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 Chapter 78: Let's Walk Around in Circles

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The weather may be clear during winter, but it was still cold. However, to Berserkers, this sort of cold was bearable. Besides, winter season was about to be over.

Snow was falling from the sky as if winter refused to leave and wanted to remind all the living beings on earth that it was still around.

The snow was not heavy initially, but before long, vast amounts of it fell from the sky. It swept through the land as a strong blast of wind suddenly stirred up in the region. As the wind moaned, the snow danced.

It was snowing heavily by noon. It may not have covered everything, but as the wind swept away the snow, it obscured the sky, like a layer of darkness suddenly falling on the land.

Su Ming walked through the streets of the mudstone city. Snow was falling on him: his shirt, hair, and some even crept into the beast skins covering his head, falling on the tip of his nose.

The snow had come suddenly. Before Su Ming had managed to go back to Dark Mountain Tribe's lodgings, his path was cut off by the heavy snowfall. Su Ming walked briskly in the snow and left behind a trail of footprints, but they were soon covered by falling snowflakes and gone without a trace.

This was perhaps the last snowfall this winter.

As Su Ming exhaled, his breath turned into white fog. After a while, once he was certain no one was following him, he took a few turns and returned to his lodgings. The wind was stronger, and the snow fell heavier. Standing at the door, Su Ming stomped on the ground with all his might until he shook off all the snow from his person. Only then did he go into the house.

It was much warmer inside compared to when he was outside. Su Ming closed the door and took off all the hides wrapped around his entire body. He cast them aside and placed all the hide bags filled with herbs on the ground, then activated his Qi and circulated it throughout himself until he got rid of the chill in his body. Once he did so, he sat down cross-legged and brought out the small torn bag, observing it carefully.

'This bag is very mysterious. It can hold so many things within... But there must be something wrong with it because Bei Qiong sold it to me far too easily...'

Something flashed through Su Ming's eyes. He had suspected it before, and the more he thought about it, the more he thought that Bei Qiong's actions were off.

After a moment of thought, he brought out some herbs that had no use to him and placed them into the bag before attempting to take them out. He found nothing wrong with the process.

'I still have to be careful. After all, these herbs are all that I have. If I put them all in and something happens, then it'll be terrible...'

Su Ming scratched his head and decided to just put the thought aside. He would wait a few more days. Once everything calmed down, then he would have the elder look at the bag.

Su Ming put the bag away and sat down cross-legged. As he was circulating his Qi, he slowly concentrated on learning Dark Blood Dust. He had to hurry up and learn the Art so that he could cast it during a real battle.

As for his original plan to walk around the mudstone city again and see whether he had anything else he wanted to buy, it was cancelled due to the huge snowfall outside.

The wind and snow were whistling outside. Su Ming sat down quietly in his room. Time passed by slowly. Soon, it was dusk outside. When there was no snow falling, it would usually be rather bright during dusk. Yet today, there was a hint of darkness even though the sun was still out. He could not see clearly into the distance. All he could see was the snow falling from the sky. However, due to it, there was a hint of silver light reflecting off the surface of the newly covered ground in the dim light.

The snow was still falling heavily. Before long, Su Ming's ears twitched, and he got up. When he stood up and opened the door to his room, he saw Bei Ling and the others walking back.

These people weren't talking among themselves as they did yesterday. It might have been because the snow was falling too heavily. Once Bei Ling cast a glance at Su Ming, he quickly went back into his own room. Wu La looked dull, as if she could not lift her spirits up. She too, returned to her own room.

Only Lei Chen smiled at Su Ming good-naturedly and approached him. He looked as if he wanted to tell Su Ming what he saw during the day.

The Head of the Guards was frowning, caught up in his thoughts. He would look at the sky occasionally, and there would be a hint of worry on his face. Shan Hen still looked indifferent. He no longer took note of Su Ming and went back into his room.

"Su Ming, the second stage of the test was seriously very intense today. The test of strength and speed reflects our current level of power!

"Ye Wang is indeed the strongest among the youths in Wind Stream. He's just too powerful. He surpassed Chen Chong by way too much, and he's placed second! That Bi Su from Black Mountain Tribe will definitely become a great enemy of ours. He was ranked third. He seems to be at the seventh level of the Blood Solidification Realm, and he's really strong!

"It's a pity Mo Su didn't appear, or else it'd have been even more exciting.

"Ah... I didn't manage to get into the top 50, neither did Wu La. Only Bei Ling managed to place 49th. The second stage may have been over quickly, but it was really magnificent!

"I heard that the third stage will only be held three days later. It's a test of real combat. It should be even more exciting!"

Lei Chen spoke excitedly with Su Ming in his room for a long time. He told him everything that he saw and experienced that day. He wanted to continue speaking, but when he saw that Su Ming's interest was not great, he spoke for a little while longer before leaving while yawning.

Lei Chen had also taken part in the test that day and was a little exhausted.

When Lei Chen left, Su Ming waited until dusk was over and the snowstorm was also slightly lighter outside before he standing with his heart pounding against his chest. He left his room feeling nervous but expectant.

This time, Shan Hen did not appear when Su Ming walked out of Dark Mountain Tribe's lodgings. The sky was dark, but the land was lit with a silver glow. Snow fell from the sky, and it caused Su Ming to experience an indescribable feeling.

After a long while of walking in the snowstorm, Su Ming changed his appearance and turned into Mo Su. He approached Dark Dragon Tribe's lodgings and stood there, waiting.

Time gradually passed by, and the snowstorm continued. As snow kept falling from the sky, the door to Dark Dragon Tribe opened silently and Bai Ling poked out her beautiful head from within. She wore a white shirt and had multiple furs decorating her neck. She looked incredibly beautiful.

She looked around for a moment. When she saw Su Ming, a shy look immediately appeared on her petite face, but there was also happiness that was difficult to conceal. She took a few brisk steps and stood in front of Su Ming. They looked at each other and smiled.

"You must have waited for a long time," Bai Ling said softly.

"No, I just arrived." Su Ming scratched his head as he looked at Bai Ling standing before him. He had never seen such a beautiful person in his life. As he looked at the sight of the snow causing Bai Ling's cheeks to color a light red and at her twinkling eyes, which held a hint of bashfulness, Su Ming's heart pounded even more quickly.

"What are you looking at..? You look like an idiot. Didn't you say you wanted to 'walk in circles'?" Bai Ling's face became even redder, but she did not look away from Su Ming's gaze. Instead, she blinked and chuckled softly.

"Ah, yes. Haha." Su Ming touched his nose. The two of them walked into the distance under the snowstorm amidst Bai Ling's laughter.

When they disappeared into the snowstorm, Si Kong sat in Dark Dragon Tribe's lodgings with a conflicted look. He wanted to go and watch them, but in the end gave up on the idea with a long sigh.

The old woman was also inside Dark Dragon Tribe's lodgings. She was sitting inside her room. She knew that Bai Ling had gone out, but she did not stop her. In her mind, if Bai Ling could be together with Mo Su, then it was the best possible outcome.

The wind bellowed, and snow danced in the air. In that snowstorm, Su Ming and Bai Ling walked through an alley in the mudstone city. The snow fell around them and gave off an attractive glimmer. It landed on the roofs and the buildings situated on both sides of the alley, causing the place to turn into a world of snow.

There were few people who walked during this kind of night. Su Ming was very nervous. The quick witted intelligence he displayed last time when he spoke to Bai Ling was gone. Only after his hand was taken by Bai Ling, and he felt the sweat and smoothness of her palm did Su Ming snap back from his stupor and clutched Bai Ling's small hand.

Bai Ling lowered her head. She looked incredibly beautiful when her rosy cheeks were illuminated by the snow.

"Let's go... take a walk around..." Su Ming whispered and lowered himself down. A bashful smile appeared on Bai Ling's face, and she laid on Su Ming's back. The warmth that was emitted from Su Ming's back made her feel happy.

Su Ming breathed in the light fragrance coming from behind him and felt the similar warmth coming from Bai Ling's petite body. He took in a deep breath and dashed forward, jumping over the mudstone walls surrounding the city and left them behind himself.

Bai Ling's heart raced against her chest. She could also feel Su Ming's heart pounding as he ran. They welcomed the snowstorm falling on the plains outside Wind Stream Tribe and continued running further away into the quiet and secluded plains.

Snow fell on their bodies, but they did not feel cold. Instead, the warmth they felt in their hearts surrounded their bodies. When they were outside the city, Su Ming's appearance reverted to his original look.

"Bai Ling, why does it feel like you've grown heavier..?" Su Ming's voice contained hints of happiness as he laughed into the snowy night.

"Nonsense!" Bai Ling was originally immersed in the warmth coming from Su Ming's back, but the moment she heard his words, she immediately glared at him and pinched him.

Su Ming winced in pain, but his laughter became even more joyful. He jumped abruptly, causing Bai Ling to yelp in surprise, and continued running forward. His laughter and Bai Ling's rebukes overlapped with each other and created a beautiful noise.

Happy moments always went by too quickly. It was already midnight before they even noticed it. Su Ming and Bai Ling walked in the snow, holding hands and whispering to each other like they would never run out of topics to talk to about. The laughter that occasionally rang out between them also showed just how beautiful the moment was for them.

Snow continued falling. It landed on their bodies and their heads. If anyone looked at them from a distance, they would think Su Ming and Bai Ling's hair was almost entirely white.

They wondered whether they could continue walking like this until their heads turned white, or perhaps... they would look back at these days and sigh because they've lost them.

"Do you still remember the night when we were at Dark Mountain? It was also snowing..."

"I do. I remember your hair was dyed white by snow."

"You're the same. You turned into an old woman."

"Say, if we continue walking in the snow like this, will we walk until our heads eventually turn white..?" Bai Ling whispered, holding Su Ming's hand, and there was a hint of fragility in her voice.