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 Chapter 89: Funeral Song

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'Who is he! There's no one in Dark Mountain Tribe who has this level of power at this age!'

The man coughed out blood as shock appeared on his face. His mind was in a mess, and he cried out in his heart.

Yet Su Ming was too quick. The moment the man crashed into the giant wooden barricade, he closed in once again with madness and murderous intent. As he thrust his fist forward, he bit down on his tongue and coughed out a mouthful of blood. When the blood appeared, it turned instantly into blood mist, a clear sign that Su Ming just casted Dark Blood Dust.

The moment the Art was casted, the mist rushed towards the man. It closed in on the man, who was now in a state of disbelief, and Su Ming's right hand pierced through the blood mist at the fastest speed he could muster and crashed into the man's chest.

With a loud bang, the giant wooden barricade trembled. The man widened his eyes, and all light disappeared from within them. A large amount of blood escaped from his mouth. There was a hole in his chest, where Su Ming's fist had blasted through.

'Kill them!'

Su Ming's eyes were bloodshot. He did not stop once he killed that one person. He turned around and rushed towards the other Warriors from Black Mountain Tribe. His fight with the man might have been over in a moment, but all the people from Black Mountain Tribe nearby had seen the entire fight.

They could not believe it. They just watched their vice chief of hunters die before their eyes. They did not even manage to follow Su Ming's body, only seeing an afterimage dashing around.

It was not just them. The other Warriors around Su Ming were also stunned. They knew Su Ming. They were familiar with Su Ming. In their memories, he was just a normal member of their tribe. Previously, they didn't have time to think why Su Ming had stood in the midst of the other Berserkers, but at that moment, when Su Ming's strength exploded forth, besides being shocked, they also felt strongly inspired!

As Su Ming let out a low growl, the other seven to eight Warriors from his tribe also roared.

"Kill them!"

"Kill all those who destroyed our homes!" Su Ming's eyes were bloodshot. A strong and boundless presence of Qi erupted from his body, and he threw a punch!

"Kill all those who slaughtered our tribe members!"

One more punch.

"Kill all those who murdered our people!"

Another punch.

Su Ming's body flickered around dozens of terrified men from Black Mountain Tribe and showed off just how deep he had sunk into his madness. He had never killed so many people before, had never felt so much hate. At that moment, he was no longer a teenager who had yet to reach seventeen years of age, but a maddened killer.

As fresh blood splashed all over the place, a thunderous sound rang out beside Su Ming's ears, and his heart bled. That was the sound of a tribe member choosing to trigger the explosion of his blood veins because he had sustained too many grave injuries!

This was a battle. This was a battle between the invaders and the defenders. This was a crazed battle between two tribes. This was the battle sparked from the hundreds of years of hatred between Dark Mountain Tribe and Black Mountain Tribe that would never end until one of them was completely destroyed!

The sudden increase of Berserkers from Black Mountain Tribe caused the battle to become so much more intense and tragic. The number of Berserkers from Dark Mountain Tribe was not great. It was less than that of Black Mountain. Yet at that moment, all the people from Dark Mountain Tribe were persistent. They were willing to give up everything to protect their homes, their tribe members, and their tribe!

Death was nothing! Fighting for their homes, for their tribe, for their children, and for their parents was the most brilliant moment of their lives!

The light from the statue protected the crowd. In the silence, a sob could be heard, and it echoed outwards. The tribesmen were calling out for the Warriors. They were crying for those that fought to protect them: their children, their fathers, the Berserkers...

"Mama, why is the sky blue..? Is it because papa is protecting us from above..?"

"Papa, why do the stars blink at night..? Is it because mama is there watching us..?"

No one knew who was the first to start mumbling the lyrics, but gradually, almost all the tribe members who were protected by the statue's light started singing amidst the wails and sobs.

Their voices mixed together and gradually turned into a low musical wave. The sound was gentle and sad, but within that gentleness and sadness, there was also an indescribable emotion.

Those lyrics belonged solely to Dark Mountain Tribe. When someone from their tribe died, their tribe members would gather around the fire and look at their deceased tribe member as they sang the song of mourning.

"La Su, you are not alone in the sky. Do not be sad. Do not cry. Mama and papa will look at you from where we are... Every year, every day... we will look at you..."

"I will not cry. I will not be sad. I will not be lonely. I know that you are there, watching me... I am happy..."

The singing voices gradually grew louder and more distinct amidst the sounds of weeping. When the Warriors from Dark Mountain Tribe fighting without fear of death heard the voices of their tribe members and heard the familiar words, sadness appeared on their faces, and they let out depressed growls.

They will fight! They will fight until they die!

Su Ming trembled. Tears fell from his eyes. His body was covered in fresh blood. Some of it was his own, but the larger part belonged to his enemies.

He did not know fatigue, he did not know fear. All he knew was only that he had to fight till he breathed his last. Once he could no longer move, and once his body was too heavily wounded for him to continue fighting, he would trigger his blood veins and self-destruct!

"Mama... Papa... Pipi..." From behind, Su Ming heard the wails of the little girl who had woke up.

Su Ming's heart clenched in pain. It was bleeding. It was as if a countless number of needles had pierced through his heart. It made his speed increase even more. It made his punches even more powerful. Amidst the sadness and killing, a song filled with tears echoed in the air.

The song was filled with desolation, sadness, and separation... Not too far away, Liu Di sat under a tree. His legs were already bloody stumps, and his body was covered in blood. His face was pale, and his eyes dim.

He raised the xun made of bone with his trembling hands and placed it by his mouth, and begun to play a tragic song. The moaning sound was like the cry of a mother, and it mixed with the low rumbling song sung by their tribe members on the tragic battlefield, turning it into a song that made hearts clench in grief.

The sad moans floated with the wind and melted into the snow on the ground. They sank into the tribe members' blood, causing every single one of them, who heard it, to start crying on the battlefield.

Su Ming trembled. This was not the first time he had heard the funeral song, but it was the first time he cried like this. It made him feel as if he lost his heart, turning him into a heartless person. The only thing left behind were the injuries decorating his entire body and the endless sadness he felt.

Besides the sorrowful funeral song, Su Ming also heard the sounds of exploding caused by self-destruction. Each boom symbolized another Warrior from his tribe choosing to make his blood veins explode.

"Don't count me out from the road to hell!" Su Ming smiled brokenly. He threw another punch outward and blasted another enemy of his tribe into pieces of flesh. Su Ming, too, coughed out a mouthful of blood. As he turned around, he saw his tribe member playing the song underneath the tree before his death.

That tribe member's eyes may have been dim, but there was still a hint of light within. He played the song, and the blood on his hands stained the xun made of bone. Nonetheless, it could not dampen his song, his sadness, and his parting words.

This was the very last song he would play for his tribe. This time, he played the song with his life...

Su Ming closed his eyes and averted his gaze. The moment he did so, his pupils shrank suddenly. He saw, in the other direction, three men from Black Mountain Tribe standing before Bei Ling. They forced Bei Ling to continuously retreat with their vicious excitement. Bei Ling's bow was broken. There were a lot of wounds on his body, and especially on his chest. A large amount of blood poured out from the wounds on his chest. His face was pale. In his hands, he held a knife made of bone. There was stubborness and solemnness in his actions as he madly continued to attack his enemies.

He could not retreat. Behind him were his tribe members. Even if his tribe members were protected by the light from the statue, he could not retreat. There was a girl behind him. That girl was crying as she looked at Bei Ling, at his trembling body, and at his back, which stood firm before her like a hill.

That girl was Chen Xin. She seemed to be shouting something, telling something to Bei Ling.

Su Ming was standing far away from them. He could not hear them, but he could tell the gentleness hidden in Chen Xin's eyes as she looked at Bei Ling.

She liked Bei Ling. At that moment, she became even surer of her feelings. She... liked him.

Tears fell from her eyes when she saw Bei Ling tremble and one of the three men from Black Mountain Tribe approach, laughing viciously. As the bone knife went to Bei Ling's head as quickly as lightning, Chen Xin let out a sharp and mournful cry before she... rushed forward.

Bei Ling smiled brokenly. He was too tired and could no longer continue fighting. Since yesterday, he had been immersed in one battle after another. He knew that he could not avoid the attack. Just as he was about to self-destruct, he looked at Chen Xin, who was hugging him.

"Alright, since you came, then leave with me..." Just as Bei Ling closed his eyes and was about to make his blood veins explode, a sudden thunderous roar resounded through the sky and shook their entire surroundings. Every single one of the Warriors, including the people from Black Mountain Tribe fighting against them, felt their hearts tremble when they heard the sound, which reverberated and shook the sky and earth.

A long red spear rushed towards Bei Ling's direction at an incredible speed. That long spear exuded a powerful murderous intent, and with an of air madness, turned into a giant red eagle that was seen by everyone present on the battlefield. Within the span of a breath, it whizzed past Bei Ling and pierced through the chest of the man from Black Mountain Tribe who was about to swing his knife downwards. With a thunderous boom, the man's body was impaled to the ground. At the same moment, a huge wave of Qi erupted forth and spread to their surroundings. The man's body exploded abruptly, turning into pieces of flesh and blood.

The other two men from Black Mountain Tribe trembled and took a few steps back on instinct as they coughed out blood. At that very moment, a person leapt towards them like lightning and stood before Bei Ling, replacing everything in their sights!

The moment he saw the back of the person, a huge wave stirred in Bei Ling's heart. He was familiar with this sight. He experienced this once in Wind Stream Tribe. There was one person who had stood before him like this. Even if their faces and body shapes were different, at that moment, their bodies overlapped in Bei Ling's eyes.

"Su... Ming..." Bei Ling's eyes were filled with disbelief. He stood there, stunned, and he understood everything...