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 Chapter 93: The Blood Moon!

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Su Ming's heart raced. He saw the elder leaving and also how the elder had looked at him before he left. There was an emotion within the elder's eyes that made him afraid.

'Wings of the Moon... Wings of the Moon... The Fire Berserker Art...'

Su Ming looked at the Wings of the Moon in the sky which was created from the red fog. He might be afraid, but a vague thought appeared in his head. Yet the thought was a little scattered, and he did not manage to make any sense of it. Still, he had a feeling that once he cleared his thoughts, then whatever that idea was, it would turn out to be extremely useful.

As thunderous rumbles echoed in the sky, a strange cry appeared from their back, the darker parts of the forest. Dozens of people ran towards them. These people were the third wave of pursuers from Black Mountain Tribe. The head was the tribe leader of Black Mountain Tribe, and behind him, Su Ming saw the sullen Bi Su!

The moment the pursuers from Black Mountain Tribe arrived, Su Ming ran to the back without hesitation. With him were Bei Ling, Lei Chen, the Head of the Guards, and some other Berserkers.

The other Berserkers from Dark Mountain, besides the tribe leader and another three people, too charged forward! They will protect their tribe, and they will fight as they retreat with the tribe!

The tribe leader of Dark Mountain Tribe averted his gaze from the end of the crowd as tears filled his eyes. He led his people and continued onward under the protection of the light from the statue. The tribe ran,, supporting each other so that no one would be left behind. Wu La also stayed back to protect others beside the tribe leader. Her powers were not great, and she was forced to stay with the crowd.

The last person who stayed with the migrating crowd was Shan Hen. He did not choose to fight, but quietly stood outside the column and lifted a few children who could no longer run due to exhaustion as he ran with the tribe.

Su Ming did not turn back to look. Instead, he silently dashed towards the dozens of Black Mountain Berserkers with killing intent boiling within him and started fighting against them!

He held a long spear in his hands. That spear was entirely red, and it continued to be dyed in fresh blood as it stayed by Su Ming's side fighting with him against the pursuers from Black Mountain Tribe amidst the huge clashing sounds in the air!

The strongest pursuer from Black Mountain Tribe was their tribe leader. The one who fought against him was Nan Song. At that moment, a strong presence of Qi exploded from his old and frail body, as well as a shocking amount of killing intent.

Su Ming's Qi rumbled in his body. All 243 veins turned into one under fine control. With astonishing speed, he threw his spear with the intent to kill towards one of the people from Black Mountain Tribe. Once his body burst apart, Su Ming closed in on his corpse like a blurred out image. He grabbed the spear and turned around abruptly, clashing his spear with the bone knife slashing towards his back.

The clash made his body tremble, and his right hand numbed for a moment as he took a step backwards. The man whose attack was blocked by his spear staggered back three steps, blood trickling down from the corner of his lips.

Before the man could stabilize himself, Su Ming dashed forward and closed in on him without a care for the injuries he had sustained himself. He threw his left fist forward.

The man from Black Mountain Tribe did not manage to dodge. He could only bring his bone knife upward and block the attack with the blade facing Su Ming. Yet Su Ming did not stop. He threw his left fist straight at the bone knife. Blood from his fist scattered in the air, but there was a crashing sound, and the knife shattered into thousands of fragments that flew back towards the man, because it could not handle Su Ming's strength. An aghast expression appeared on the man's face, and he coughed out blood as he quickly retreated.

However, Su Ming was even faster. He closed in on the man, and just as he was about to kill the man under that intent for murder stemming from intense hate, he felt a strong sense of danger. His expression did not change, but right away he took half a step to the side. Pain erupted in his chest, as if a strong force had just landed on his back and turned into sharp needles piercing through him. Blood spilled out from his the right side of his chest as a sharp arrow penetrated his body, seemingly about to pierce through him. Under that power, Su Ming's body was also forcefully pushed to the side.

Yet the moment the arrow penetrated his body, Su Ming's left hand caught the half the arrow coming from the right side of his chest. With a jolt from his left hand, he neutralized the power of the arrow and forced it to remain in his body.

Su Ming knew that the most grievous arrow injuries happened when the arrow went through the body completely. With that sort of destructive force, once the wound was penetrated through, a large amount of blood would be lost. Yet if the arrow remained in the body, then it could serve to block the wound, decreasing blood loss. He could then continue fighting.

He turned his back abruptly and saw the Head of the Guards from Black Mountain Tribe standing in the distance, the very same person who had fled when he failed to kill the tribe leader of Dark Mountain Tribe in the previous battlefield. When he was about to draw his bow again, the Head of the Guards of Dark Mountain Tribe growled and closed in on him, drawing his own bow. Right then and there, in the forest, those two people who were skilled with the bow engaged in a battle to the death.

Su Ming averted his gaze. The moon may have been covered by the red fog at that moment, but there were still shreds of moonlight penetrating through it. No one noticed as these rays of light fused into Su Ming's body. It was night, and night belonged to Su Ming. Still, it was a pity that the moon was covered by the red fog.

He swung his left hand before him, and an invisible ray of moonlight rushed towards the man who had originally escaped death. He lurched forward, and in his muddled state, a red line appeared on his neck, and his head fell. Before it even landed on the ground, Su Ming kicked the head upwards, and as it bled, it sped towards the person fighting against Lei Chen not too far away.

Lei Chen was caught in a dangerous situation. His powers were not great enough, and he was also injured. At that moment, he was fighting with the last vestiges of his strength. The person fighting against him was an ugly looking man in the sixth level of the Blood Solidification Realm. The man gave a vicious laugh and punched Lei Chen's chest, causing blood to spill out of his mouth.

He was about to tear off Lei Chen's head excitedly when there was a whistling sound, and the head, which Su Ming had infused with his Qi as he kicked it, rushed towards him quickly. The man was caught off guard. The head landed on his body and abruptly exploded, causing the man to stagger back as he coughed out blood.

Lei Chen lifted his head and pounced on him. The man was thrown down and his Qi was thrown into a disarray. He knew that his life hung on a line, and in his panic, he bit his tongue, shooting out a blood arrow towards Lei Chen. Yet Lei Chen knew that he could not dodge the attack. Once he missed this chance, and his opponent had the time to to circulate his Qi back to normal, he would definitely die!

He let the blood arrow close in on him and raised his left hand to block it. Sharp pain immediately travelled down his entire left arm, and some of the blood that splashed out landed in his right eye, turning into unimaginable pain. The vision in his right eye immediately became blurry, and black blood flowed out, but he managed to close in on the man. As the man screamed for help in terror, Lei Chen's right fist landed on his head again and again until his body blew apart.

Lei Chen laughed brokenly. All he could see from his right eye now was darkness, but there was no regret in him. Even as he let out a sad laugh, he was still persistent.

At that moment, he saw two Berserkers from Black Mountain Tribe out of the corner of his left eye. He gave a vicious laugh, and a voice shouted in his heart, 'Come closer! Closer! I'll use my flesh and blood and let all of you people not be lonely in hell!'

Just as Lei Chen was about to make his blood veins explode, a person suddenly appeared before him in a flash. It was Su Ming!

Su Ming's eyes were completely red. He wanted to save Lei Chen. His speed tore at his wound, and as blood flowed out, Su Ming waved his right hand before him. Immediately, strings of moonlight sped towards the person by Lei Chen's side who was just about to cut down Lei Chen's head. The moment the man lifted his knife, he immediately saw the madness in Lei Chen's left eye and was terrified. Just as he was about to retreat, he felt sharp pain in his entire body, and his gaze turned dark. He was torn into pieces.

During the moment of the man's death, Su Ming arrived. He did not care about the other person who was also taken aback by the madness in Lei Chen's eyes, but kicked the expanding blood veins on Lei Chen's body, which were on the verge of exploding.

Su Ming's level of cultivation was greater than Lei Chen's. The moment he kicked Lei Chen, the Qi in Lei Chen's body scattered due to the shock, causing his act of self-destruction to be halted. While Lei Chen was still stunned by his actions, Su Ming did not hesitate and carried him tied to his back using moonlight as ropes.


"Don't talk! If you want to die, we're dying together!"

Su Ming turned around and resumed his slaughter once again.

Tears fell from Lei Chen's eyes. He looked at Su Ming's face from the side, but did not speak even after a long while. An oddly shaped horn was given to him by Su Ming himself. Once he held it tightly, he started fighting with Su Ming!

Compared to battles on Su Ming's side, Nan Song's fight against the tribe leader of Black Mountain Tribe was even more shocking. Nan Song was fighting alone against not just the tribe leader of Black Mountain Tribe, but against five other people, including Bi Su, all while showing no signs of being outmatched!

However, the most gruesome fight was the battle between the Heads of the Guards of Black Mountain Tribe and Dark Mountain Tribe!

The sounds of arrows slicing through the air were quick and devastating. By the end, these two people shot all their arrows at once. Bei Ling's father's killing intent spilled forth. He must kill the Head of the Guards from Black Mountain Tribe. If this person remained alive, he would pose a great threat to the tribe!

At the end of the battle, the legs of the Head of the Guards from Dark Mountain Tribe were crushed-that was the price paid for an arrow piercing through the chest of the Head of the Guards from Black Mountain Tribe! The moment his enemy died, the Head of the Guards of Dark Mountain Tribe smiled.

This battle to stall for time only went on for a few moments, yet there were still people who died. There were only six remaining Berserkers out of the nine who had rushed out from Dark Mountain Tribe. These six people continued fighting as they retreated with Nan Song leading them.

Bei Ling was heavily injured. When he saw that his father had lost both his legs, he too, carried his father on his back and staggered to keep up with the team. Nonetheless, Bei Ling himself was also running dry.

There were also numerous corpses lying on the ground belonging to Black Mountain Tribe. There were only nine people left among them. The tribe leader from Black Mountain Tribe also sustained injuries. Blood trickled down his mouth as he looked at Nan Song. He did not expect Nan Song to be so powerful!

However, they had to kill all these people as quickly as possible. Under his leadership, they continued pursuing those from Dark Mountain Tribe. Among the hunters, Bi Su's eyes flashed. He had already taken notice of Su Ming and was surprised by his power. He was familiar with Dark Mountain Tribe and knew that there was no such person among the younger generation of the tribe.

He looked at Su Ming as he retreated with Lei Chen on his back. As he looked into Su Ming's eyes, a familiar feeling surged forth in his heart. The persistence in Su Ming's eyes reminded him of the mysterious person that Black Mountain Tribe could not find no matter how hard they tried!

"Mo Su! You're Mo Su!" Bi Su narrowed his eyes, and he shouted as he pointed at Su Ming.

While his words did not incite much reaction from the other pursuers from Black Mountain Tribe, the instant the words left Bi Su's mouth, the tribe leader from Black Mountain Tribe, who had sustained injuries as he fought against Nan Song, turned abruptly his head towards Su Ming. A brilliant flash appeared in his eyes.

"Whoever kills him will get ten women from Dark Mountain Tribe!" the tribe leader of Black Mountain Tribe shouted out suddenly, and the moment he did so, all the pursuers focused their gazes on Su Ming.

The battle in the sky was still ongoing. As thunderous roars shook the sky and earth, and the red fog rolled in the sky like waves, a large part of the moon in the sky revealed itself.

At that moment, the moon was at its brightest!

The moment it appeared, a large amount of moonlight spilled onto the ground and descended on Su Ming, causing his body to recover rapidly. The moonlight surrounded his body, and at that very instant, the shadow of the blood moon appeared in his eyes! It was not a vague shadow, but was incredibly clear as it covered his entire pupil!

At the same time, all five summits of Dark Mountain trembled! Within the summits, countless Wings of the Moon cried out in excitement as if preparing to madly dash out.

The moon might not have been full that night, but it was close to being so! The moment moonlight shone on the ground, an indescribable presence erupted forth from Su Ming's body.

The first to sense that presence was Lei Chen. He was quickly followed by all the retreating Dark Mountain Tribe members, all of whom could clearly feel it. All the people from Black Mountain Tribe looking at Su Ming felt their hearts lurching forth. They saw the blood moon in Su Ming's eyes.

"What is that..? What is that in his eyes!"

"The moon... It's the blood moon!"

"The blood moon is in his eyes!"