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 Chapter 95: Who Killed My Su Er!

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The arrow was stained with Su Ming's blood. As it sliced through the air, moonlight wrapped around the arrow. From a distance, it did not look like an arrow, but the blood of the moon.

Bi Su had just arrived before Lei Chen. His gloomy and ferocious grin was still on his face, but at that very moment, he froze. He could sense danger coming towards him, one that terrified him. That feeling of danger came too suddenly, and he did not even have time to think about it. Within an instant, the arrow arrived!

However, a large amount of blood red mist suddenly appeared on Bi Su's body. The mist immediately turned into the shape of Wings of the Moon and surrounded Bi Su within it. That mist formed in the shape of the Wings of the Moon could block all attacks that were below the Transcendence Realm. Bi Su knew this. Bi Tu was the one who had told him that.

Yet the moment the arrow touched the mist formed in the shape of the Wings of the Moon, the mist let out a piercing screech as if it was afraid of the blood on the arrow and melted, causing the arrow to slice through it with a whistling sound and pierce through Bi Su.

Bi Su felt a sharp pain in his chest and blood spilled out. The arrow penetrated through his body and landed by Lei Chen's feet.

Bi Su trembled and fell to the ground. He widened his eyes and breathed rapidly like a fish out of water as he pressed both of his hands on the wound in his chest as if trying to stop the life flowing out of his body with the blood, but that arrow was not only filled with Su Ming's anger and sadness, but also all his power. It was not an injury Bi Su could block out.

"Im... possible... The elder said... I won't..."

There was an indescribable terror on Bi Su's face. He could not believe this. He could not believe that he was going to die. His body was becoming cold, and despair appeared in his eyes.

He did not want to die. He was afraid of death. He was still young, not even 20 years of age. He was the prodigy of Black Mountain Tribe. He should not die like this. He wanted to become the strongest Berserker that far surpassed those in Wind Stream... He wanted to claim Bai Ling as his woman... and make that beautiful face of hers cry under him...

He had too many things he wanted to do... Never had he thought that he would die here, so suddenly and so out of his expectations. He did not even have time to prepare for it.

He opened his eyes and fell to the ground. Above him, he saw the blood red sky, the blood moon, and Bi Tu's figure within the blood red fog.

That was the last scene he saw during the short span of his life.

Bi Su died!

The moment he died, the tribe leader of Black Mountain Tribe was stunned. Disbelief and fear appeared on his face. He was not afraid of Dark Mountain, but of the Elder of Black Mountain. He knew that Bi Tu was an aloof and cruel man. His moods were unpredictable, and he did not see the people within the tribe as equals, but as slaves. The only person he ever cared for was Bi Su!

Bi Tu had practically poured everything to help and guide Bi Su, now that Bi Su... died... The tribe leader's face immediately turned deathly pale.

He was not the only one who was stunned. The other two people beside him were also taken aback. Their faces were immediately filled with so much terror and panic that they forgotten to attack.

Su Ming crashed to the ground, and more blood spilled out from his wound. Yet the pain he felt could not be seen on his face. He was smiling instead, and that smile blossomed for a certain girl.

Killing Bi Su had always been Su Ming's goal. Killing him was not only to prevent him from getting near Lei Chen and Nan Song, but also because of the greed and lust in his eyes when he saw Bai Ling on the field in Wind Stream Tribe.

From the patch of forest behind the tribe leader, another group of Berserkers from Black Mountain Tribe appeared with a whistling sound. They were only thousands of feet away from them.

Yet at that moment, a roar filled with sadness and anger travelled out of the blood fog in the sky. It was Bi Tu's voice!

"Su Er!"

That voice sounded like thunderbolts that shook the earth. The snow on the ground exploded, causing the land to tremble continuously. As the voice appeared, a person madly charged out with a face filled with grief. In his eyes, he could only see Bi Su lying on the ground, unmoving.

"Who killed my Su Er? Kill them, kill all of Dark Mountain Tribe, all of them must die!"

Bi Tu charged out with a killing intent that could shake the sky, but before he could even get close, a cold huff echoed from within the fog. With blood trickling down his lips, Mo Sang raised his right hand, and the weather changed. The dark python by his side let out a roar and dashed out, blocking Bi Tu, causing him to be unable to go down.

As Bi Tu roared, the tribe leader from Black Mountain Tribe broke out in cold sweat and trembled as he snapped out of his stupor. Terror overcame his heart. He knew that he had to make amends, or else he would not be able to bear the Elder's fury.

He no longer cared about Nan Song, but immediately turned around and trained his eyes on Su Ming lying not too far away. He quickly charged towards him. He had to kill Su Ming to redeem himself before Bi Tu and protect his own life.

The other two people by his side had the same reaction and rushed towards Su Ming.

Su Ming was still smiling. He looked at the three people closing in on him and knew that he had succeeded. Now, the only thing left to do was to trigger his blood veins to explode and gain a few more moments for Nan Song.

Yet at that moment, Nan Song suddenly opened his eyes. His body trembled and a crack appeared at the center of his brows. A green light in the shape of a person charged out of it. Once it did so, Nan Song's face immediately paled as if he had lost his life.

The light was blurry. The moment it appeared, it charged forward and appeared before Su Ming in the blink of an eye and swung its arm towards the three men from Black Mountain Tribe.

A thunderous roar instantly resounded, and the tribe leader coughed out blood as he tumbled backwards. As for the other people, their bodies crumbled and they died an instant death.

The moment the tribe leader gained his footing, the other dozens of Berserkers from Black Mountain Tribe arrived. They were led by two men in black robes with dull eyes.

"You're finally here..." Nan Song's voice appeared from the beam of light. It floated before Su Ming, and as it spoke, it slammed both of its hands on the ground.

The moment it did so, the ground tumbled like waves in the sea. Booming sounds echoed in the air, and two large hands made of dirt shot out of the ground before they clasped together with all their enemies, including the tribe leader from Black Mountain Tribe, trapped within. Pained muffled cries came from within.

The light turned around and raised its right hand as it looked at Su Ming before it turned into glimmers of green light that fused into his body, causing Su Ming's originally fuzzy mind to immediately become clear. A warm feeling also appeared amidst the incredible pain in his body, a sign that he was rapidly recovering.

The light quickly dimmed and floated back towards Nan Song before it crawled back into his body through the crack. Once the crack healed, Nan Song opened his eyes. There was fatigue in his gaze, and his face was deathly pale.

"These people are not important. The battle between the Elders is the key towards the survival of the tribe... Bi Tu has yet to cast the Fallen Berserker Art. It's incredibly strong... We must hurry, he's about to cast it!"

Nan Song stood up and let out a low shout, then brought Lei Chen and the others to retreat quickly. Su Ming had already recovered by a large margin by then. He knew that he was saved by Nan Song, but before he could thank him, he felt a presence of death falling from the sky. The snow on the ground immediately turned black, and all the plants within the forest around them withered away.

Su Ming's expression changed. He instantly increased his speed and kept up with Nan Song and the others, supporting Lei Chen and Bei Ling as they ran together towards the rest of their tribe.

The patch of forest behind them instantly withered away. Black whiffs of air crawled out of those trees and sped up to the sky. The black snow on the ground continued spreading in their direction at a rapid speed as if chasing after them.

Time passed by quickly. Very soon, when the black snow behind Su Ming and the others no longer spread out, a powerful crack of thunder came from the sky, and the sky looked as if it trembled as abruptly a presence of death spread towards both heaven and earth.

Su Ming was worried about the elder, but he could not turn back. He quickly ran forward with Nan Song as he supported Lei Chen and the others. When they finally caught up with their tribe that was hurrying forward and saw that none of them were injured, that they were just as they were when they left, all of them let out a sigh of relief.

When the tribe saw Su Ming and the rest returning, they felt agitation boiling within them as sadness appeared on their faces. They grieved, because nine Berserkers had left them, but only five came back.

The Head of the Guards lost both his legs and was unconscious. Bei Ling was heavily injured, and blood continued trickling down the corners of his lips. Lei Chen had lost his sight in his right eye and looked completely exhausted. Nan Song may have seemed as usual, but the deathly pale look on his face showed that he was near death's door.

Su Ming was covered in blood. His chest was bloody and torn. If it were not for Nan Song curing him, he would have died.

Once they returned, some common doctors from the tribe immediately took the unconscious Head of the Guards into the crowd and began treating him. Once Bei Ling escorted his father back to the tribe, he fell into Chen Xin's embrace, unable to stay conscious any longer.

"Someone is helping Black Mountain Tribe... We definitely have pursuers left. I sacrificed some of my life, but I could not kill all of them. I managed to trap them and buy us some time, though... We must hurry!" Nan Song panted harshly and looked at the tribe leader, who was standing in front of the tribe.

The tribe leader did not ask anything, there was only a resolute look on his face as he led the tribe at the fastest speed they could muster.

Yet, before they managed cover a larger distance, a roar that shook the skies resounded suddenly. A large amount of ripples appeared in the sky, and a large dark python fell from the sky. There were a lot of injuries on its body, and it crashed not too far from the tribe. It struggled, as if wanting to lift its head once again, and stirred up a large amount of snow from the ground.

An old and wizened figure fell from the sky.

Su Ming could see that person clearly.

It was the elder!

The elder coughed out blood as his body plummeted towards the ground. Behind him was a large red Wings of the Moon that ferociously chased after him. Behind that Wings of the Moon was Bi Tu. His face was pale, and blood colored the corners of his mouth. His face was twisted with fury and murderous intent as he closed in on the elder.

No one could save him now! His death was imminent!