, but he knew that he had turned into that Wings of the Moon. He turned around and charged towards Bi Tu, crashing into him, who was stunned.

Bi Tu did not know how he had lost control of the Wings of the Moon that was formed from his Qi and his Berserker Art. The moment it drew close to him, a flash passed through his eyes, and he quickly retreated. He was about to dissolve the Wings of the Moon, when he discovered that his Berserker Art had no effect.

The Wings of the Moon drew near and crumbled as it crashed into him, exploding into a large amount of blood that scattered all over the place. Bi Tu coughed out blood, and his body staggered backwards hundreds of feet before he regained his footing. A stunned look took over his face.

The moment that Wings of the Moon exploded, Su Ming felt himself being expelled, and he fell rapidly before returning to his body. His body lurched forward, and he regained his mind.

At that moment, the elder had returned safely to the tribe. Under the protection of the light of the statue of the God of Berserkers, he sat down crossed legged, brought out seven needles made of bone with his right hand, and stabbed them into his body one by one.

At the same moment, Bi Tu, who was still in the sky and looked like a wreck, wiped away the blood from the corners of his mouth as he stared at the elder under the statue's protection. He might have been shocked by that strange sight, but he was in a state of mind where he no longer cared about the consequences. He had to kill Mo Sang and every single person from Dark Mountain Tribe.

He plummeted towards the ground, and in the blink of an eye, closed in on them. By then, the elder had only managed to pierce three bone needles into his body.

"Mo Sang, even if you sacrifice your life now, you're still not my opponent!"

The moment Bi Tu arrived, he brought his right hand up and was about to slam it down on the floating statue when the green figure that came from the center of Nan Song's brows closed in on him.

"Nan Song, you have learned the Verdant Berserk Chains well, but you've not understood its true form!"

Bi Tu laughed madly and swung his arm. A green light crawled from his arm and turned into the silhouette of a person before it charged towards the green figure created by Nan Song. The moment they crashed into each other, Nan Song's green figure crumbled. Only one single thread tumbled back and returned to Nan Song's body, which caused him to wither away until he was only skin and bones. He coughed out black blood.

A roar came from the tribe. The tribe leader of Dark Mountain Tribe charged towards Bi Tu. He could not allow Bi Tu to destroy the statue of the God of Berserkers nor interrupt the elder's sacrifice.

At that moment, there were five bone needles in the elder's body. His body trembled and a strong presence erupted from his body. That presence immediately caused Bi Tu to be taken aback.

"Move!" Bi Tu no longer cared about anything else. He rushed straight towards the statue of the God of Berserkers. As for the tribe leader charging towards him, he only threw a punch at him which caused the tribe leader's body to jolt. He coughed out blood and tumbled backwards as his body began withering away like Nan Song's.

Yet even though he fell back, the other people from Dark Mountain Tribe did not retreat. One of the Berserkers that had not joined Su Ming and the others to stall for time and stayed back to protect the tribe rushed forward without a care for the consequences and used his body to block Bi Tu's path. However, the moment Bi Tu swung his arm outward, that person immediately turned into bones and scattered into the air.

Struggle appeared in Shan Hen's eyes. He wanted to rush out, but stopped himself and just clenched his fists.

Su Ming too, charged forward. Behind him was Lei Chen. There was a small distance between them. As they ran forward, Bei Ling, who was very close to Bi Tu because he had been brought into the crowd by Chen Xin when he fell unconscious and was receiving treatment from the common doctors, woke up at some point and pushed away Chen Xin, howling, and bounded forward.

However, before he could even get close, Bi Tu pointed his right finger at him, and Bei Ling's right arm instantly turned into a puddle of blood. The damage continued spreading upwards, and Bei Ling screamed as he fell down once again onto the ground.

At that moment, the sixth bone needle had sunk into the elder's trembling body. As he lifted the seventh needle, Su Ming and Lei Chen started madly charging forward when they saw that they were only hundreds of feet away.

Yet Bi Tu had already arrived. His right hand slammed into the statue of the God of Berserkers from Dark Mountain. The moment he struck, a brilliant light that reached to the sky erupted from the statue. Many cracks appeared on its surface, and it exploded abruptly, turning into countless shards that spread in all directions.

The statue of the God of Berserkers of Dark Mountain Tribe, the symbol of Dark Mountain Tribe, shattered before the entire Dark Mountain Tribe, and as it shattered, Dark Mountain Tribe's will, too, shattered...

The moment the statue of the God of Berserkers exploded, Bi Tu rushed towards the elder, who was piercing the seventh bone needle into his clavicle. Suddenly, a girl whose face was torn and bloodied stood up from among the crowd. It was Wu La.

There was sadness and a look that said she did not want to leave these people behind in her eyes. She was the closest to the elder, and at that moment, she charged out. She stood before the elder with her life on the line with a resolute look in her eyes.

Bi Tu let out a cold harrumph and swung his hand in a wide arc as he got nearer. A strong force slammed into Wu La's body, and as she coughed out blood, her body tumbled backwards in the air and fell where Su Ming was.

The seventh needle had entered the elder's clavicle. If it were not for his tribe members sacrificing their lives to buy time for him, he would have never completed the sacrifice.

The elder opened his eyes and let out a roar that shook the sky. That roar contained all of his fury towards the death of his tribe members and held a killing intent that seemed to pierce through the sky. He stormed out of the crowd and once again engaged Bi Tu in battle as they dashed towards the sky.

Everything happened in an instant, and it happened so quickly that it was difficult for a person to imagine it.

A stab of pain laced through Su Ming's right cheek. That pain came from a shard from the statue of the God of Berserkers. A red line of blood appeared, spilling out from his wound, but Su Ming felt no pain. He saw Wu La's body rapidly withering away. Before even touching the ground, she had already turned into skin and bones.

Su Ming's mind was blank. He went forward and caught Wu La as she fell. Her face was already ruined. Blood continued to spill out from her lips and her withered body. She looked at Su Ming holding her and smiled.

"Are you Mo Su?"

She struggled to lift up a hand to touch Su Ming's face, but there was no strength left within her to do so.

There was sadness on her face as she whispered softly, "You're not him." She then mumbled something to herself, and the light in her eyes disappeared; they became blank. Her hand also fell to her side, swaying slowly until it finally stopped moving.

At that moment, Bi Tu, who was fighting against the elder in the sky, let out a huge roar.

"Su Ming, take our people and go!"

As Bi Tu roared, a powerful ray of light crashed into the ground from the sky. That ray of light looked like a gigantic blade of light. When it fell, it slashed into the ground before the tribe. The earth trembled, and rumbling sounds rose into the air. A huge ravine that was hundreds of feet in breadth opened up ahead of them.

They could not see the end of the crack. It was as if the ravine itself separated the tribe and their pursuers from Black Mountain Tribe. A screen of light shot up into the sky from within that crack.

There were no tears in Su Ming's eyes, just stillness. A deathly stillness so great it was horrifying. Lei Chen, who was standing by his side, looked as if he wanted to say something, but the moment he saw Su Ming's eyes, he swallowed his words. Su Ming made him afraid.

His eyes were blank, like the void. It was as if he was dead. Yet within that void, he could see the shadow of the moon shining brilliantly.

Su Ming gently placed Wu La's corpse down on the ground and picked up a shard of Dark Mountain's statue of the God of Berserkers from the ground before carefully putting it away in his bosom.

The scar on his face, which was created by the shard of the statue, looked ghastly. He did not wipe away the blood. He chose to cast his gaze on his tribe instead.

"Move!" Su Ming only said one word. He picked up Nan Song and the dying tribe leader, passed them to Lei Chen and the others before walking towards the front of the crowd.

Bei Ling did not die after losing an arm. He struggled up and looked at Su Ming's back as he stood at the front. At that moment, he felt that a change had happened in Su Ming, one that made him feel as if Su Ming had turned into a stranger.

That sort of change made Bei Ling fearful. It was as if some sort of presence had just been awakened within Su Ming. A presence that should not have been roused, and one that would not have appeared under normal circumstances, but it was here now.

Su Ming's face was calm, and his eyes were cold. He had learned to shoulder his pain and sadness. His footsteps were steady as he led his people forward, just like what the tribe leader had done previously.