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 Chapter 194: Awarded the Title of Divine General!

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The might of the pressure far surpassed that of an ordinary Berserker who had Transcended, but it was still not stable. That presence filled Su Ming's entire body. Even so, the moment the pressure dissipated, it made all those around him feel shaken to the core.

This was the first time in their lives that they had seen the full process of a Berserker who attained great completion of the Blood Solidification Realm Transcending. This shocked them so greatly it could even affect their entire lives.

The Elder of Puqiang Tribe trembled as he prostrated himself on the ground. His level of cultivation may be at the middle stage of Transcendence, but there was only an indescribable reverence in him towards Su Ming. It was one that stemmed from his soul, and one that appeared due to the might coming from Su Ming's body.

This intimidating pressure made the Elder of Puqiang Tribe gasp for breath.

If he was already in this condition, then it was much more so for the man who looked like a mountain of flesh beside him. The tribe leader of Puqiang Tribe looked at Su Ming with incredible reverence

The 999 blood veins in Su Ming's body instantly melted. When his falling body was 100 feet away from the summit of Puqiang Mountain, for the first time ever, with his own strength, Su Ming floated and stood in air!

He had Transcended!

At that moment, the true form of the deity statue of Transcendence clad in armor in the sky looked at Su Ming with a hint of gentleness that was barely noticeable in his cold and aloof eyes.

"Breaking thy body to obtain Transcendence... that is in accordance to the second law laid by the first God of Berserkers... I grant thee... South Asunder Sword... Come forth to Great Yu to retrieve thy sword, and thou shalt be awarded the title Divine General of Transcendence!"

The true form of the deity statue of Transcendence's magnificent voice echoed in the air. It cast a profound look at Su Ming before it swung its right hand down and charged towards Su Ming. In an instant, it appeared before Su Ming and touched the top of his skull.

Su Ming did not dodge. He had no blood veins in his body at that moment, but there was a power that far surpassed the power of 999 blood veins by several fold contained within him.

Besides, the deity statue of Transcendence in the sky gave him a strange feeling, as if there was some sort of mysterious connection between them. It made him feel that it was not a cold and detached being, but there was a sense of familiarity coming from it.

When the deity statue of Transcendence's right index finger touched the top of Su Ming's skull, his body trembled. He could clearly feel a special energy traveling from its finger into his body, causing his body to tremble and rumble once again. A feeling that grew increasingly stronger enveloped him entirely.

Eventually, that special presence spread out within Su Ming. When it surrounded his entire body, it turned into a black bundle of mist that surrounded Su Ming from head to toe before it turned into black armor!

That armor was slightly different from the armor the true form of the deity statue of Transcendence wore. It was clearly much simpler in design, but the incredible power from it spread out abruptly!

However, Su Ming's armor was a mere illusion. It was not real.

"Come... to Great Yu..."

The true form of the deity statue of Transcendence in the sky retracted its right hand. Its body gradually faded out, and after a moment, it completely disappeared from the sky. No traces of it could be found thereafter.

At that moment, the only thing left in the sky was the mighty blue cloud that was still gathering lightning. The lightning calamity would fall upon him at any moment now.

"I... finally Transcended..."

Su Ming floated in midair. The black mist armor surrounding his body gave him a vicious and freezing air. He stood in the air and looked at the sky in the distance. An indescribable feeling spread through his heart.

"Elder, I Transcended... Bai Ling, did you know? I Transcended..."

Su Ming felt anguish blossoming in his heart. Transcending should have been a joyous occasion, but for a reason he did not know, he felt no excitement. He simply missed Dark Mountain.

Even if he now possessed strength where his limits were unknown to even himself, even if he now lived up to his name and became the most powerful Berserker in Han Mountain, even if all those within sight in the area did not pose much of a threat to him, he... still did not have the excitement and thrill that he should have had after he Transcended.

The blue cloud in the sky rumbled. However, that rumbling sound could not stifle the uproar from Han Mountain and the three tribes. That sound was like a wave that rose to a shocking volume.

"He Transcended in the great completion of the Blood Solidification Realm! And he was rewarded the South Asunder Sword and given the title of Divine General of Transcendence!"

"South Asunder Sword... I've never read about this sword from any ancient scrolls, but if the sword was given by the deity statue of Transcendence, then it must be extraordinary!"

"Is this the serendipity for a Berserker who attains great completion of the Blood Solidification Realm Transcends? They'll be rewarded with a treasure! And they'll be given the title of Divine General of Transcendence as well! What is the Divine General of Transcendence though?"

"The strongest of Han Mountain City..." Nan Tian looked at Su Ming standing in midair and mumbled.

"Divine General of Transcendence... why did this never appear the previous time I saw the deity statue of Transcendence appear...?"

Ke Jiu Si's heart raced against his chest and deep reverence appeared in his eyes.

Xuan Lun was completely stunned. All emotions in his heart were replaced by bafflement. He looked at Su Ming and a feeling of powerlessness blossomed within him.

"Divine General of Transcendence... He was awarded the title Divine General of Transcendence!"

Han Fei Zi trembled and disbelief appeared in her eyes. She was one of the few who knew the meaning of the title Divine General of Transcendence. In fact, she was suppressing her blood veins to become the Divine General of Transcendence as well!

"Divine General of Transcendence is an acknowledgement bestowed upon the Transcended Berserkers who truly obtained the quintessence of the Berserker Tribe. It is an emblem of Berserk... and it's something that normal Transcended Berserkers cannot compare..." the old woman mumbled on Lake of Colors Tribe.

The Elder of Tranquil East Tribe was on his knees with a respectful expression on his face on Tranquil East Mountain. "I can't believe a Divine General of Transcendence appeared in Han Mountain... I wonder which deity statue's armor he'll receive once he goes to Great Yu..."

After a short uproar, two figures flew out from Lake of Colors Mountain. It was the old woman and Yan Luan. The latter's face was filled with deep respect. Along with the old woman, she bowed towards Su Ming in midair.

"Lake of Colors Tribe congratulates Lord Divine General on Transcending!"

At the same time, the Elder of Tranquil East Tribe flew up from Tranquil East Mountain as well, and along with Fang Shen, who stood on the mountain, their words traveled forth.

"Tranquil East Tribe congratulates Lord Divine General on Transcending!"

"Puqiang Tribe congratulates Lord Divine General on Transcending!"

Their sounds reverberated in the air, and they were followed by congratulatory words rising and falling from the entire Han Mountain City. Their voices echoed in the air as they commended Su Ming.

Besides the old man from the three people from Freezing Sky Clan who were thousands of li away from Han Mountain City, the man and the woman were both filled with shock as they looked at the distance.

"Junior sister Han Fei Zi was awarded the title of Divine General?!"

"We must report this to the left preceptor as soon as possible! Junior sister Han Fei Zi's name is definitely going to resound through the entire Freezing Clan!"

Su Ming stood in midair and suppressed his thoughts. He lifted his head and looked at the blue cloud in the sky. He knew that this was not the time to feel moved. He was only halfway through Transcendence. It was not over.

'I have to quickly choose my Origin Vessel and assimilate it into my body, then I have to leave and find a quiet place to draw my Berserker Mark in meditation.'

Only when he had finished drawing his Berserker Mark could he be considered to have completed the process of Transcendence, and only then could his power stabilize, instead of fluctuating and spreading out like this.

'It's a pity that I don't know what lightning is made of and neither do I know how it came to be, so it's hard for me to keep it within me and make it my Origin Vessel... I can only choose to use Spirit Plunder.'

Su Ming stood in the middle of the air in silence and looked at the blue cloud in the sky. There was a look of regret in his eyes as he waited for the moment that bolt of lightning struck and the medicinal pill appeared.

Yet at that moment, a shred of lightning suddenly came off the converging bolts of lightning in the blue cloud in the sky. As the light in the clouds flickered, it charged towards the ground and landed on a mountain in the distance as if it was guided by something.

When he saw this, a rumble suddenly appeared in Su Ming's head. He stared fixedly at the blue cloud in the sky and lowered his head to look at the land along with what little was left of He Feng's body floating in the air.

'Lightning strikes trees... Lightning was drawn in when I created Spirit Plunder... Lightning fell and struck the top of the mountain... This is... There's...'

Su Ming seemed to have understood something, but that thought was not clear in his head. Still, he had a feeling that he had latched onto something.

At that moment, the blue cloud rumbled. A lot of lightning gathered together, looking as if it was about to explode, causing some of the thin threads of lightning that were wandering about in the cloud to fall towards the land all around the area. They fell on the mountains around them. Some of them even fell on the mountains where people had gathered to watch. They broke into commotion and quickly dodged the bolts.

'Activation... Activation... I get it!'

A brilliant flash appeared in Su Ming's eyes. He had understood it somewhat.

'Lightning originally doesn't fall from the sky. It's not out of its will that it struck the trees. Perhaps it's more accurate to say that lightning doesn't have a will, it's just attracted to the trees in midair...

'It's the same for the mountains in the area. They attracted the lightning in the sky...

'It's the same for the people in the area!

'He Feng is also the same. It's not that the lightning is attacking him, it's just that there's something on him that's attracting lightning to him. This thing exists in the mountains, the trees, and many other places...

'Then... what is it?!'

Su Ming whipped his head around to look at He Feng.

'He Feng absorbed the aura of death for refinement. Could it be the aura of death? But there's no aura of death in the ground, neither is there any in the mountains. It's not the aura of death, but something else.

'What is attracting the lightning?!'

Su Ming understood a little of the concept, but along with it came even more confusion. However, he did not have time to think.

Just as his mind worked furiously, the sky rumbled with an intensity that shook the sky and earth. The blue cloud had finally charged up enough lightning. The blue light pierced into people's eyes. Lightning was about to fall.

Yet at that very moment, Su Ming's mind rumbled as he activated the Branding Art. With the activation of the Branding Art, he trembled and saw something vaguely on the land. The instant thunder rumbled, there was a barely noticeable, faint glow of lightning that would have been easily missed unless he had been searching for it. It was on the ground, on the mountains, and on the crowd like a tide. It was a lightning glow that could not be seen with the naked eye. It was that thing that attracted the lightning in the sky. The bolts longed to touch it!

The lightning glow that could not be seen with the naked eye traveled on the ground and was all absorbed by He Feng's body. Once a large amount of it surged into his body, it gathered inside him. As it nourished the medicinal pill in his body, it also made He Feng's body into the spot where the most lightning glow from the ground had gathered.

Su Ming seemed to have heard a faint sound calling out to him, as if it was just a figment of his imagination. A rumble appeared in his head. He... understood!

At the same time, the cloud shrank, as if it was entirely absorbed by the bolt of lightning. Finally, only a blue bolt of lightning about ten feet in breadth was left behind, and it charged down towards the ground and He Feng's body, which was calling out to him.