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 Chapter 61: They Were Afraid!

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The person who was suddenly silenced was not the only one shocked. As of then, the hundreds of spectators on the field and the people who dropped out from the first stage and returned with gloomy faces all widened their eyes. There was astonishment on their faces.

Some of them already rose up from their sitting positions unconsciously, and there were some who moved forward instinctively towards the eagle statue located a little further away from them as if they wanted to take a closer look.

The old woman from Dark Dragon Tribe was staring at an eagle statue not far away with bright eyes shining with a strange light. She was staring at Mo Su's rank.

The leaders of the other tribes were also staring intently at the statues with serious faces.

The Head of the Guards of Dark Mountain Tribe, Bei Ling's father, had kept his gaze trained on the rankings on the eagle statue since the beginning, and most of his attention was on Bei Ling's rank. At that moment, he ignored his son and stared at Mo Su's name and the numbers showing the amount of steps he took behind him increasing at an exponential speed.

At that moment, the entire field fell into dead silence.

36th: Mo Su, 301 steps.

34th: Mo Su, 310 steps.

31st: Mo Su, 322 steps.

28th: Mo Su, 335 steps.

26th: Mo Su, 344 steps.

23rd: Mo Su, 351 steps.

19th: Mo Su, 371 steps!

It was not until Mo Su stopped and remained at the 19th place and at the 371st step after a long while that there were sounds of sharp breath intakes in the field.

That scene made most of the people who saw it to be in disbelief. They may have witnessed a miracle yesterday night, but the change this time was too great compared to last night!

If yesterday night was a miracle, then the unbelievable sight that happened right now could only be called a legend!

"He didn't even take the span of 60 breaths and managed to go from the 248th step to the 371st step... This is... He managed to take more than 120 steps... And all it took was less than 60 breaths!"

"Wu Sen cannot do it. Chen Chong cannot do it. Even Ye Wang took more than two hours to take more than 100 steps!"

"Just who is Mo Su?" Amidst the sharp sounds of breaths being taken in, the field was enveloped in an uproar. The noise was much greater than it was during the previous night.

"This is only the afternoon. What will happen when it's evening, or night? With the strength that he showed us yesterday, how far will he go? Just what rank will he obtain in the end?"

"Top 10! He'll definitely make it to the top 10!" There were people who were jealous of Su Ming's achievements, but there were still plenty of them who were nobodies within the tribe. No matter whether it was Chen Chong, Wu Sen, or even the people ranked in the top 10, top 20, or even the top 30 or 40, these people were all prodigies way above them who deserved respect. There was also a longing to approach these people within them, yet at the same time, they also harbored feelings of disgruntlement and helplessness.

Now, they saw a person who suddenly rose up the ranks with their own eyes. They saw the miracle of the person who was in the last place the previous day, who used a momentum and speed that was indescribable to speed up from the last place to get up to the 19th place!

It was precisely because they saw it with their own eyes that they felt excited. It was as if Mo Su were themselves. Yet, people were complicated. This was not a simple change in attitude. Amidst their excitement, they all had complex feelings along with admiration. Those feelings tangled with each other and formed an emotion that they did not know how to describe.

They wanted and hoped that Su Ming would continue to rise up and fulfill their longing to continue seeing the miracle, yet they were also deeply jealous that a nobody like him could suddenly climb up the ranks. They could only wish that he would be like them and be forever stuck at the bottom.

"Top 10? Hmph, I don't think so. He just got lucky and might have used some sort of low handed trick to get so far!"

"That's right! Look at him. Every single time he walks a distance, he'll have to rest for a long time. I say that's where his secret lies!"

The discussions were filled with contradictions. The people were excited for one moment and jealous by the next. Yet at that time, there was an old man with a sharp mouth and cheeks of a monkey within the crowd. The old man's eyes moved around as if a thought just crossed his mind. He would occasionally get close to the people who were deep in discussion and pull one of them backwards. Under their dissatisfied looks, he would lower his head and murmur in their ears, then quickly open his shirt before closing it just as quickly, as if he was afraid someone would see it.

The people who were dragged out by the old man all looked at him strangely with looks of disbelief. Yet after the old man told them something, most of them would believe him somewhat. There were even some who were brought further away by the old man to trade.

The participants still within the mountain shared the complex feelings of those in the field. Most of them were looking at the plates in their hands and at the name that entered their sights since the previous night. They did not know what exactly they were feeling. There were feelings of admiration, jealousy, and perhaps even disbelief within them.

Lei Chen looked away from the plate. There was a boyish smile on his lips, but there was still uncertainty in his eyes. As he continued walking, he kept wondering whether Mo Su was Su Ming...

Ever since he saw Mo Su's name the previous night, Su Ming's face immediately appeared in his head. Now that he saw Mo Su's rank going higher and that he managed to get into the 19th place, besides feeling shocked, he also began to doubt himself.

"Ah, maybe it's not him..."

Bei Ling was drenched in sweat. He looked at the ranks on the plate and at the person called Mo Su rising up the ranks. He shook his head and lowered his head as he sighed.

'He's so good at being patient... From now onwards, his fame will definitely shake the heavens... But this has nothing to do with me. He's not from my tribe.

'But there's a 'Su' in his name... I hate that word.'

Bei Ling lowered his head and continued slowly walking upwards.

There was also Si Kong, who was situated at a stairway further away. He no longer cared about Mo Su, who suddenly rose up the ranks. In his sights, that person had already surpassed a lot of people. He was not someone Si Kong could compare to. Right now, he had his eyes on Bei Ling, who was placed right before him.

'I have to get into the top 50!' S

i Kong clenched his fist and walked forward with gritted teeth.

It was the first time Bai Ling looked at the ranks on her plate for a long time. She was looking at Mo Su's name, and like in Lei Chen's, there was uncertainty in her heart.

'Is it him...?'

Bai Ling smiled bitterly and shook her head. She knew that Su Ming was a Berserker and had some power, but she did not believe that he was like Mo Su, who glowed like the sun.

Compared to them, the one who was truly nervous was not Ye Wang, who was absolutely clueless to what was happening, nor was it Chen Chong and Bi Su, who were engaged with each other in a fierce competition.

It was Wu Sen!

Wu Sen was nervous. He looked at the ranks on his plate and at Mo Su's name, who managed to make it to the 19th place all of a sudden. His face was dark. He was no longer sure now who between Bi Su and Mo Su was the biggest suspect that stole his Blood.

Yet that wasn't the source of his anxiety. He was panicking over the possibility of being overtaken by not one, but two outsiders. Where could he possibly show his face after that?

"Damn it!" Wu Sen let out a low vicious growl. His face was pale as he gritted his teeth, but he went forward in a frenzy. It was as if there was a roar in his head telling him to absolutely not be overtaken!

All the people within the top 20 ranks were working hard. The moment Su Ming made it into their ranks, it immediately changed the situation within the top 20. It was akin to a stone being thrown into water. While it brought about ripples on the surface of the water, it also caused the fishes within the water to be shocked.

Yet they were fortunate that the source of their shock, Mo Su, who was currently placed 19th, stopped when he arrived at the 271st step and did not move for a long period of time. It made them breathe out a sigh of relief and quickly continue upwards, using the chance to increase the distance between them.

They were afraid.

They were afraid of the strange acts made by the person called Mo Su. They were afraid of him, who would be unassuming when he did not move, yet when he did, he would bring about a shocking change. It was the first time that they were so aware of a person. Even when they were moving forward, they would occasionally look at whether that person was moving.

They were also worried because they had the feeling that once this person started moving once again, he would move like thunder and quite possibly make it into the top 10!

Su Ming sat on the 371st step. He had guessed that he might have caught the attention of quite a number of people, but he did not expect that the name he used, Mo Su, had already brought about a typhoon upon the first stage of the test.

Besides Ye Wang, there was no one who did not know his name. There was even a huge decrease in the amount of eyes looking at the top 10 ranks that instead paid attention towards Su Ming's rank. They were waiting for the next time he would move forward explosively once again.

Su Ming was calm. He closed his eyes. The number of blood veins that were circulating under his will was no longer 67, but 71!

The 71 blood veins glowed in a brilliant red light as they surrounded his body. As they disappeared one by one, they would reappear again. As Su Ming was controlling them in a profound state, not only did he force out his latent potential, but he was also refining his own body so that he could obtain more power and become stronger!

It made him look forward to how fast he could go once he could run at full speed. After all, Su Ming excelled at speed!

Time passed by, and it was soon dusk. During the entire afternoon, there would occasionally be mist going towards the field and transporting those who yielded. The looks on their faces also gradually changed. The higher they were ranked, the less gloomy they would look as they came out of the mountain. There were even some who returned with excitement on their faces.

As dusk arrived and the sky began to darken, most of the names ranked below 60 became gray on the nine eagle statues. There were only two people left who persevered.

67th: Wu La, 159 steps.

61st: Bai Ling, 178 steps.