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 Chapter 195: The Power of Lightning

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Su Ming lifted his right hand and seized the large amount of aura of death that surrounded Puqiang Mountain. The vortex within his body appeared once again. In an instant, the aura of death charged towards him with a loud boom.

The lightning sparks that covered the earth swiftly changed their direction and charged towards Su Ming.

The light in his eyes flickered. He left his original spot. The moment his body left the ground, the air twisted on the spot he was standing, but no lightning appeared.

'Once Earthen Lightning and Void Lightning come into contact, it'll form lightning. I can't evade or dodge it, because the lightning I see is just an illusion. In truth, the moment Earthen Lightning and Void Lightning come into contact, the power of lightning has already formed.'

Su Ming's mind became clearer. Once he understood the concept, many branches stemmed out of the concept like a tree, and he managed to branch out his thoughts into many different areas. As he moved, he never stopped, but with every single step he took, a lot of Earthen Lightning that was not visible to the naked eye would surge forth and cover his entire body before seeping inside.

'Before I absorb enough Earthen Lightning, I absolutely cannot let Void Lightning touch me...'

The thing Su Ming was dodging was the vague Void Lightning that he could only see with the Branding Art.

All of this could not be seen by others. In the eyes of the crowd, Su Ming was running around the place erratically, but strangely and shockingly, the space behind him continued distorting. It was as if every single spot that he went to would distort in a manner that would even block their vision for an instant. The distortions in the air spread out like ripples.

The strange sight made all those who saw it baffled. In their disbelief, they became more respectful and mystified by Su Ming.

Su Ming became faster, but even though his speed was quick, the Void Lightning that seemed to have filled the entire sky was also traveling at incredible speeds. It charged towards Su Ming from all around him as if there was something on him that attracted it, a substance that drew it mad.

In fact, the gigantic blue bolt of lightning that was attacking He Feng's head, causing it to continue dissipating and revealing the Spirit Plunder contained within, also started to become agitated. Distortions appeared all around the area, as if it was going to change directions at any moment.

It may seem simple, but only Su Ming himself understood the underlying dangers. He was focused. As he continued moving all around the area to avoid the Void Lightning as much as possible, there were still some shortcomings. Sometimes lightning would appear and fall on him.

'It's still not enough...'

Su Ming charged towards the Chain of Han Mountain connected to Puqiang Mountain. He saw a large amount of Earthen Lightning on the Chain. If it were not because of He Feng drawing in Void Lightning to himself, the Chain might have been attacked by countless bolts of lightning by now.

The moment Su Ming landed on the Chain at full speed, the Earthen Lightning attached to the Chain charged towards Su Ming and surged in to and around his body.

At that moment, rumbling sounds echoed in the air and numerous bolts of lightning appeared at the same time, crashing into Su Ming. He jolted and flew into the air, charging towards the sky.

'I have enough Earthen Lightning. Now, I'll need a similar amount of Void Lightning. The moment they come into contact, my body might not be able to withstand it, but... if I want to turn lightning into my Origin Vessel, then this is the only way!'

'The longer I can persevere, the higher my chances of success!'

At that moment, the aura of death within Su Ming's body had completely dissipated. The only thing left was the large amount of Earthen Lightning that could not be seen with the naked eye. It stayed within and around his body, causing him to appear even more appealing for lightning than He Feng, becoming the sole object to draw in lightning!

'Only physical objects can be refined and turned into Origin Vessels... Lightning is abstract, so only if I produce it relentlessly in my body can I make it belong to me!

'Only then will I be considered to have taken control of lightning. All the other methods of taking lightning and fusing it into the body are just fake rumors, because the appearance of lightning is an illusion. The true force comes from the moment Earthen Lightning and Void Lightning crash into lightning! This is the true refinement of lightning!'

Su Ming charged towards the top of the sky. He could sense that there was a large amount of Void Lightning high up in the sky!

The moment his body reached that place, the world rumbled, and numerous bolts of lightning appeared out of nowhere. They charged towards Su Ming from all around him. Loud rumbling sounds echoed in the air. The people could no longer see Su Ming. The only thing they saw were the bolts of lightning that spread through the endless mass of sky.

At that moment, the blue bolt of lightning that was still incessantly attacking He Feng's head suddenly changed direction and charged towards Su Ming, who was hidden away by lightning.

The moment the blue bolt of lightning charged out, the world trembled in a manner as if it was creating an abnormality of its own!

At the same time, in an area of 1,000 li in the sky above Han Mountain, bolts of lightning broke through the sky and whistled through the air towards Su Ming. The many lightning bolts illuminated the earth. The rumbling sounds deafened ears, causing all the people on land to be left gasping in amazement and shock. Their minds became blank.

The sky was filled with lightning!

In the midst of the rumbling sounds, Su Ming coughed out blood as he was shrouded by lightning sparks. Lightning sparks could even be seen swimming in his blood before the blood instantly turned into a small mass of blood mist.

Su Ming was pale, but his eyes were incredibly bright. Within his body, Earthen Lightning and Void Lightning relentlessly crashed into each other, turning into the power of lightning that grew increasingly stronger within him. At the same time, his Transcendence Qi was absorbing that power of lightning in a shocking manner. It continued to take that power in to refine it into Su Ming's Origin Vessel!

Su Ming could instantly refine a lot of materials into his Origin Vessel with the sort of refinement he was conducting, but since ancient times, it was almost unheard of for anyone to refine lightning into their Origin Vessel. Even for Berserkers who Transcended with 999 blood veins, this slow speed was enough for them to be killed before they succeeded.

'My body can't take it anymore... do I really have to give up now?!'

Conflict appeared on Su Ming's face. He had not managed to complete the refinement. The Earthen Lightning and Void Lightning within him were crashing against each other incessantly. Every single time they crashed, the power of lightning that was created would become stronger, causing Su Ming to be unable to withstand it for a long period of time even if he had Transcended.

'I can only last for at most ten breaths before I die!'

Su Ming jolted. A shade of blue had appeared in the sky.

'Do I give up and make Spirit Plunder into my Origin Transcendence Vessel... or do I continue..?

'But if I continue, I won't be able to succeed. Yet if I have to give up... I'll regret it!!

'It would have been fine if I didn't have the chance, but now that I have and saw how lightning is produced, if I could just have enough time to persevere through it, then I'm absolutely certain that I could turn lightning into my Origin Vessel!


With a loud crash, Su Ming trembled and coughed out blood once again. His face was pale. Lightning surrounded him. He could also sense that there was lightning filling up the sky further in the distance.

'There's still one more way... I still have one more way!'

In this critical moment, an idea appeared in Su Ming's head, but he did not have time to think whether he would be successful. He hastily descended. The sky rumbled. He might have been falling at incredible speeds, but lightning continued assaulting him, causing him to cough out a lot of blood.

Eventually, when his body descended above Han Mountain City, the black mist armor on his body dissipated with a boom, revealing the black robes he wore underneath. They turned into ashes in an instant.

Fortunately, the light from the lightning was blinding, hence it was still difficult for others to see him. They could only see a ball of lightning descending upon Han Mountain City at shocking speed and charging towards the stone gate separating the third and second layers of Han Mountain City - where Han Mountain Bell was!

Su Ming landed on Han Mountain Bell then quickly sat down cross-legged. He was refining the power of lightning at maddening speeds within him. The bolts of lightning crashed into him with huge rumbles, but the moment they landed on him, they covered Han Mountain Bell.

The bell trembled and bell chimes rang out. As they echoed in the area, a large amount of lightning appeared in the sky, covering 2,000, 3,000, 4,000 li area. With Su Ming acting as the center, they charged right there

The bell tolls became louder, exuding a mighty and majestic presence that seemed to be echoing through the entire world.

At that moment, besides the old man from the three people from Freezing Sky Clan that were 2,000 li away from Han Mountain City who still remained calm, shock completely replaced all other emotions within the man and woman. They looked at the shocking bolts of lightning in the sky and trembled.

"What... is junior sister Han Fei Zi doing?!"

"She's refining thunder!"

The one who answered them was the calm old man. He might look calm, but the shock and eagerness in his eyes revealed the torrent of emotions in his heart.

'That lass Yan Fei is bold, she actually dared to use lightning as her Origin Transcendence Vessel. As expected of a Divine General... Since ancient times, very few prodigies dared to refine celestial lightning... this was originally something only the immortals in other worlds could do. We rarely hear anyone succeeding amongst the Berserker Tribe.'

Praise and admiration appeared on the old man's face.

'It's a pity that junior Zhou Shan was a step ahead... and she's a lass. It's not suitable for her to receive my inheritance... a pity, such pity...'

The old man sighed deeply, and he felt a little depressed.

'It's so hard trying to look for a suitable disciple!'

It was also during this time, at the foot of the seven colored mountain located far into the distance, that the girl exuding wild beauty let out a light chuckle before standing up and rearranging the chessboard. She then personally poured a cup of wine for the handsome man in white. Her face was slightly red due to shyness, but she still winked at him and held up her cup.

"Big brother Si Ma, allow me to toast you. I will talk to my father about letting you into Freezing Sky Cave."

The man in white smiled faintly and looked at the beautiful girl before him gently. He took the cup, but the moment he did so, the man suddenly jolted. A large amount of lightning sparks appeared out of nowhere and swam through his entire body. As the girl cried out in surprise, his right hand trembled. The wine cup shattered with a bang.

For the first time, the man's expression drastically changed and he swiftly stood up before glaring at the horizon in the distance. His breathing quickened, a rare sight to be seen.

"The power of lighting? Han Mountain Bell only belongs to me, Si Ma Xin!"