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 Chapter 36: The Mockery from Ancient Times

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Su Ming was stunned. When he looked at the moon once again, the red hint had disappeared as though it was just an illusion. Su Ming's eyes turned grave. He did not believe that it was just an illusion. He became silent as he stared at the moon once again from the small holes on the wall.

Time passed by slowly. While Su Ming looked at the moon, he did not circulate the Qi around his body. As such, the red light disappeared quickly from the cave and everything returned to normal. After a while, Su Ming frowned.

'Could it really be a mistake..?'

Su Ming sighed. He was just about to close his eyes and forget about the moon when a thought crossed his head. He frowned.

'That's not right!'

Somewhere in his mind, he caught onto a train of thought but the thoughts flitted around in his head as if they were about to disappear at any second. It was very difficult for him to gather them.

"Red moon... red moon... red..." Su Ming mumbled and lowered his head to look at this body. He remembered the moment he saw the red moon was when the medicine had just worn off. His blood was circulating around his body according to his will, and there was red light lighting up the cave.

His eyes gradually brightened up as he thought about it. The muddled thoughts in his head gradually became clear. After a moment, Su Ming instantaneously opened his eyes as he activated and circulated the blood in his body. The 19 blood veins appeared on his body at once and released a piercing red glow. Not only was his body enveloped in the red glow, the cave was also dyed in a red light.

Su Ming focused his eyes on the moon from the multiple little holes. Under the glare of the red light, he took a deep breath as a look of comprehension appeared in his eyes. They became increasingly serious at the same time.

At that very moment, the moon appeared red!

The moon itself was not red but because the cave was enveloped in red, Su Ming was looking at the moon underneath the red light. It was only logical for him to think that the moon had turned scarlet.

"The desire to obtain Berserk spreads to all corners of the earth. Let fire burn in mine blood, let mine thoughts burn the skies, let fire burn heaven into ashes... If 't be true the moon of fire appears from the clouds on the endless earth... I wilt sink into deep bethought as the fire in mine blood burns, the nine is the utmost of all, and the one is the law. Light up the Berserker Fires and worship the nine, did let us all becometh the authorities of Fire!" Su Ming looked at the red moon and mumbled.

'"I wilt sink into deep bethought... I wilt sink into deep bethought..." The meaning of this line should be, the moon of fire will only appear if you think about it calmly and imagine it... But what am I imagining...? "As the fire in mine blood burns, the nine is the utmost of all, and the one is the law. Light up the Berserker Fires and worship the nine, did let us all becometh the authorities of Fire..." No. These lines don't have much relation to imagination. It should be related to an action instead.'

Su Ming frowned. As of then, he was still controlling the circulation of blood in his body. It caused the red glow to become thicker. The red tint on the moon became clearer in his eyes.


Su Ming's eyes lit up abruptly as a thought struck him like thunder roaring in the sky.

'Could it be that I have to chant these lines? "If 't be true the moon of fire appears from the clouds on the endless earth... I wilt sink into deep bethought!" If that's the case, then the meaning is different. It doesn't mean that I should only start imagining when the moon of fire appears but I have to imagine the moon of fire appearing!'

Su Ming trembled. He felt that he had just caught onto something important!

He took breathed in sharply and began thinking about the moon turning red in the sky quietly in his heart. The image kept repeating itself as time passed by. He even forgot about controlling the circulation of blood in his body once all his attention was focused on imagining the moon turning red. He also did not notice the blood red light in the cave had already faded away and the cave had returned to its normal shade of color.

He lifted his head and looked at the moon from the numerous holes on the wall. The image in his head was projected onto the moon.

"Red moon... burning moon..." Su Ming mumbled. In his mind, the moon was red and the shade of red was becoming thicker, gradually turning the entire moon blood red.

At that moment, Su Ming's entire body seemed to relax. He could feel a thin thread of red light falling down from the moon before his eyes. It floated through the little holes and fused into his eyes. Bit by bit, it flowed into his body and mixed with his blood.

There was a cold sensation in his entire body and it assimilated into his blood, causing his Qi to slowly circulate on its own in his body. Su Ming did not realize it. He felt as if the entire world had disappeared. The only thing that existed was the red moon and it was becoming bigger and clearer in his sight.

That red in the moon seemed to have some sort of mysterious force. As it shone, the light seeped into his body.

Time passed by slowly. Xiao Hong had already woken up a long time ago and it was watching Su Ming with a dumb expression not far away. There was a puzzled look in its eyes. It also looked at the moon outside from the little holes but the moon looked just the same as it always did. It scratched its head and could not understand why Su Ming was daydreaming.

No one noticed that at that very moment, amid the five summits on Dark Mountain, a mysterious change was also happening where all the Wings of the Moon were sleeping!

It was especially so in the deeper parts of Black Flame Mountain. On the giant red tree within the magma covered basin, numerous line-like creatures were floating about. Sometimes, the faces of the Wings of the Moon would be visible. There were no looks of viciousness or sadness on their faces. Instead, there were expressions of obsession and excitement on their faces.

No one knew what they were excited about but judging by the speed of their movements, they were extremely excited.

It was as if they were struggling to fly out of the tree but were prevented from doing so by some unknown force.

It also seemed like they felt something as though they were being summoned or... they were worshiping something... or perhaps... they felt the Berserker Powers they had lost since ancient times...

Within the Fire Berserker Tribe that existed during ancient times, the corpse lying at its borders seemed to remain unchanged even though it was soaked in the fiery magma. However the wall where its finger pointed at was empty., The words that Su Ming read the last time were gone.

There was nothing there but the words were not erased by anyone. It was as though they never existed.

Even though the corpse was just a pile of bones, the look of mockery and aloofness on its face was even more distinct.

Perhaps he was not mocking what happened during his death but what happened after...

It was nighttime. As the moon was showed signs of leaving and the first rays of sunlight appeared, a person covered entirely in black walked into the deeper parts of Dark Mountain.

It was the same person who appeared in Black Mountain Tribe the night of the blood red moon. He was walking very slowly. With each step he took, his body seemed to into something like an apparition. He would walk straight through the numerous dried trees in the forest.

"It's not here either... Just where is it?!" The person sighed and spoke in a hoarse voice as he walked into the distance. As the sun appeared in the sky, he disappeared.