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 Chapter 190: It Must Be Junior Sister!

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"The Relocation Rune in Lake of Colors Tribe was drawn based on the four dimensional layer Relocation Art. The Rune was given by the Elder of Lake of Colors once she fully explored its structures and gave it to the left preceptor. The frame is placed in two locations. We've tried it numerous times before, there shouldn't be anything wrong with it..." the woman from among the three people said languidly. Her voice had a gentle tone, but she was frowning, similarly not understanding what went wrong.

"We'll know if we go and take a look. If it's because of Lake of Colors Tribe, then we must tell the head preceptor that the Relocation Rune still can't be used widely in the Land of South Morning. Leader Liu, what do you say?"

The man with the extraordinarily good looks looked at the silent old man by his side with a respectful face.

The woman too, immediately turned towards the old man and bowed as a sign of respect.

"The both of you are acting as the school's envoys in Han Mountain City this time. I am only going there to meet my friends. You are free to make your own decisions," the old man said calmly, smiling faintly.

The man nodded and obeyed respectfully. He looked the woman in the eye, and just as he was about to speak, the old man suddenly frowned. He took a scrutinizing look into the distance, and a grave expression appeared on his face.


"Before you left for Han Mountain City, the left preceptor only gave one position and told you to receive Yan Fei of Lake of Colors Tribe into the school, is that so?"

The old man's expression became even more solemn as he spoke slowly.

The man and the woman were both stunned. The woman quickly nodded, but there was uneasiness on her face. Before she came, she had not regarded this task with much importance, simply thinking it was just a small task of taking away a disciple where no unexpected events would happen. It might have been decided that Han Fei Zi was someone close to attaining completion in the Blood Solidification Realm, but she was joining Freezing Sky Clan on her own free will, the issue of having to force her to join was non-existent.

However, when her junior fellow disciple was about to be Relocated, the old man before them suddenly approached them and activated the Relocation Rune with them.

This was not something they could refuse, neither did they have the right to refuse, much less dare to do so. The old man's family name was Liu. In Freezing Sky Clan, his post may not be as high as the left preceptor, but he had high seniority. He was usually rather eccentric, but lived alone in a mountain. He might be one of the people in Freezing Sky Clan, but in truth, he did not bother with anything within Freezing Sky Clan. It was almost as if he was temporarily living in the school.

Sometimes, he would be very gentle, but there were also times when he would be terrifyingly sullen.

Even the left preceptor in Freezing Sky Clan had to wrap his fist in his palm and call this old man Sept Granduncle.

There were some rumors regarding this old man within Freezing Sky Clan. All of these rumors would make those who heard them feel shaken and not dare to act rashly before this old man.

However, oddly enough, the old man's level of cultivation remained at the Bone Sacrifice Realm and seemed to not have changed at all over the years.

When the old man asked the question, not only was the woman uneasy, the man beside her also became worried. They did not know the meaning behind the old man's sudden words.

"What is the lass' power?" the old man asked once again.

"Leader Liu, by the indications from the left preceptor, the woman's power is near completion of the Blood Solidification Realm. Once we take her into the school, the left preceptor will take her in as his disciple..." the man immediately said respectfully.

"Taking her in as his disciple? Your left preceptor has discovered a real gem this time..."

The old man seemed to have felt something as he looked into the distance.

"If I'm correct, then the Relocation was offset because the deity statue of Transcendence has appeared in Han Mountain City!"

A strange light appeared in the old man's eyes. The moment his words appeared, the man and the woman's expressions instantly changed, and they whipped their heads towards the direction of Han Mountain City.

"The deity statue of Transcendence?!"

The woman took in a sharp breath and felt shaken. She knew clearly of the implications behind the appearance of the deity statue of Transcendence. Even within Freezing Sky Clan, Berserkers who could summon the deity statue when they Transcended were still a rare sight.

"No wonder the Lord Left Preceptor regards this woman so highly. She managed to summon the deity statue of Transcendence before she even joined Freezing Sky Clan. Once she joins the school, her status will definitely be different!"

The man was shocked, and thoughts of becoming acquainted with Yan Fei appeared in his mind.

"Unless there is another Berserker who attained completion of the Blood Solidification Realm in Han Mountain City right now, then the lass you are about to receive has just reached a breakthrough."

The old man shook his head and seemed to be rather moved by what was happening as he walked forward.

"There's no way two Berserkers who attained completion of the Blood Solidification Realm would appear in Han Mountain City so coincidentally. Junior sister Han Fei Zi must have summoned the deity statue of Transcendence."

A faint smile appeared on the man's face as he followed behind the old man.

"Once junior sister Han Fei Zi joins the school, she will definitely shine like a jewel and shock Freezing Sky. I'm very curious about her. Once we meet her, I'll have to get to know her."

A beautiful smile appeared on the woman's face as she spoke softly.

The old man did not speak. The three of them turned into long arcs and charged forward. As they got closer to Han Mountain City, they gradually sensed the domineering presence coming from the sky. The clouds tumbled, and it looked as if there was a vague deity statue materializing rapidly within clouds.

The pressure fell upon them the strongest when the three of them were 5,000 li away from Han Mountain City.

"What great might, the deity statue that junior sister Han Fei Zi summoned... seems to be slightly different from the statues that the others summoned within the school when they Transcended," the man mused, though he was incredibly relaxed.

"That's right. I've seen the deity statue of Transcendence appear four times, this is the fifth time, but the pressure I feel this time is the strongest. We're not even close, and we already feel this way when we're 5,000 li away..."

The woman also gasped in admiration. Just like the man, the thought of befriending Han Fei Zi within her heart became clearer.

However, the two of them did not realize that a strange light appeared in the old man's eyes as they got closer, and his expression became more solemn. Eventually, he suddenly came to a halt and stared at the sky, gradually overcome with amazement and shock.

"You said before that the lass is close to attaining completion of the Blood Solidification Realm?" the old man suddenly asked.

The man and woman also stopped as he did so. They were slightly confused by the old man's words, but they still replied respectfully.

"Leader Liu, junior sister Han Fei Zi was appraised by the Lord Left Preceptor personally in the past."

The old man fell silent for a moment before he asked again, "How long ago was that?"

"The left preceptor came here once about half a year ago," the extraordinarily good looking man quickly replied.

He was afraid the old man would want to take her in as a disciple, that was why he mentioned the left preceptor again in his words.

"The Lord Left Preceptor is placing a lot of importance on junior sister Han Fei Zi. I heard that he already wanted to take her in as a disciple a few years ago. He did not take in any other disciple during these few years because he wanted to focus all his attention on our junior sister."

The girl by his side spoke softly with a respectful tone.

"Half a year ago?"

A bright light appeared in the old man's eyes.

"Yes. Junior sister Han Fei Zi does indeed have shocking talent. To be able to attain completion of the Blood Solidification Realm within half a year... I can't compare to her."

The man sighed deeply.

The old man remained silent for a while before he sad slowly, "Is this just completion of the Blood Solidification Realm? Take a closer look. This deity statue of Transcendence would not appear for a Berserker who attained completion of the Blood Solidification Realm. This is clearly the true form of Transcendence that will only appear for a Berserker who attains the great completion of the Blood Solidification Realm!"

The moment he spoke, the man and woman's expressions drastically changed.

"Great completion of the Blood Solidification Realm?! Junior sister attained great completion of the Blood Solidification Realm within half a year?! This is... This is..."

The man was completely stunned. His eyes widened in disbelieving shock.

"Transcending during great completion... if the Lord Left Preceptor knew about this, he'd have definitely come personally!"

The woman trembled and looked towards Han Mountain City.

At that moment in Han Mountain City, as the deity statue of Transcendence materialized in the sky, its might descended upon them, causing the earth to start shaking faintly. All those within the Blood Solidification Realm could no longer stand on their feet. They fell to the ground on their knees. Even some of the Transcended Berserkers found that they could not withstand the pressure. Before long, they would also be forced to fall to their knees and worship the statue.

Su Ming could feel the urge to Transcend within him reaching its limit, but 986 blood veins still could not make him satisfied.

He stood on the Chain and took a huge step forward, instantly closing up the 1,000 feet worth of distance between him and Puqiang Mountain. When there was only 700 feet between them, a booming sound rang out within Su Ming's body once again, and as the heavens and earth trembled, another blood vein manifested!

987 blood veins!

The moment the 987th blood vein manifested, the clouds in the sky tumbled furiously. An amorphous, gigantic deity statue appeared in the mist!

That statue seemed to look exactly the same as the deity statue of Transcendence that appeared a few months ago, but if people took a closer look, thy would see that there were some differences. For starters, the pressure it exuded far surpassed the pressure they felt a few months ago. The liveliness and intelligence of the statue from a few months ago too could not compare with this statue. If the deity statue from a few months ago seemed to possess the spirit of a human, then the statue now seemed to contain the spirit of a deity!

"I order thee... Transcend!"

The voice traveled to the entire region and turned into a sound that drowned out the sounds of thunder. The voice droned as it descended from the sky, and as it came, the weather changed, the earth shook, and rocks fell from mountains. When the voice fell upon them, it caused all those who were in the Blood Solidification Realm to fall to their knees worshipping and feel shaken to the core. A buzzing sound filled their minds and turned them blank.

The Transcended Berserkers could no longer stand on their feet. Nan Tian and the others were forced onto their knees as well, and their bodies trembled. In the entire region around Han Mountain, only the Elders of the three tribes and Yan Luan could remain standing.

The Elder of Lake of Colors may seem frail, but the fact that she could remain standing in the face of the deity statue of Transcendence was a testament that her power was definitely not as rumored!

The moment Su Ming heard the voice, his Qi erupted forth from within his body. Many ripples also formed on the giant that was formed by his blood veins above him, looking as if it was about to break down and reassemble. The 987 blood veins on the giant's body started trembling.

Three people charged through the sky, still 4,000 li away from Han Mountain City. However, as they got closer to the city, the pressure increased, causing their speed to decrease.

Nonetheless, although they were thousands of lis away, the majestic voice that traveled out from Han Mountain still rang clearly in their ears!

The old man looked calm, the only change on him was that his pupils shrank slightly. However, the man and woman were so badly shaken that they could barely stand. Conflict and eagerness appeared on their faces.

"Junior sister Han Fei Zi has Transcended..."

"She Transcended during the great completion of the Blood Solidification Realm. Once she's done, her power..."