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 Chapter 84: Change in Wind Stream Mountain!

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Su Ming lifted his right hand and a red light flashed. Blood Scales appeared in his hands immediately! The spear was entirely red. It was as if it was dyed in a pool of fresh blood, and it let out a strong, aggressive presence. The same presence as when he had climbed Wind Stream Mountain blasted forth from Su Ming's body. He did not speak. He only looked at Ye Wang silently.

"You..." Ye Wang's pupils shrank. He could feel an extremely familiar presence from Su Ming's body. He would never mistake that presence. In his eyes, the frail looking teenager seemed to slowly be turning into another person. That person who made his breathing quicken, who was the only person Ye Wang believed had the right to compete against him!

"You're Mo Su!" Ye Wang was not any other normal person. He almost immediately understood why the Elder had arranged him to patrol this region.

"Dark Mountain Tribe is in danger. I have to go back. If you stop me, then you are my enemy!" Su Ming cast a glance at Ye Wang, then turned around and sped forward. He had already made his decision. No one could stop him!

When he saw Su Ming taking a leap and rushing into the distance, something flashed through Ye Wang's eyes. It was a brief hint of hesitation. A massive change had happened in the mudstone city. He was also anxious, but that anxiety and hesitation only appeared for a brief moment before disappearing. It was instead replaced by a strong desire for battle!

If it was anyone else, Ye Wang would not have had any desire to battle against them. To him, no one among his generation had the right to become his opponent. Yet after the first stage of the test, there was now one person who had the right to become his opponent, and that person was Mo Su!

He may have tied with Mo Su during the first stage, but Ye Wang knew that he had lost. He had returned unconscious, while Mo Su returned to the field conscious.

Ye Wang wanted to compete against Mo Su in the second and third stage. He wanted to prove that he was the strongest among his generation. He might have guessed that Mo Su did not enter the other stages of the test because his level of cultivation was not that high, but Ye Wang was prideful. If he wanted to fight, then he would not use his level of cultivation to suppress the other person.

"Mo Su!" Ye Wang lifted his head abruptly. His voice was cold, and as he spoke, he took a step forward with his right foot, then his entire body shot forward like an arrow. With a whizzing sound, he dashed towards Su Ming.

"You can't leave!" Ye Wang's red shirt was like fire. As he jumped into the air, the snow illuminated his body and turned him into the most striking person in the area.

Ye Wang might have arrived at the eighth level of the Blood Solidification Realm, but he limited his power until he was only at the seventh level of Blood Solidification Realm. He was prideful. To him, if he wanted to fight, then he would fight fair and square. If he wanted to win, then he wanted to make his opponent lose utterly and completely!

Banging sounds erupted in Ye Wang's body. The moment he limited his power to the seventh level, his distance to Su Ming was not even 100 feet apart. His figure was like fire. He raised his right hand and grabbed towards Su Ming.

The moment he grabbed in his direction, Ye Wang's entire body seemed to have erupted in flames. His skin turned red, even his hair seemed to have turned into blazing flames. Seas of fire emerged from his body and turned into a gigantic hand made of flames, which rushed to grab Su Ming.

At that moment, the hand of fire was before Ye Wang's eyes, and Ye Wang was behind it. He dashed towards Su Ming following the motion of the hand of fire.

Su Ming stopped suddenly, and the snow around him immediately turned into water, which turned into a cloud of steam rising into the air. That heat fell from the sky and enveloped Su Ming's entire body. At the very same instant, Su Ming stomped the ground with his right foot, and his entire body was lifted from the ground. He turned around and looked into the distance. The hand of fire was not even thirty feet away from him. By the looks of it, it seemed as if it was aiming to grab Su Ming's body and turn him to ashes.

'Fire?' Su Ming's body was suspended in midair. He saw through the hand of fire and found Ye Wang running behind it. The moment the hand of fire almost touched him, Su Ming bit his tongue and coughed out a mouthful of blood.

That mouthful of blood was not Su Ming trying to force himself to do anything, but a requirement of the Berserker Art he was about to cast. The moment he obtained the mouthful of blood, all 243 blood veins on Su Ming's body manifested and twisted into a strange picture. At the same moment, the mouthful of blood exploded and turned into a mist of blood!

That was the essence of Dark Blood Dust. The Art would turn fresh blood into a cloud of mist which would burst forth with a strength equivalent to the caster's Qi at its peak. The blood mist rushed towards the hand of fire, and there was also a fire burning within the mist!

It did not look like a mist of blood, but instead looked like a mist of burning fire!

He was fighting fire with fire!

The moment Su Ming completed the third burning of blood, a huge change happened within his body. The most obvious change was the feeling of fire burning hotly within his blood.

At that moment, the burning fire mist and the hand of fire were approaching each other. Within the span of a few breaths, they collided and a shocking thunderous roar erupted forth. The hand immediately crumbled, as if it was swallowed by the mist of fire. Then it turned backwards and rushed towards Ye Wang.

It looked like the sky was burning, and it was about to engulf everything in flames!

Su Ming remained silent. His eyes were bloodshot. He rushed into the mist of fire and raised his right hand. Blood Scales let off a piercing red light, and he threw the spear forward.

A piercing sound sliced through the air. The blood red spear turned into a red bolt of lightning and pierced through the mist of fire, then turned into a giant red eagle that rushed towards Ye Wang together with the mist of fire.

Ye Wang's heart trembled furiously as his pupils shrank. He did not expect Mo Su to be so strong. If he continued limiting his own power, then he could not hope to win the fight!

He did not hesitate and immediately retreated, removing the limit of his power. 435 blood veins immediately manifested and his true strength erupted forth.

At the same time, he raised his right hand and swung his fist forward. A bright light appeared on his right fist, and a black glove made of beast skin appeared. There was a ghastly presence coming from the glove. It was clear that the glove was a Berserker Vessel!

He thrust his fist forward, and a thunderous roar echoed in the surroundings. A black wind appeared out of midair before Ye Wang, and as he thrust his fist forward, the black wind turned into a black whirlwind that could turn the world upside down. It collided with Su Ming's long spear and fire mist, and as sounds of explosions echoed in their surroundings, Su Ming took seven to eight steps backward. Yet at the same time, Ye Wang's body also jolted, and he took four to five steps backward. His body felt heavy.

Ye Wang did not stop. He leapt forward and closed his distance to Su Ming in an instant. Su Ming also rushed forward at his fastest speed. He crossed fists with Ye Wang, and due to his speed, it looked as if his body left behind afterimages.

From the distance, it seemed as if there were multiple Su Mings surrounding Ye Wang. The booming noises continued echoing around them. After a while, a sound that could pierce through the sky resounded, and Ye Wang stumbled ten feet backward as blood trickled down his mouth. When he lifted his head, he saw Su Ming coughing out a mouthful of blood as he too, stumbled dozens of feet backwards.

'What shocking speed... His level may not be as high as mine, but with this speed, if I can injure him once, then he can injure me dozens of times... This person is indeed the only one worthy of challenging me among our generation!' Ye Wang was shocked, but at that moment, his battle spirit was only kindled even more. He raised his left hand and pointed towards the sky.

"Mo Su! I'm going to use my full power next!"

The moment Ye Wang finished speaking, an unexpected change happened!

A roar filled with absolute anger suddenly came forth from the tall altar housing the Elder of Wind Stream City!

"Thief! How dare you harm our holy mountain?" That voice belonged to Jing Nan. His body instantly turned into air, and he rushed towards Wind Stream Mountain. At the same time, another incredibly powerful presence blasted towards the sky from within the mudstone city. That person also rushed towards Wind Stream Mountain along with Jing Nan. That second presence belonging to a Berserker in the Transcendence Realm belonged to a woman, an extremely beautiful middle-aged woman!

Ye Wang was stunned. His heart trembled. A glimmer flashed through Su Ming's eyes. He did not hesitate and retreated quickly towards the distance. His battle against Ye Wang had made him incredibly anxious. He did not want to fight. He wanted to get back to his tribe as soon as possible!

With that chance, Su Ming widened the distance between them by hundreds of feet at an exceedingly fast speed.

Ye Wang's expression changed. He no longer paid any attention to Su Ming, who was already far away, but turned and ran towards the city. He did not know what had happened, but he had a feeling that it was something terrible.

At that moment, on the vast plains outside Wind Stream Tribe, a shocking change happened to Wind Stream Mountain, the mountain which had remained sealed and hidden away for generations by Wind Stream Tribe!

Shi Hai and the other eight people all looked shocked and amazed as they stared dumbly at the spot before them and stood in the field at the foot of the mountain. Their eyes were filled with disbelief.

Right in front of their eyes, the space before them was twisting rapidly, as if there was a big hand fiddling at the space from within. A huge crack that looked to connect heaven and earth appeared in midair.

Through the crack, the Wind Stream Mountain was completely revealed. The black mist rose into the sky. As it forward, the roars from a wild beast reverberated through the air.

At the same time the wild beast roared, a gruesome laughter was heard.

"As expected of the Great Bird, the mythical beast of the Fire Berserker Tribe! This may just be a fragment of its soul, but it still contains so much power! At least the years of effort I wasted searching for the ruins of Fire Berserker weren't wasted!"

The voice was completely unfamiliar to Shi Hai and the others. The moment they heard his words, their expressions changed. They cast an eye at each other and dashed towards the Wind Stream Mountain within the crack without hesitation. They were members of Wind Stream Tribe. There was no way they could back down when an outsider trespassed on their holy mountain!

Yet the moment the nine people moved forward and were just about to enter the crack, they heard a cold snort from within the mist on the mountain. Almost immediately, a purplish red arm hundreds of feet long shot out from the mist and swung lightly at Shi Hai and the other eight people from a distance.