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 Chapter 82: Impossible!

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The lowest number of blood veins required to enter the seventh level of the Blood Solidification Realm was 243!

His blood veins had increased to 224 with his current speed. There were only 19 blood veins left until he reached the seventh level of the Blood Solidification Realm! This sort of increase in speed would have been frightening if it had happened to anyone else. This was different to the increase in power compared to the time Su Ming had climbed Wind Stream Mountain. After all, when he was in Wind Stream Mountain, he trained entering fine control by using his mind to move. It may have seemed like his power had increased by a large margin, but in truth, he still had trained with the usual principle of training steadily and gradually increasing the number of blood veins in his body.

Yet it was different now! Su Ming was forcefully increasing the number of blood veins in his body. He was doing so by using a large amount of Cloud Graze Grass juice, and the moment he reached his limit consuming the Cloud Gauze Grass, he had also forcefully absorbed one drop of transcended Berserker Blood.

Anyone that had any shred of reasoning would definitely not use Su Ming's method to forcefully increase their strength. Only Su Ming would do so. After all, doing this sort of thing was fatal to the body! If that was not the case, then there would be plenty of people who would use this method to increase their power.

Yet, was there any other way for Su Ming..? He could choose to bear with it and ignore the dangers his tribe faced, ignore the possibility of his tribe members dying, ignore the possibility of the elder not returning, and ignore the fact that his home was facing the threat of elimination.

If he chose not to think about all these and only of his safety, he could stay and wait patiently. It might be torturous. He might feel uncertain and bitter, but he would definitely not face any threat to his own life.

Perhaps this was the right thing to do. This was also the path the elder had chosen for him.

After all, within most of people's eyes, Su Ming was only a weakling. Even if he went back, he would only die. He could do nothing.

Yet Su Ming refused to let himself choose that path. Everything that he did to become stronger was all for the sake of the tribe. His personality might be slightly weak, but that weakness was hidden deep within him. Now that something like this had happened, that weakness had instantly disappeared and was replaced by resolution and determination!

Since he was young, most of the members in the tribe were kind to him. His friends were there. There were familiar faces there. There were women in the tribe who took care of him when he was young. There was the elder and the kind members from his tribe who had taught him how to speak, and there was everything that had happened within the tribe during the past sixteen years of his life. He could not turn a blind eye to this.

It was impossible for him to do nothing and continue living when he knew that the tribe was in danger. It was impossible for him to back down when he knew that the danger of death loomed over his tribe members' heads. It was even more impossible for him to wait here quietly when the threat of elimination hung over the tribe.

He was a teenager, a teenager that was not even seventeen years of age. He was also afraid of death... But even though he may not understand the philosophies of life, he knew that the tribe was his home!

Now that his home was in danger, he could not, he absolutely could not ignore it. Even if he died, he had to die protecting his home!

This was Su Ming.

His recklessness may have caused his madness, and perhaps many people could not understand the reason for his madness and questioned it, but all of this was ingrained in his bones. After all, he had treated Dark Mountain Tribe as his home since a long time ago.

His home was in danger, his friends could die, he might never see his elder again. His family, which had treated him kindly since he was young, seemed to be crying. How could he not... fall into madness..?

Su Ming lifted his head and roared. His entire body trembled as he continued absorbing the Berserker Blood into his Qi. The Berserker Blood spread madly throughout his body as he went into fine control, causing the blood veins on his body to show signs of increasing once again.

Su Ming's eyes were bloodshot and his face was twisted into a ferocious look. There was also madness within the frightening look on his face, causing him to look like an evil spirit. As a huge amount of blood veins manifested, a vast amount of force erupted from Su Ming's entire body. It made his roar become louder, and he once again rammed into the door after taking a few steps back. This time, he did not use his head, nor did he use his fists. He used his entire body, his shoulders, and rammed into the sealed door.

There was a banging sound as Su Ming's body rammed into the door. The door trembled, and a few cracks appeared once again on the snow made statue of the God of Berserkers sealing the door outside.

Yet the seal was created by Mo Sang. It was impossible that Su Ming could break through so easily. The elder's goal on creating the seal was clear-he wanted to limit Su Ming's movements. He did not want Su Ming to step into danger and wanted him to stay inside!

Nonetheless, the elder made a miscalculation. He did not expect that Su Ming would be so determined that he would do something so insane just to get out of the place. This was something even the elder did not expect.

He only managed to guess that Su Ming would be dissatisfied with his decision, but with Su Ming's current level of power, he would not be able to get out of the room! In the elder's eyes, Su Ming would forever remain as a child.

Tears fell from Su Ming's eyes. His tears mixed with his blood, making it seem as if he was crying tears of blood. However, he did not give up. He took a few steps back and ran into the door once again. The thunderous roars continued as Su Ming growled and rammed into the door with his entire body.

The moment he crashed into the door, the number of blood veins on his body increased once again, 227... 231... 233!


The entire house trembled as if about to collapse. It was like the house had turned into a cage, holding contained a strong wild beast. Yet at that moment, as the wild beast struggled, the cage seemed to become unable to bear the attacks. The number of cracks on the snow statue of the God of Berserkers situated at the door increased. A large amount of snow fell to the ground, as if it was about to explode into pieces at any moment, but it still remained!

"I want to protect the tribe..." Su Ming's sight had become hazy. His mind was beginning to be muddled. Yet even with that foggy gaze and muddled state of his, there was still a shocking persistence within him. He muttered under his breath as blood trickled out of his mouth, and he rammed into the door once again.

Roaring sounds reverberated around the house and Su Ming's blood veins increased once again due to the crash and his body rapidly absorbing that drop of Berserker Blood. It increased from 233 blood veins to 237 blood veins!

"I want to go back to the tribe..." Su Ming recklessly crashed into the door again. The roaring sounds echoed for a long time, and the crack widened by quite a large margin. The entire door was dyed red with blood now. All of it belonging to Su Ming. That blood was a representation of his persistence!

"I want to fight for the tribe!" Su Ming roared and rammed into the door once again. He even used his head to bang against the door. The moment he did so, the number of blood veins increased explosively from 237 blood veins to 243, and at the same time, a vast amount of power that hinted at him breaking through to the next level erupted from Su Ming's body.

The power came at the moment he broke through the sixth level of the Blood Solidification Realm and reached the seventh level. When the power appeared in Su Ming's body, he rammed into the door again, and the full force of the power travelled from his body to the door.

A horrific roar resounded. The door trembled furiously, and a creaking sound appeared. The door opened halfway. A large part of the snow statue of the God of Berserkers outside shattered. Lots of snow fell, causing the statue to look broken and incomplete!

Yet the imprisoning force remained. However, it seemed that the seal had reached its limit!

Trickles of blood escaped from the corner of Su Ming's mouth. He staggered backward and lifted his head abruptly. The 243 blood veins let out a blood red light around his body that could light up the entire sky. The speed at which the light filled up the room made his body seem to be filled with a brutal and mighty presence. At that moment, he stepped right into the seventh level of the Blood Solidification from the sixth level of the Blood Solidification Realm!

The seventh level of the Blood Solidification Realm!

He would need 399 blood veins if he wanted to enter the eighth level of the Blood Solidification Realm from the seventh level. Once he entered the eighth level, that would mean he had become a Berserker who'd reached the peak of the middle stage of the Blood Solidification Realm! With one more step, he would move into the ninth level, and he could call himself a Warrior in the later stage of the Blood Solidification Realm!

As far as Su Ming knew, within the entire tribe, even the Head of the Guards and Shan Hen were only at the eighth level of the Blood Solidification Realm. The tribe leader's power was greater than those two's, and Su Ming believed that even if he was not in the ninth of the Blood Solidification Realm, he was close.

This spoke of the strength of the eighth level of the Blood Solidification Realm, it also spoke of how small the number of Warriors in the seventh level was! It was not as if there was no one in Dark Mountain Tribe who was at the seventh level, but the few people who were at that level were all from the same generation as the tribe leader. Most of them were the vice chiefs of the hunters in the hunting teams.

Among the younger generation, Su Ming was definitely the first who had reached the seventh level in Dark Mountain Tribe! Even if he did so without care for his own life and forcefully increased his power, causing his power to be incredibly unstable.

Nonetheless, Su Ming did not care. He saw hope. He saw the door trembling and the broken state of the snow statue sealing the door outside. Once again, he rushed forward and rammed into the door.

Yet even though the door was about to be blown open, and the snow statue seemed broken, no matter how hard and how many times Su Ming rammed against the door, he could not break it open. It was clear that the power of a seventh level Warrior of the Blood Solidification Realm was lacking only by a slight margin if he wanted to break through the elder's seal!

Nonetheless, Su Ming was at his limit. Besides, the moon was hidden by the snowstorm outside. In this sort of weather, he could not use the power of moonlight and make his blood burn again!

The snowstorm was showing signs of weakening and looked as if it was going to completely stop in a moment, so perhaps the moon would appear in the sky at that time. Yet if he continued waiting, the torture he would have to endure as he waited was something Su Ming could not bear.

All his previous acts of madness was so that he could get out of the house as soon as possible and get to the tribe with his quickest speed. He did not want to imagine the possible disaster that could befall the tribe if he continued waiting...

When he saw that he could not push the door open completely, despair appeared in Su Ming's eyes. He staggered backward, a broken smile appearing on his face. Yet he did not give up. As he let out a sad and piercing roar, all 243 blood veins moved as he circulated his Qi continuously in his body.

"Enter fine control through the mind... Enter fine control through the mind!" Su Ming's face was ferocious. The understanding he obtained in Wind Stream Tribe towards the method of fine control was used at that moment with an explosive force. The 243 blood veins on his body began to disappear one by one. 215, 186, 162... 93, 75, 47...

When the blood veins on his body disappeared until there was only one left, Su Ming lifted his head and a terrifying resolution appeared in his eyes.

"Elder... you can't stop me from going back to the tribe!" Su Ming closed his eyes slowly. After a moment, at the instant he opened his eyes again, the last blood vein remaining on his body suddenly glowed with a bright red light and continued becoming brighter at an incredible speed!

That was obviously not just one blood vein. As the red light grew stronger, it signaled that Su Ming was using the method of fine control to continuously stack more blood veins onto that one blood vein. In an instant, the red light on the blood vein reached its peak. It may have seemed like there was only one blood vein on his body, but at that moment, there were 243 blood veins stacked together!

This was the true explosive force of fine control!

"I want to go back to the tribe. I was born in Dark Mountain Tribe, and even if I die, I will die as part of Dark Mountain Tribe!" Su Ming clenched his fists. The 243 blood veins stacked together into one, twisted, and advanced towards Su Ming's right fist with the blood red glow.