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 Chapter 192: Blooming Thought!

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As the land in Han Mountain City trembled furiously, no one made a sound, no matter what their level of cultivation was. At that moment, all those who were conscious waited with bated breath as they watched the sky and the person filled with the presence of Transcendence sitting cross-legged on Puqiang Mountain.

Three long arcs charged through the sky thousands of lis away from Han Mountain City. They wanted to get closer, but they were already struggling forward when the area was just filled the pressure from the true form of the deity statue of Transcendence. When the clouds way above merged together and the blue bolt of lightning fell with a rumble, the pressure that filled the air seemed to become even stronger.

The man and woman were already pale and gasping for breath as they looked dumbly towards the direction of Han Mountain City. Their minds were blank, and the only thing left within them was awe born in the depths of their hearts towards their junior fellow disciple Han Fei Zi.

Only the old man was looking towards the direction of Han Mountain City with twinkling eyes. He did not speak, but there was shock in his heart.

'The true form of the deity statue of Transcendence appeared and gave the order to Transcend three times. This can only mean that the person who is Transcending is suppressing his blood veins... This person is ambitious. Not only does he have extraordinary will, he also has a method to increase his blood veins!

'Is this person truly that lass, Han Fei Zi..? If it is, then Zhou Shan has gotten himself a good disciple. If he trains her well, then she might even have the chance to compete against Si Ma's youngest for the Edge!

'But that's not the most shocking thing. Those clouds actually managed to merge together even under the might of the true form of the deity statue of Transcendence. And the blue bolt of lightning that descended... Why... did that lightning fall?'

The old man's eyes sparkled, and he sighed. He did not abandon the people by his side to investigate on his own; that would just make his intentions too obvious. Instead, once he sighed, he calmed down and maintained the same speed as the man and woman as they flew towards the city slowly.

At that moment, the sky above Han Mountain City rumbled. The instant the 991st vein appeared on Su Ming's body, the clouds above the true form of the deity statue of Transcendence clad in black armor glowed with a piercing shade of blue light once again. A bolt of blue lightning thicker than the one previously descended abruptly.

That bolt of lightning caused the space between the sky and earth to twist. Under the gaze of all the people in the region around Han Mountain who almost passed out with the lack of breathing, they saw the bolt of lightning coming down in a straight line with a crash, charging down towards He Feng who was beside Su Ming!

The herbal aura was rapidly gathering within He Feng's head. The fuzzy orb that was formed was spinning quickly inside, as if it wanted to absorb all the herbal aura within and materialize into a pill!

The bolt of lightning came with a boom. It crackled past the true form of the deity statue of Transcendence towards He Feng. In an instant, it crashed into He Feng's body. A shocking boom reverberated through the sky, and He Feng's body was shrouded in blue light. Cracking sounds spread throughout the area, and many electrical arcs swam around his body. Some of them even fell on Puqiang Mountain's ground before they spread outwards. There were even some that spread to Su Ming.

Su Ming jolted and opened his eyes. A strange light appeared in them. A faint hint of hesitation and inconceivability

The moment he opened his eyes, Su Ming immediately saw He Feng's limbs shattering under the blue bolt of lightning and dissipating once it turned into black mist. Even a large portion of his body disappeared without a trace under the bolt of lightning's relentless attack.

As of then, in Su Ming's eyes, there was only a small portion of He Feng's body left, including his head. Lightning traveled through his body and gradually fused into him. At the same time, the herbal aura within He Feng's body that had withstood two lightning calamities was merging at even faster, shocking pace within that fuzzy orb in He Feng's head. At that moment, a pill about the size of a fingernail had appeared within the fuzzy orb. Before long, the pill would be complete.

Due to the two bolts of lightning, the mighty pressure from the true form of the deity statue of Transcendence in the sky weakened largely, causing Su Ming's desire to Transcend to disappear rapidly as well.

This was the chance of a lifetime for Su Ming!

This was out of his expectations. He had never expected such an incredible chance to appear when the lightning calamity was drawn out by his refining of Spirit Plunder occurred at the same time as he Transcended!

Originally, he could only manifest 990 blood veins. This was his body's limit. There was no way he could suppress the urge to Transcend within him either. His only choice was to Transcend!

He had thought it was a pity when he chose to Transcend, but he no longer thought about increasing his blood veins. The giant above him had shattered, his blood veins had melted. His entire person was enveloped by the presence of Transcendence. From that moment onwards, he lost all right to increase his blood veins.

He had to Transcend. It was especially so when the presence of Transcendence surged into his body, causing him to be unable to turn the tides. However... the appearance of two lightning calamities had opened up a path for him as if they had just blasted out a crack in a frozen river. The crack was not thin either. It appeared as if the ice was ripped apart.

The people who looked like they were moments away from suffocating suddenly looked as if they had just sucked in a breath of fresh air.

A brilliant flash appeared in Su Ming's eyes. The hesitance in them had been due to this!

Yet the hesitance did not last long before Su Ming made his decision. Once the 991st blood vein manifested, he used the presence of Transcendence to largely melt that Berserker Bone!

As it melted and the process of Su Ming's Transcendence had come to an abrupt halt, his blood veins increased once again!




The increase of three blood veins made booming sounds echo in Su Ming's body. The power of the blood veins crashed against the presence of Transcendence as they could not tolerate each other in his body. However, the light in Su Ming's eyes just became brighter.

He could feel that with his condition, each extra blood vein made him become stronger by several fold. He could feel his strength increasing with an explosive might along with his blood veins!

At that moment, the true form of the deity statue of Transcendence trembled in the sky. A blue electrical arc appeared once again strangely outside its body and traveled all around it. It was as if it was connected to He Feng's body, as if there was some sort of natural law contained within the act of He Feng's body manipulating himself to be in the exact same sitting position as the statue, which established some sort of connection between them, causing the deity statue of Transcendence to replace He Feng's body in taking the brunt of the lightning's force as if it was helping him.

As the lightning traveled through its body, a merciless glare appeared in the eyes of the true form of the deity statue of Transcendence. Gradually, it moved its body, as if it was about to stand up!

At the same moment, as the clouds high above the sky merged together, a large amount of blue light appeared for the third time. This time, the intensity of the blue light had clearly surpassed the previous two times. Even the entire cloud turned blue in that instant!

Lightning that was formed due to the rain from the other parts of the sky around the area sped towards that blue cloud and fused into it, turning into a strong amount of pressure that fell upon everyone.

Eventually, that bolt of lightning in that blue cloud reached a point where people would be aghast just by casting a glance at it. All of them could tell that the bolt of lightning in the cloud was much stronger than the previous two times. In fact... the previous two bolts could not begin to compare with this!

The Elder and tribe leader of Puqiang Tribe were completely stunned as they prostrated themselves on the ground trembling.

It was the same on Tranquil East Mountain. Even Han Cang Zi was also pale. As she looked at the sky, reverence appeared on her face.

On Lake of Colors Mountain, even though Yan Luan might be in the middle stage of Transcendence, the strange phenomenon in the sky made her feel miniscule and weak. The power of the bolts of lightning shocked her.

The old woman knelt on the ground with her eyes closed. Her expression was calm, but she was reflexively clenching and unclenching her hand, which showed that what she felt within her heart was definitely not what she showed on her face.

There was deathly stillness within Han Mountain City. No one caused a ruckus. No one initiated any discussions. All the people seemed to have lost all process of thought in the midst of their nervousness and shock.

That included Nan Tian, Ke Jiu Si, Leng Ying, and Xuan Lun, who was also kneeling down somewhere in the distance.

Even the man and woman among the three figures charging towards the city from thousands of lis away let out cries of surprise before they came to an abrupt halt. They were aghast as they looked at the clouds, unable to understand what was happening.

The old man who was leading the team looked at the blue cloud in the distance in silence. He, too, sucked in a deep breath.

Su Ming sat on Puqiang Mountain. The 994 blood veins within his body were strained to the absolute limit he could endure. Blood trickled down the corners of his lips. He gritted his teeth and melted the Berserker Bone within his body once again, but no matter how much he tried to melt it and how much he tried to endure it, his blood veins stayed at only 994 and refused to increase!

As the blue cloud gathered in the sky and the bolt of lightning seemed to be on the verge of striking down, as the true form of the deity statue of Transcendence clad in black armor was gradually standing up, Su Ming knew that his time was short. He lifted his head and looked at the blue cloud. The hesitation in his eyes before had been due to the blood veins, but besides hesitation, there was also inconceivability.

That inconceivability was not due to blood veins, neither was it due to Transcendence, but... was due to the electrical arcs that shocked him when the second bolt of lightning struck He Feng.

The electrical arcs fused into his body and made him jolt. They might have already dissipated, but they had stayed for an instant in his body.

It was during that one instant when it stayed that made a thought bloom in Su Ming's mind, one that made him think that it was slightly startling and unimaginable. He had never even heard of it before, and had no idea whether it was possible.

That thought was bold and reckless. It could even be said to be ridiculous.

Yet now, even if Su Ming himself thought that the idea itself was a fantasy, he still could not help but mull over it with excitement.

'I only have one chance. This is the only time where I'll know whether this is just a fantasy of mine, or that it can become reality... I want to try it!

Su Ming stared at the blue cloud in the sky, and calm madness appeared in his eyes.

'Spirit Plunder might be able to become my Origin Transcendence Vessel because it has substance... and it's not incorporeal. The Origin Vessel seems to require a concrete body...

'But... this powerful blue bolt of lightning stayed in my body for a moment. Does this mean that during that instant it was a physical entity? But after a moment, it'll become incorporeal again...'