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 Chapter 88: Who is the Traitor?

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There were other members of Black Mountain Tribe who were also afraid. That sort of self-triggered explosion had happened three times within that short amount of time. From those three explosions alone, Black Mountain Tribe lost seven men!

Yet the battle still continued!

Tears fell from Su Ming's eyes. He bit down on his lip and averted his gaze while running forward with his tribe members. He knew that his tribe members defending the rear were using their lives to buy time for them. They were using their flesh and blood to stall their enemies. What Su Ming needed to do at that moment was to not let their lives be sacrificed in vain. They had to protect the normal members of their tribe within this limited amount of time and go farther!

The situation was just as intense at the elder's side. The two men in the later stage of the Blood Solidification Realm seemed as if they did not know pain. Their faces were void of expression even though many parts of their bodies had sustained injuries. Even so, they continued pestering the elder. Yet the elder's true strength was unknown to most people, including Su Ming himself.

The elder let out a cold huff, and numerous ripples appeared around them. The ripples rushed towards them, and the two men in the later stage of the Blood Solidification Realm immediately trembled. The elder took one quick step forward and arrived before them within the span of a breath. He touched one of their heads with a finger, and with a bang, his head exploded. The moment his body fell, the elder swung his fist at the other person, and as a thunderous roar shook through the sky, the man's body also trembled and burst apart.

Yet the moment the two men died, a large amount of black mist appeared from their corpses. The black mist gathered together in the blink of an eye and turned into the vague shape of a person that charged towards the retreating elder.

"Bi Tu!" The elder narrowed his eyes. He knew that the black mist was not Bi Tu's original body, but the result of a Fallen Berserker Art. However, if this Art was used, then it meant that Bi Tu was around the area, or perhaps, he was rushing towards this place!

At that moment, a sharp cry suddenly came from ahead of the crowd. The sudden appearance of the sound immediately changed the expressions of the tribe leader, the Berserkers from Dark Mountain Tribe, and all the other tribe members!

From the two sides of the forest, the same sharp sound could be heard. A huge gust of wind bellowed, as if telling them that a large amount of their enemies from Black Mountain Tribe surrounded them!

If that was the case, it would have been fine. They could leave behind the Berserkers, and they would use their deaths in exchange for the tribe members to continue their migration. But the moment the shouts of excitement and bloodlust echoed around them, the ground trembled from hundreds of feet in front of the tribe leader. The earth sank down as the land shook, and it was quickly followed by a large amount of giant wood around thousands of feet in length and hundreds of feet in breadth suddenly shooting up from the ground like a giant door, completely blocking the tribe's path!

On top of that giant wooden barricade stood three men from Black Mountain Tribe. The leader of the trio was dozens of feet tall. In his hands, he held a bow that was about his height and stared at the people below him with a cruel smile on his lips.

At the same time, on both sides of the tribe, two large wooden barricades also appeared from the ground. The height of the barricades, which were around thousands of feet in length, completely trapped Dark Mountain Tribe within them!

Several people also stood on top of the two wooden barricades on the sides. They looked down coldly at the people standing below them, and there was a teasing look in their eyes.

This was a trap that had been set a long time ago!

The expressions of everyone in Dark Mountain Tribe immediately changed. The tribe leader's face was pale, but his eyes were filled with shocking killing and battle intent. The other Berserkers were the same.

'How did they know about our route? How did they manage to lay down this trap beforehand?' Those were the questions that appeared in all their hearts at that moment.

'Who is it? Just who is the traitor of Dark Mountain Tribe?' Su Ming trembled. In his mind, he recalled the elder once telling him that there was a traitor within their tribe!

At the same time, the elder, who was fighting against the black mist formed by Bi Tu's Fallen Berserker Art in the distance, also saw this scene. Sadness and anger appeared in his eyes. He had suspected that there was a traitor among them, and he used everything that he could to find him, but that person hid himself too well. No traces or hints could be found, as if the traitor had never existed. However, now, the elder was certain. Nonetheless, he still could not figure who the traitor was... and his motives for betraying the tribe...

At that moment of danger, the people from Dark Mountain Tribe were filled with fear and panic. The normal members of the tribe were pale. Just as they thought they were powerless to fight back, whooshing sounds came from the tops of the three barricades, and more Berserkers from Black Mountain Tribe appeared. There were about fifty or more people standing on top of the barricades. The elder raised his right hand and abruptly pointed towards the tribe in the distance.

The moment he pointed towards them, the weather above the trapped Dark Mountain Tribe suddenly changed. The sky and the land trembled, and a black light that could pierce through heaven appeared. That light gathered together and turned into the astonishing statue of the God of Berserkers from Dark Mountain that was about hundreds of feet in size!

It was a ferocious statue that was half man, half beast and filled with the air of savagery since ancient times. It held a dragon in one hand, and in the other, a long spear. There was madness and bloodlust in its eyes.

Its appearance immediately turned the sky dark, as if the weather itself was stifled by its mighty presence. However, the statue was not completely distinct in shape. It was slightly faded, as if it could not materialize completely within a short amount of time. Black light scattered from its body and enveloped the people below it, protecting all the people from Dark Mountain Tribe within.

"Berserkers of Calamity, go forth! The tribe members stay within! Fight till we breathe our last!" At that moment, the tribe leader from Dark Mountain Tribe let out a long howl. He leapt upwards at the giant wooden barricade before him. He knew that if they wanted to leave this place, they had to destroy this barricade. Retreating was not an option!

"Kill them!" All the Berserkers from Dark Mountain Tribe dashed madly towards their enemies that were already charging at them. The Head of the Guards from Dark Mountain Tribe leapt forward with his bow in hand and drew it. With a thunderous cry, he fired an arrow towards the left barricade.

Two other Berserkers followed behind the tribe leader as they too, charged forward with resolution!

Bei Ling, Wu La, Lei Chen, and the Berserkers were all fueled with madness and fought with their lives at stake! Shan Hen fell silent and hesitated for a moment before he too, went forward.

Su Ming's heart was filled with killing intent. Just as he was about to move, he heard the sounds of weeping from behind him. The girl he had been carrying was jolted awake and was looking at him with tears falling from her eyes.

Su Ming did not turn back. He bounded forward and leapt on the barricade before him. The dozens of Berserkers from Black Mountain Tribe on the barricade let out strange cries as they charged towards Su Ming and the other Berserkers by his side, engaging in battle of life and death.

It was dusk. The sun in the sky was dim, and the moon was beginning to show itself, a clear sign that night was just around the corner. Su Ming's blood was boiling. His heart was burning, his anger roaring, and his eyes were bloodshot. He broke through the seal in Wind Stream and dashed madly back to the tribe for only one purpose - to live and die for the tribe! Now, the time had come!

'I was born a member of Dark Mountain, and I will die a member of Dark Mountain!'

Su Ming did not hesitate and let all 243 blood veins in his body burst forth with power, showing off his power as a seventh level Berserker in the Blood Solidification Realm. However, there was only chaos in the battlefield. No one took note of his existence.

Before him, there was one person who was in the seventh level of the Blood Solidification Realm among the dozens of men from Dark Mountain Tribe. The others were all around the fifth or sixth level. The man in the seventh level originally had a vicious look on his face as he charged forward with his team. In his eyes, the seven to eight Berserkers from Dark Mountain Tribe were nothing. He was the vice chief of hunters in Black Mountain Tribe. Killing these people was the same as flicking his wrist.

Yet the moment he approached them, his pupils shrank and a look of disbelief appeared on his face. He could clearly feel a vast and powerful amount of Qi that made his heart tremble coming from that the frail looking teenager among the seven to eight people.

'Who is he?How could he have such an amount of Qi at his age!'

The man did not have time to think. Su Ming had already come close to him within the blink of an eye. His first target was this person!

All of it happened in an instant. The two sides clashed together with a loud bang, and the sounds of battle rang through the air, as did voices filled with pain and agony. Su Ming hurled his fist forward. The moment he did so, all 243 blood veins in his body became one and crashed into the man in the seventh level of the Blood Solidification Realm from Black Mountain Tribe.

Thunderous sounds echoed in the air, so that sound was like a speck of dust in that intense battlefield. While Berserkers fought for their lives, the tribe members who were under the protection of the light from the statue were all trembling with pale faces. Yet, they were all determined, and they did not shrink back. They were afraid, but being afraid did nothing to help them.

There was deep seated hatred and anger that seemed to be able to burn the sky and the earth within their eyes.

They were silent. Everyone was silent. The girl who just woke up no longer cried. Instead, she watched Su Ming's back as he fought for the tribe!

When he threw his fist forward, his opponent roared and did the same thing. A thunderous clash sounded as their fists met each other. Blood trickled down from the corner of the man's lips. There was a dumbfounded look on his face, and his arm seemed to be on the verge of breaking. As the gigantic amount of power rushed towards him, he retreated on instinct. Yet as he retreated, it made Su Ming howl, and without care for his own pain, he blasted forth with shocking speed and got closer to the man within the blink of an eye, then punched him again, and again!

Within the blink of an eye, Su Ming had already thrown eight punches, and all of them had landed on the man's body. It made him stagger backwards with an aghast expression appearing in his eyes, and a large amount of blood flowing out from his mouth. The man hadn't expected to meet such a mad and powerful Berserker in this place!

"Die!" Su Ming closed in on him again. This time, he did not use his fists. Instead, the moment he got closer, he used his head and slammed it against the man's head. The man let out a sharp cry of pain, and his body was pushed back until he crashed into the giant wooden barricade. With a bang, the man coughed out a large amount of fresh blood. He was completely taken aback by Su Ming's speed. There was no time to retaliate. Su Ming... he was too fast!