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 Chapter 198: Departure

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Su Ming knew that with his current power, he could not awaken another two of the slumbering heads. However, he could still take over the two awakened heads that were occupied by Si Ma Xin's will.

'He may be strong, but not so strong that I can't wipe out his will...'

A chilly look appeared in Su Ming's eyes as he walked towards the heads in the sky.

The two heads of the fierce beast that were occupied by Si Ma Xin's will turned their towards Su Ming at the same time. The figures of Si Ma Xin in their pupils also looked as if they were looking at Su Ming.

They did not fight back. They simply looked at Su Ming walking towards them coldly. Si Ma Xin knew since a long time ago that with just the wills in the heads, he could not prevent them from being erased unless he came to the place himself, but he could not make it in time.

However, he did not make any threats. The underlying meaning in his aloof gaze was much more fearsome than any words that could be spoken.

Su Ming looked at Si Ma Xin's figures in the eyes of the two heads with a similarly cold glare. His eyes were also freezing cold.

When the Elder of Tranquil East Tribe saw this sight from Tranquil East Mountain, he finally understood why Su Ming and Si Ma Xin felt so similar. It was because these two people were similarly indifferent. Even the presence they exuded was almost identical...

Su Ming lifted his right hand and many lightning arcs appeared out of nowhere. In an instant, the two heads of the fierce beast were enveloped.

"Si Ma Xin, this bell belongs to me."

As Su Ming stated that calmly, thunder rumbled in the sky. Si Ma Xin's figure in the one of the two heads immediately disappeared and turned blank.

The other figure disappeared soon after. The moment it almost disintegrated from the eyes, Su Ming saw Si Ma Xin smiling.

No signs of emotion, neither happiness nor anger, could be seen in that smile. However, there was a hint of pride that was embedded in his bones hidden away in that smile. That pride could not be seen by others, nor did they have the right to sense it, but at that moment, it appeared.

Su Ming's face remained passive. He swung his right arm and as lightning rumbled, the smiling Si Ma Xin in the eyes was completely wiped out.

The instant the figures in the eyes of the two heads were completely wiped out, lightning sparks suddenly appeared within their pupils, and gradually, Su Ming's figure was reflected in them.

At that moment, the four of the nine heads of the fierce beast in the sky with Su Ming's will lifted their heads and roared.

"Nine... headed Dragon... Southern... Emperor... Absolute..."

The five words echoed in Su Ming's mind like a giant's growl. The voice sounded old and weathered as if it was mumbling, giving others a feeling that it was sometimes coming from afar, but sometimes very near.

"Nine-headed Dragon Southern Emperor Absolute..." Su Ming mumbled.

The moment his voice traveled out, a bell chime that had never appeared before in Han Mountain City reverberated in the air abruptly.

The bell chime sounded as if it was recognizing its master. As it reverberated in the air, the Han Mountain Bell on the land trembled, and right before the crowd's astonished gaze, it slowly floated up from the ground.

It was not quick, but every single time it floated up a little more, it would let out a bell chime that would turn into ripples. Eventually, the bell charged towards Su Ming. The giant bell was shrinking rapidly, and when it got closer to Su Ming, the bell shrank to the size of a fingernail. It swiftly fused into the center of Su Ming's brows and disappeared.

The instant it fused with Su Ming's body, a loud bell chime came from within him.

The bell chime spread all around the area, causing all those who heard it feel shaken to the core. In that instant, their minds turned blank.

Even the old woman from Lake of Colors Tribe was in the same condition.

They did not know how much time had passed, but when the crowd gradually recovered from their daze and their minds became clear, they turned their eyes to the sky, but... Su Ming could not be found!

Not in the sky, not on the earth, not on the mountains, not anywhere else. Su Ming just could not be found. It was as if he had never appeared and everything that had happened was just a dream shared by the crowd.

After a short period of silence, an uproar broke out among the people!

"Is he gone?"

"What happened just now? It felt like it was just an instant, but when I woke up, the Lord Divine General was already gone."

"Han Mountain Bell! Han Mountain Bell! The bell is also taken!"

The old woman took a deep breath on Lake of Colors Mountain. There was a contemplative look on her face. By her side, Yan Luan frowned. She also looked all around the area for Su Ming but to no avail.

Just as everyone was looking for Su Ming, a cry of surprise suddenly rang out. The person who cried out was near where Xuan Lun was in Han Mountain City.

Xuan Lun stood there with fear in his eyes, still and unmoving.

There was a man not too far away from him. He was the one who had cried out. He saw a bloody red line on Xuan Lun's neck. Blood flowed down from the line and eventually gushed out from that wound.

When the crowd's attention turned towards him, Xuan Lun's head was separated abruptly from his body and fell to the ground. When the head rolled hundreds of feet away from him, his body fell.

The crowd instantly fell silent. No one spoke a word.

The Elder of Puqiang Tribe was pale as he stood on Puqiang Mountain. He was the only one who saw what had happened just now clearly. In truth, his level of cultivation might have been in the middle stage of the Transcendence Realm, but right now, he could not have been able to see clearly under the influence of Han Mountain Bell's chime.

However, Su Ming had come here before!

The Elder of Puqiang Tribe sucked in a deep breath. His mind was clouded when he heard the chime, but once a great might scattered the cloud in his head, his mind became clear. The moment his mind cleared up, he saw Su Ming clad in the black mist armor walking towards them from the sky. Once he was above Puqiang Mountain, he took away the remaining half of the skull that was the only thing left of the head after the incessant barrage of lightning it had suffered.

After that, he cast the Elder a glance.

The Elder of Puqiang Tribe would never forget that gaze. When he thought back on it, he would still shudder as if lightning had just swept through his body.

He saw Su Ming walking away from the mountain. With a flash of green in midair, a green ray of light charged towards Xuan Lun in Han Mountain City. It circled around Xuan Lun's neck once and returned to Su Ming. The man had seemed as if he was thinking about something, but he immediately lifted his head towards the east, then turned into a long arc and charged in another direction before disappearing without a trace.

While all the people in Han Mountain City and the three tribes were silent, three long arcs whistled through the air as they charged in from the distance. The leader of the three arcs was the old man named Liu.

He approached swiftly and stood in the sky above Han Mountain City with a grave expression. His very first sight when he came was the Chain of Han Mountain leading to Puqiang Mountain that was swaying because it had lost some stone pillars. He narrowed his eyes.

The people from Han Mountain did not recognize the old man, neither did they recognize the man and woman who came after him. However, a conflicted look appeared on the old woman from Lake of Colors Tribe when she saw the old man.

The other person who recognized the old man was Han Cang Zi, who was still standing on Tranquil East Mountain with a pale face. The moment she saw the old man, a respectful look immediately appeared on her face.

"Greetings, Leader Liu."

"Senior brother Chen, senior sister Xu," Han Cang Zi greeted softly, looking at the man and woman.

The moment Han Cang Zi's words were heard, excitement immediately appeared in the crowd and around Han Mountain. Everyone looked towards the trio.

"Freezing Sky Clan!"

"It must be the envoys from Freezing Sky Clan. They hastened their trip by several months this time!"

"The people from Freezing Sky Clan are here. The selection for disciples is about to begin!"

"It's a pity... if they came earlier, then they would have seen what had happened just now!"

"I wonder who will be fortunate enough to be taken into Freezing Sky Clan. The Lord Divine General will definitely be able to."

Discussions and uproars broke out among the people. Envy, excitement, and all sorts of mixed feelings rose inside them, which were then reflected in their eyes as they turned all their attention towards the three people in the sky.

Most of the people in Han Mountain City gathered here for the goal of joining Freezing Sky Clan. How could they not be excited at this moment? Even if their chances were slim, that did not mean it was impossible.

The old man in the sky did not seem to hear the discussions. He stared at the Chain of Han Mountain and the light in his eyes flickered before he lifted his head to look at Puqiang Mountain.

The man and woman beside him were relaxed even under the people's attention. They were already used to outsiders looking at them like this. The people of Freezing Sky Clan would always catch the attention of the masses like the blazing sun no matter where they went. It was even more so now that the two of them were here to take in disciples for the school. As of now, their status symbolised Freezing Sky!

Nan Tian, Ke Jiu Si, and Leng Ying were also barely able to remain calm. They wrapped their fists in their palms towards the three people in the sky.

"Greetings, envoys of Freezing Sky Clan. I am Nan Tian."

"Greetings, envoys of Freezing Sky Clan. I am Ke Jiu Si."

"Greetings, envoys. I am Leng Ying."

Even with three Transcended Berserkers greeting them, the man and woman from Freezing Sky Clan only gave them a brief nod of acknowledgement. The old man did not even bother. He was frowning instead as he averted his gaze from Puqiang Mountain and looked towards the sky. The spot he was looking at was where the true form of the deity statue of Transcendence had appeared before.

"Junior sister Han Cang Zi. The two of us were given orders to come and take in disciples. We have not seen each other for quite some time, let's catch up later."

The beautiful woman smiled at Han Cang Zi and wrapped her fist in her palm as a greeting. She swept her gaze across the crowd and zeroed in on Han Fei Zi. With that one glance, she was stunned, but there was still a smile on her face as she spoke amiably towards Han Fei Zi standing in the city quietly.

"You must be junior sister Han Fei Zi. Congratulations on being awarded the title Divine General of Transcendence and summoning the true form of the deity statue of Transcendence when you Transcended after attaining great completion in the Blood Solidification Realm. If the left preceptor knew about this, it will surely cause a stir within Freezing Sky Clan."

The man named Chen by her side hesitated for a moment as well. Naturally, he had seen that Han Fei Zi had yet to Transcend. However, he could not find it in himself to believe that there was someone else in the city who managed to Transcend.

'Perhaps something went wrong for her...'

The man named Chen smiled and wrapped his fist in his palm towards Han Fei Zi as he spoke with a smile.

"I too, wish to congratulate you for being awarded the title of the Divine General of Transcendence and attaining great completion in the Blood Solidification Realm. This is definitely not an ordinary matter. Junior sister, you will need to rest well and recover as quickly as possible."

The moment the both of them spoke, the loud discussions all around them instantly fell dead. The excited, conflicted, and envious gaze all changed in that moment, and their eyes seemed to contain a strange look as they stared at the man and woman who spoke.

Not only did their words make the crowd's voices fall silent, Han Fei Zi also frowned before she lifted her head and looked at the two people in the sky.

"The person who Transcended after attaining great completion in the Blood Solidification Realm is not me."