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 Chapter 39: I Want to Become Stronger!

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The moment Su Ming waved his right hand, the fading crescent moon in the sky suddenly emitted a bright silver light. No one else could see the silver light. Only Su Ming could..

As the silver light fell from the sky following Su Ming's hand motion, he saw the sky before him twisting. Then he saw the light he coaxed out from the moon blink and a roar rang through the sky. A big portion of the stone walls in front of Su Ming cracked and split into a large amount of debris that scattered on the ground. Some of the debris even fell into the stream on the mountain and they echoed for a long time.

Su Ming widened his eyes and took a deep breath. He looked at his right hand with a dumbfounded expression. It took him a long time before he snapped out of his daze and looked at the sky. The moon had already vanished and the sun had risen. The land welcomed its first rays of sunlight for the day.

"Is... this the Fire Berserker Art...? But this Art is related to the moon. It has nothing to do with fire. Why is it so?" Su Ming mumbled under his breath. His heart was pounding rapidly against his chest. When he guided the might of the moonlight with his right hand earlier, there was a strangeness to it that he did not understand. Nonetheless, the viciousness of the Art made Su Ming's heart pound.

He clenched his right fist and swung it against a big rock lying by his side as he activated his Qi. The 25 blood veins manifested on his body, crisscrossing on his skin. As his fist touched the stone, a muffled boom rang in the air. Several cracks appeared on the stone. At the same time, a strong rebound traveled up along Su Ming's right arm into his body but, it was blocked by his Qi.

Su Ming took a step back. He looked at the multiple cracks which appeared on the big stone and his eyes shone with excitement.

'I can only make the stone crack even with my strength as a fourth level Berserker in the Blood Solidification Realm... If I cast Spirit Devourer and I find a suitable animal spirit, perhaps I can make the stone shatter... But this is already my full strength. If I compare this with that small ray of moonlight, then there's a huge difference.

'If one small ray of moonlight already had such powerful effects, if I had more...'

Su Ming took a deep breath and laughed happily. He could feel his own body change and the power stored within his body. He began to look forward... for night to arrive.

'It's a pity I can only use the power of the moonlight at night.'

Su Ming went back into the cave.

Su Ming had never looked forward for night to come so strongly before. He would lift his head and look out the holes to check the sky occasionally. He felt as if the day was passing by too slowly. Gradually, the day darkened once again and moonlight lit up the land. Su Ming quelled the excitement in his heart and looked at the moon. He took a deep breath as his eyes glinted.

From the inheritance he obtained from the God of Berserkers, Su Ming clearly knew that once he reached the fifth or even higher level of the Blood Solidification Realm, he would be able to cast two extremely powerful Berserker Arts. They had been passed down the Dark Mountain Tribe when it was still a middle sized tribe hundreds of years ago!

Dark Blood Dust and Execution of the Three Evils!

Dark Blood Dust gathers a drop of Berserker Blood within the body and allows the caster to obtain an astonishing burst of strength for a short period of time. As for Execution of the Three Evils, every time Su Ming thought about it, his heart pounded in excitement.

Dark Blood Dust could only be cast by Berserkers who had manifested more than 50 blood veins. It was even harder for Execution of the Three Evils. The caster needed to manifest 200 blood veins to be able to cast the very first stage of the Art. They could only then cast the first strike!

To arrive at the fifth level of the Blood Solidification Realm, he needed 53 blood veins. If he wanted to become a Berserker at the sixth level, he needed 109 blood veins! As for the seventh level, he needed 243 blood veins!

The peak of the middle stage of the Blood Solidification Realm was the eighth level where he would require 399 blood veins!

Every level above the ninth level until the 11th level was considered the final stage of the Blood Solidification Realm. At the 11th level, the number of blood veins required was a normal Berserker's limit. He or she needed to manifest all 781 blood veins. If more blood veins were manifested, not only would the Berserker become stronger, the chances of arriving at the Transcendence Realm would also be higher!

Su Ming's eyes shone. He looked at the moon in the sky and the anticipation within his eyes grew. As he imagined the moon turning red in his head, the red moon gradually appeared in his eyes. He also felt the burning sensation in his eyes again.

This time, Su Ming did not hesitate and bit through the skin on his finger and smeared his blood over his eyes. His whole body seemed to cry out and the strange sight which unfolded within Black Flame Mountain the day before, occurred once more.

'I want to become stronger!'

The 25 blood veins manifested on Su Ming's body and shone in a blood red glow as they absorbed the air from the mountain. Air was rushing towards him from all around. At the same time, as image of the blood red moon shone in his eyes, Su Ming lifted his right hand and smeared the blood on his fingers across his eyes once again!

'"The desire to obtain Berserk spreads to all corners of the earth. Let fire burn in mine blood, let mine thoughts burn the skies, let fire burn heaven into ashes... If 't be true the moon of fire appears from the clouds on the endless earth... I wilt sink into deep bethought as the fire in mine blood burns, the nine is the utmost of all, and the one is the law. Light up the Berserker Fires and worship the nine, did let us all becometh the authorities of Fire!"

'"The nine is the utmost of all! The nine is the utmost of all!" The meaning of this must be that I have to let my blood burn 9 times!'

Once Su Ming smeared his blood across his eyes again, his body trembled furiously. Tremors shook the entire Black Flame Mountain but still, no one noticed the tremors this time as well.

A stronger wave of the mountain's aura came rushing into Su Ming's body in the form of air. It made him feel as if he was about to explode. The light from the 25 blood veins became even brighter on his skin and started moving as if they were alive.

At that moment, the 26th blood vein manifested on Su Ming's body but it did not stop there. The 27th, 28th, 29th... right up to the 33rd blood vein manifested at the same time on his body!

Su Ming's breathing quickened as his heartbeat raced against his chest. He was drunk on power. It seemed like he refused to wake up but his mind was still clear. As the blood red moon in his eyes shone once again, he lifted his right hand slowly and pierced the skin of his third finger.

The fresh blood gathering on his finger had some sort of mysterious power. Su Ming looked at the fresh blood and slowly placed it on his eyes. He was making his blood burn for the third time!

He had a strong feeling that if he could make his blood burn the third time, his power would increase exponentially! That thought made his body shiver as he stared at his finger. Su Ming gritted his teeth and pressed his finger against his right eye and wiped it gently. The moment some of the blood smeared over his right eye, the entire Dark Mountain trembled!

Not only Black Flame Mountain trembled, but the other four summits also shook as if their souls trembled. Many birds and beasts looked at the sky in fear and did not dare to move. However, when anyone looked at the mountains, they appeared normal. There were no obvious signs of change.

Neither Dark Dragon Tribe nor Dark Mountain Tribe noticed it. Only Bi Tu, from Black Mountain Tribe who absorbed the blood of the Wings of the Moon to break through the Transcendence Realm noticed. His heart trembled. There was a shred of horror in his eyes as he went out of his house and looked into the sky.

However, the sensation was fleeting and it disappeared like the wind. No matter how hard he tried to find it, he could not pinpoint the source of his fear.

Aside from Bi Tu, all the Wings of the Moon residing within the deeper parts of the five mountains had excited looks on their faces when Su Ming attempted to burn his blood the third time. They were in a frenzy, trying to break through the strange tree which held them. It was as though they were searching for their king!

Nonetheless, they were held back by an unknown force and could not go out.

At the same time, the strange red tree within Dark Mountain trembled. It was unknown whether it was trembling in agitation or fear.

Meanwhile in the cave, Su Ming's eyes did not stop trembling as his right eye was smeared with fresh blood. The strong aura from the entirety of Dark Mountain charged into his body madly. It caused the blood veins on his body to manifest at a speed that terrified even Su Ming.

34, 35, 36... 42, 44... and they did not stop manifesting right up until the 47th blood vein!

Su Ming could not continue any longer. The feeling like he was about to explode had become even more apparent. He could even vaguely hear the howls of the Wings of the Moon calling out from within Dark Mountain.

He raised his right hand. His breathing was rapid as it came out in harsh pants. His entire body was drenched in sweat. At the same time, he could not feel the movement of Dark Mountain's soul anymore. The strong aura that rushed towards him also disappeared. The roars which rang faintly in his ears also disappeared and everything returned to normal.

However, Su Ming knew that everything that had happened earlier was not normal at all!

'What a strong Berserker Art! I can feel that if I complete the third cycle of the burning of blood, the number of my blood veins manifesting will increase by several fold! This is only the third time. If I go through all nine times...'

Su Ming took a shaky breath. He began to feel a bit apprehensive about continuing with this method of training.

'It's not only nine times of that. From what I understand, once I have burned my blood nine times, I can then worship the moon of fire... once I worship it nine times, I can then obtain the power to control all fire!'

At that moment, Su Ming felt as if his body had become unbelievably powerful. After some time, he lifted his head and his eyes were bright with resolution.

'If I train with this Art using the pills... I will be able to reach the Transcendence Realm!'

Su Ming clenched his fists.