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 Chapter 87: Black Mountain Tribe's Pursuit!

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The northern wind moaned and lifted the snow from the ground. The snow swayed in the wind, as if having no roots and not knowing where it should go, just like the crowd walking through it. The Dark Mountain tribesmen slowly left the tribe that had served as their home for generations and moved forward quietly through the forest.

Gradually, no one spoke anymore. Even the crying sounds of the children stopped soon. They were either placated by their parents, or chose to grit their teeth and turn their sorrows into determination and hate.

Most of the hundreds of people within the tribe were normal people. There were also the old and the weak among them, hence they could not speed up their journey. The cold wind that blew past seemed to freeze their bones, and the thick snow underneath their feet further decreased their speed.

The Berserkers from Dark Mountain Tribe remained alert in the midst of their sorrow, keeping watch over their tribe members. They did not dare to let down their guard because a fight to the death might occur at any moment. Once they died, then there would be no one who could protect their tribe members, leaving them completely defenceless to attacks.

The girl in Su Ming's arms held tightly onto his shirt. The wind during winter might be cold, but what was colder were her dreams... Yet, perhaps Su Ming's warm embrace was enough, and the child gradually calmed down as if finding peace within her dreams. Nonetheless, tears continued escaping from the corners of her eyes.

Su Ming hugged the child gently and moved forward, walking on the snow on the ground. His gaze travelled to his surroundings frequently, and when his gaze landed on the familiar faces belonging to his tribe members, he saw sadness and unwillingness, but at the same time, he also saw resolution and resolve.

Su Ming gritted his teeth and hatred appeared in his eyes. He walked forward quietly and would sometimes support the weak elderly to help their shivering bodies travel faster in the snow.

'If we don't stop and walk continuously day and night, at this speed, we'll need at least three days before we reach Wind Stream Tribe. Three days...' I wonder how many of us will survive by the end... Su Ming's heart was bleeding. He was afraid, not for his own safety, but of how many familiar faces he would no longer be able to see three days later.

Su Ming knew that if there were any other faster method to transfer their tribe members to Wind Stream Tribe, the elder would have used them. Yet although the dark python's speed was quick, it could not carry a large number of people in one go. Besides, the normal members of the tribe could not withstand the pressure of travelling in the sky. They would need several powerful Berserkers at the level of the Head of the Guards to protect them if they did so.

Yet once these powerful Berserkers left, it would be practically impossible for the remaining people to survive.

"Mama..." As Su Ming remained silent, the girl in his arms mumbled in her dreams and wrapped her arms tightly around Su Ming's neck, as if the moment she let go, she would lose her peace.

'Indeed, I was right to come back!' Su Ming patted the child's back lightly.

Time passed by slowly. When it was almost dusk, the migrating crowd from Dark Mountain Tribe had travelled a large distance away from their homes. They gritted their teeth and moved forward through the forest and the cold. Suddenly, from the back, a piercing whistle that shook the sky sounded!

The moment the piercing whistle rang out, howls of excitement immediately followed after. At the same moment, the silhouettes of people dashed towards them from behind.

Almost all the people in Dark Mountain Tribe were shocked. A cold glint appeared in the elder's eyes. The Berserkers beside him, the Head of the Guards, and all the other Berserkers looked murderous.

Their tribe members trembled in fear as they were surrounded by the threat of death. They were afraid, and they cried, unable to help themselves. Things started to get a little chaotic.

"Those in the front and middle, remain in your positions. Continue protecting the tribe and move forward. All those protecting the rear, kill the enemies!" the elder immediately gave a command.

Su Ming gave the girl in his arms to a normal member of the tribe and was just about to move to the back when he heard the elder's words. He froze, then gritted his teeth and remained in his place, protecting his tribe as they left under the guidance of the tribe leader. Behind them, the elder and seven other Berserkers from his tribe stood like a wall that shielded them from their enemies!

Whistling sounds echoed in the air, and twenty something Berserkers from Black Mountain Tribe appeared from the forest behind them. When Su Ming saw so many Berserkers appearing at once, his heart jolted.

They only had thirty something Berserkers in Dark Mountain Tribe. Yet Black Mountain Tribe managed to send out twenty something Berserkers in one attack alone. It was a fact that was difficult for him to believe.

Among these Berserkers, most of them were around the fourth or fifth level of the Blood Solidification Realm. However, there were five people who had reached the sixth level of the Blood Solidification Realm, and another three who had reached the seventh level.

There was no one in the eighth level in their team, but leading the charge were two men wearing black robes. These two men's clothes were completely different from the rest of Black Mountain Tribe, and they stood out. They also exuded a great and strong presence of Qi that made Su Ming's pupils shrink.

That power of Qi had already surpassed the Head of the Guards, Shan Hen, and the tribe leader's Qi. Their level of cultivation and the feeling of countless lives that had been slain in their hands showed that they were Berserkers around the tenth level of the Blood Solidification Realm!

However, Su Ming could tell that the eyes of these two black robed men were dull and lifeless, a clear sign that differentiated them from normal people. Yet their movements were agile. Under their leadership, the twenty something Black Mountain Tribe Berserkers rushed towards the elder and the others with excitement and bloodlust.

Strange cries were emitted from their lips, and when the sound travelled into the normal tribe members' ears, they trembled fearfully.

"Go quickly!" the elder turned his head and said in a low voice, then turned back and moved towards the Berserkers from Black Mountain Tribe. With one swing of his arm, black wind appeared out of thin air and stirred around him, causing a large amount of snow from the area to be lifted before he rushed towards the twenty something Berserkers from Black Mountain Tribe.

The two men's in the later stage of the Blood Solidification Realm's target was clear. They did not look at anyone else. Instead, as their blood veins erupted in explosive power and let out piercing light, they rushed into the black wind and headed straight towards the elder as banging sounds echoed around them.

From the other Berserkers who were swept into the black wind, seven to eight of them immediately coughed out blood. Their bodies trembled and immediately collapsed, bursting apart into pieces of flesh and blood. A stench of blood instantly filled the air.

The massacre started!

Besides the elder, there were only seven Berserkers from Dark Mountain Tribe protecting the rear. Resolution appeared on their faces, and they absolutely did not cower. Behind them were their tribe members and their families. They could not shrink back, they absolutely would not retreat!

The seven people lifted their heads and howled with sadness and determination before they rushed towards the dozens of Berserkers charging towards them. They would do everything to hinder these people and buy time for their tribe members!

Their level of cultivation was not high. The strongest among them was at the seventh level of the Blood Solidification Realm. Most of them were around the fifth level. Yet at that moment, there was an indescribable presence coming from them. That presence screamed out their desire to protect their homes and their tribe members. Even if they died, that will of theirs would never die. Even if their bones were crushed and their bodies turned to ashes, they would not allow their enemies to break through!

This was the human wall made with their flesh and blood! This was the ravine created with their lives! This was the desperation created from their souls! This was their choice!

Su Ming's eyes became red. He was not the only one. Most of the Berserkers around him had become possessed by madness. Some of the normal tribe members had already started shouting. They wanted to fight!

"Don't look! Your duty is to protect the tribe as we migrate! We... have to leave!" Just as Su Ming and the others were about to rush out and join the fray, the tribe leader spoke from where he was in the front. There was a determined look on his face, but underneath that determination was sadness.

He was the tribe leader of Dark Mountain Tribe. His duty was to help as many people from Dark Mountain Tribe to survive as he could, so that the tribe could continue existing...

Su Ming clenched his fists. His eyes were bloodshot, but he had to quell his killing intent. He looked at those seven tribe members hundreds of feet away from him, who were assaulted by dozens of screeching Berserkers from Black Mountain Tribe that came like a tidal wave.

When a thunderous sound reverberated in the area, Su Ming clearly saw one of his tribe members coughing out a mouthful of blood. His right arm exploded, and he staggered backward. Still, he stopped even though both of his legs had collapsed. He continued to cry out ferociously and banged his head into his bloodthirsty and excited enemy's head. He even opened his mouth and bit down on the dumbstruck enemy Berserker's neck and tore out his flesh. His enemy let out a sharp and painful cry.

The man from Black Mountain Tribe was terrified. His neck was bloody and torn, and screaming in pain, he punched the Berserker's chest, causing him to cough out blood. Still, the man viciously bit deeper into his opponent's flesh. That cruel look on his face and his insane act made the man from Black Mountain Tribe's heart tremble.

At that moment, the tribe member who swallowed the flesh turned his head abruptly and looked at the column that was getting farther away from him. He seemed to have seen Su Ming looking at him from the crowd. A warm smile appeared on his lips. He was a man in his thirties. In his eyes, Su Ming was still just a child.

That smile was filled with the kindness of an adult towards a child. It was a completely different look compared to the vicious one he had before. Once that smile appeared, he turned back and closed his eyes. In that instant, all his blood veins exploded, which affected his entire body and caused it to explode in a bang. That violent bang turned into a sound that shook the sky. The moment the person's body exploded, terror appeared in the eyes of the man whose neck was torn. He wanted to retreat, but it was too late.

That was... the self-triggered explosion of blood veins! That was the last cry made in their lives using every part of their flesh and blood. That voice told all their pursuers from Black Mountain Tribe that if they wanted to destroy Dark Mountain Tribe, they would have to pay a price they could not have imagined!

Amidst the roaring, the man from Black Mountain Tribe coughed out a mouthful of blood. His arms had burst apart. He struggled, retreating. No will to fight remained in his body. His heart was trembling. He was afraid.