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 Chapter 75: Ill-Gotten Wealth!

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He stood at the deserted courtyard and looked at the closed door of the second house. He moved towards it step by step without any hesitation. When he was just outside the house, he pushed open the door.

The moment the door was open, Su Ming heard a muffled growl, followed quickly by two green arms with an air of slaughter and death rushing towards him abruptly.

A light flickered through Su Ming's eyes. His face was blank. He had already dared to destroy whatever Wu Sen sent his way when his power had been weaker than his. Adding to the fact that it was night now and his strength was much greater than Wu Sen's, who was constantly weakening at that, there was no reason for Su Ming to be afraid. The moment the green figure charged towards him, he lifted his right foot and stomped on the ground!

The 160 blood veins manifested explosively on his body, creating an incredible force. He did not retreat even one step. With just the formidable force coming from him, he faced the green figure launching towards him.

The green figure flinched due to the force coming from Su Ming's Qi and broke down abruptly, turning into green bits of glittering light that scattered around the room, causing the originally dark room to be cast in green light.

Wu Sen was a mess. His face was pale as he sat down cross-legged in the house. He glared at Su Ming, a trickle of blood running down the corner of his mouth. It was clear that the moment Su Ming came in, he forcefully cast a Berserker Art, but it could not even touch Su Ming. Instead, as the Berserker Art was dispelled, Wu Sen was injured.

"Mo Su!" Wu Sen's eyes were filled with vexation and madness as he growled.

Su Ming's face was calm, not at all affected by Wu Sen's insanity. He lifted his foot and walked into the house. He stood a few dozens of feet away from Wu Sen and looked at him coldly.

"Looks like you've truly become weaker. Even those followers of yours who have been offering you the blood from the center of their brows are gone without a trace," Su Ming said, opening his mouth slowly and speaking unhurriedly.

Veins popped on Wu Sen's face, but there was also bitterness. He had heard the sound of the courtyard door opening and felt shocked and fearful. He had only heard the sound, but could not feel any traces of Qi. It was as if the door to the courtyard opened by itself.

Nonetheless, he had felt a sense of danger. It was especially so when the door to his house was pushed open. At that moment, that sense of danger reached its peak. He casted the Berserker Art without a care for consequences. Yet it failed. When he was just about to dash out of the house, he saw the face of the person standing outside his house.

Once he saw him, Wu Sen gave up on charging out, because the person who came was Mo Su. It was the Mo Su who he highly suspected, but did not dare to offend!

He was tied to Ye Wang, and Wu Sen saw with his own eyes what it meant to be a person who could shock the world. This sort of prodigy could only make Wu Sen feel bitter. Nevertheless, Wu Sen was not dumb. He was incredibly smart, in fact. He had a hunch as to why this person came, but he could not find it within himself to believe it.

"You stole my Blood of Corpses, causing me to continue weakening as time passes. With my status and how I've oppressed them in the past, once they know that I've become weaker, it won't be good for me!" Wu Sen closed his eyes and took in a deep breath. When he opened his eyes again, the veins on his face had already faded away, and his expression was back to normal.

When Su Ming saw how quickly Wu Sen returned to his usual state and the traces of his anger and dissatisfaction could no longer be found, and that he had also chosen not to hide the fact that he was weakening, Su Ming grew to admire him a little.

"I have offended you previously. I hope you don't mind." While speaking, Wu Sen stood up and bowed towards Su Ming.

Su Ming's face was schooled to a blank look, but his impression of Wu Sen improved even more. He looked at Wu Sen just as Wu Sen met his gaze squarely. They both stared at each other for a long while before Su Ming laughed suddenly.

"It's indeed much easier negotiating with smart people. Name a price."

Wu Sen forcefully quelled his excitement. He no longer harbored any thoughts of fighting against this person. In his mind, he no longer had the right to do so. He was not as powerful as Mo Su, neither was his fame as great as his. According to his own analysis, this person might very soon be received by the Elder and would accept guidance within Wind Stream Tribe. He did not wish to become enemies with this sort of person.

His only hope was to retrieve his Blood of Corpses and recover his power as quickly as possible. After all, once morning arrived, the second test would start, and that stage was incredibly important to him.

"What do you want of me? I only have one Berserker Vessel, and it is one that matches with my Berserker Art. The elder gave it to me, so I cannot exchange it with you..." Wu Sen spoke up after hesitating for a while. The Blood of Corpses was much more important than the Berserker Vessel to him. Even so, he did not dare exchange the Vessel for his Blood. After all, all Berserker Vessels belonged to the tribe and were not owned by anyone.

"I don't want any Berserker Vessel. Let's use stone coins to exchange it. 5,000 coins and it's yours!" As Su Ming spoke, he took out a small bottle from his bosom. The threads of moonlight surrounding the bottle disappeared the moment his hand touched the bottle, though no one noticed it.

Wu Sen's heart pounded against his chest when he saw the small bottle. Yet the moment he heard Su Ming's words, he could only smile bitterly.

"Brother Mo, I... I only have 3,000 something..."

Su Ming did not speak. He only looked at Wu Sen quietly. After a while, he put the bottle back into his bosom silently and said, "If that's the case, then once you have enough stone coins, come find me."

Anxiety immediately appeared on Wu Sen's face. If he could get the Blood of Corpses tonight, then he would have hope to win tomorrow. Yet if he could not get it back today, then when he entered the second stage of the test tomorrow, his results would pummel to the ground.

Besides, he had no idea how he could even look for the mysterious Mo Su. If he left now, then even if he gathered enough stone coins, it would be difficult for him to regain his Blood of Corpses.

"Wait... Brother Mo, how about this? Please wait here for a while. I'll go and gather some stone coins now. It'll take at most two hours, and then I'll return. Can you... can you wait for me for two hours?" Wu Sen immediately said.

Su Ming frowned. He cast a glance at Wu Sen and no longer paid any attention to him. He turned around, intending to leave. There was no way he would wait here like an idiot. It did not matter whether Wu Sen would start plotting against him or not, Su Ming would still remain vigilant.

"Brother Mo, wait! I really only have 3,300 stone coins. How about this? I'll add this together to trade with you. What do you think?" Wu Sen panicked. He took a few steps forward, then seemingly gritted his teeth and took out a wooden box from a corner of the house.

Right before Su Ming's eyes, and with great reluctance, Wu Sen opened the box. There was a purple seven leafed herb lying within.

The herb was very peculiar. Each leaf was divided another seven times. The order of the leaves made it look slightly messy at first glance.

"This Seven Hearts is incredibly rare. I found it by accident. This thing costs several thousand stone coins!" Wu Sen looked at Su Ming and quickly handed him the herb.

The moment Su Ming looked at the herb, his heart immediately raced. He took it into his hands and looked at it carefully before confirming the identity of the herb. This was one of the two herbs he had not seen before that were required to create South Asunder!

Su Ming closed the lid on the wooden box without batting an eyelid. He looked at Wu Sen with a face as if he was hesitating.

Wu Sen felt incredibly nervous. After a while, when he saw Su Ming nod his head, the exhilaration on his face could not be hidden. He immediately took out white stone coins that were worth a hundred each and placed them into a bag before handing it to Su Ming respectfully.

Su Ming checked it. Once he was certain there were no mistakes, he took out the bottle and returned it to Wu Sen.

"Your Blood of Corpses is incredibly valuable. Don't lose it again." Su Ming looked at him profoundly before turning around and leaving the room, disappearing into the darkness bathed in moonlight.

Wu Sen held onto the bottle. As he watched Su Ming leave, his expression kept changing. After some time, he gave a long sigh and completely gave up on the idea of harming Su Ming.

Back in Dark Mountain Tribe's lodgings, Su Ming looked at the thirty something white stone coins in his hands, feeling incredibly excited. He had never had so much money before. As he looked at the stone coins that were emitting a glittering white glow, Su Ming could not help himself but bring them one by one to his eyes so that he could take a cloer look at them. This sort of feeling, where he obtained such a large fortune, was akin to the feeling when he had previously become the center of attention.

When his pockets were suddenly filled with so many stone coins from compared to its previously empty state, it made Su Ming feel as if he had just become a spendthrift person. After all, this was the first time he had obtained so much money.

"If Lei Chen knew how much money I have, he would definitely be staring at me wide-eyed and stuttering in disbelief." There was a faint hint of youthful pridefulness on Su Ming's face. More importantly, he felt as if he had gotten this amount of money without any effort and without paying much of a price. This was different from the time he had sold that one Scattering Dust for a hundred stone coins.

"Wu Sen is so rich. It's understandable that he would have this amount of money as one of the prodigies in Wind Stream. But after this trade, I doubt that he has much left." Su Ming did not believe one bit that Wu Sen had only this amount of money, but there would not be much left for him either way.

Su Ming had already thought about all possible future troubles clearly. For one, his power was greater than Wu Sen's, hence even if he met Wu Sen during the day, it would still be alright for him. More importantly, Wu Sen did not know that Mo Su was Su Ming. He had no idea where to look for him either. With these, as long as Su Ming's identity was not exposed, he would be safe.

Furthermore, it was also unknown whether Wu Sen would even dare to try to cause trouble for him. There was, in fact, a high possibility that Wu Sen would choose to endure it and not provoke him. After all, Wu Sen was not a fool. He knew how to act accordingly.