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 Chapter 188: Great Completion!

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The crowd's opinions varied. Discussions and uproars that shook the sky rose among them. The challenge of the Chains of Han Mountain this time made all those paying attention feel as if their emotions were surging like waves, and they could not help it. Whether it was Su Ming's failure and fall, or his subsequent rise from the canyons, or even the words that came from Puqiang that eventually sparked the anger and outcries of disagreements that broke the silence that seemed to be still lingering in their ears-all of these made them excited, made their hearts surge with waves of emotions.

However, compared to these, the shock they felt at the moment completely overcame all that they previously felt. The sight that unfolded before them was of a person with his head lifted towards the sky on the Chain and a giant above them, catching all their attention.

979 blood veins. This was something that most people could not see in their lives. It was also something that most people could not do in their lives.

As the clouds tumbled in the sky, the sight that had appeared a few months ago surfaced in their hearts, and one of the two great mysterious people that was the center of all topics in Han Mountain City appeared before their eyes.

That emotion was too difficult to describe with words, only shock could be marginally used to describe it!

On Puqiang Mountain, the Elder of Puqiang Tribe was deathly pale. His mind was in turmoil, and he lost all ability to think. All the things that had happened during that one day made him feel helpless. First it was Han Mountain Bell's chimes that caused the fog protecting their mountain to scatter, then it was the catastrophe that almost fell upon them. They had just managed to escape from it by a hair's breadth and he was looking at the person who brought the disaster on their heads with a cold, murderous look, when he suddenly realized that the person who was the source of the calamity only needed one more blood vein before he attained full completion right before his eyes.

Even if the three tribes banded together, they still could not provoke a person like this, much less him alone!

If such a person manifested one more blood vein and Transcended, he could surpass all the powerful Berserkers in the middle stage of the Transcendence Realm! There was no way Puqiang Tribe would dare to provoke such a person!

When he thought back on their plots against this person as they tried to prevent him from continuing the challenge, it made a strong sense of fear grow within the Elder's heart.

"He wanted to use the Chains of Han Mountain as a shock to himself so that he could gain one more blood vein... and we were deliberately making things difficult for him. Once he succeeds..." the Elder of Puqiang Tribe mumbled, and anguish rose within his heart.

"No wonder he had dared to snatch what belonged to Sir Si Ma. He... has the right to do so!"

The man who looked like a mountain of flesh took a deep breath and immediately took a few steps forward to stand at the edge of the mountain. He forced out a smile and wrapped his fist in his palm before bowing deeply towards Su Ming, who was standing on the eighth section of the Chain.

"I am Kuang Zhang Ning, tribe leader of Puqiang Tribe. Greetings, sir. I hope you will forgive our previous transgressions. It is our honor that you chose our tribe's Chain. We will all wait here and hope that you will be able to gain one more blood vein. When your name sounds through all of South Morning, our tribe will be honored as well."

The man's voice was very sincere and his face was filled with reverence as he bowed three times in succession.

The Elder of Puqiang Tribe remained silent for a moment before he bowed deeply towards Su Ming. "I am Kuang Bei Xing, Elder of Puqiang Tribe. Greetings... sir."

When they saw their tribe leader and Elder doing so, the other leaders of Puqiang Tribe standing behind them also bowed in reverence.

Su Ming cast a glance at the Elder and tribe leader on Puqiang Mountain. He did not speak. When he manifested all his blood veins, he had already speculated that this would happen. If the Elder and tribe leader of a middle-sized tribe did not have this sort of resolution and forbearance, they would have long since been replaced by someone else.

Yet he was short on time. As the clouds tumbled in the sky, Su Ming felt the urge to Transcend that had been suppressed within his body showing signs of running out of control. He might Transcend at any moment.

"I will Transcend at Puqiang Mountain today. Defend me, and I will forgive all your previous transgressions," he stated languidly.

The Elder and tribe leader of Puqiang Tribe immediately lifted their heads. Shock appeared on their faces, but it was quickly replaced by a solemn expression as they nodded their heads and obeyed.

"Sir, worry not! I can also defend you! Please Transcend without worry. I will not agree to anyone disturbing you!" the old woman's voice came from Lake of Colors Mountain. Her voice might be old and aged, but there was strength in it, and a hint of steadfastness.

"I, Yan Luan, will also defend you. Please Transcend without worry!"

"I, Fang Zhen, Elder of Tranquil East Tribe, wish that you can increase your blood veins once again and reach the Transcendence Realm when you have attained great completion. This is a major event for all the three tribes in Han Mountain. I will also defend you, please Transcend without worry!"

"I, Fang Shen, tribe leader of Tranquil East Tribe, am willing to defend you!"

"I, Nan Tian, am willing to defend you! Please, do not worry!"

"I, Ke Jiu Si, am willing to defend you!"

"Me too! I've never seen a Berserker who attained great completion Transcending. Today, I, Leng Ying, will defend you!"

At the same moment, waves of sounds stirred up in the crowd in Han Mountain City. Those waves were from numerous people telling Su Ming respectfully in declaration that they were willing to defend him. Gradually, the entire world seemed to be filled with the echoing waves of sounds, which turned into an earth shattering statement.

"We are willing to defend you!"

Su Ming stood on the Chain and wrapped his fist as thanks towards all those around him. Then he took an abrupt step forward as his Qi in his entire body circulated and turned into a blood red light that illuminated the sky. The blood-red light shone out from within his body. The apparition of a giant above him was also glowing with red light, causing the entire region to be dyed in an impressive shade of red at that very moment!

As his Qi circulated, Su Ming also activated the Branding Art and entered fine control, causing each step he took to be his most powerful step. Due to his Qi, the absorption of his life force gradually balanced out on the Chain.

With each step, the red light flickered on Su Ming's body. He had already traversed half of the eighth section of the Chain. With all his Qi in motion, his speed increased. Eventually, he was practically not looking at the Chain under his feet as he moved forward, but each time he took a step, his feet would land precisely on the Chain.

After the time it takes to burn an incense stick, when Su Ming stood on the eighth stone pillar, there was only one final section left before him before he reached Puqiang Mountain!

It was also at that moment that due to the continuous circulation of Qi as he walked forward, the mighty presence coming out from within his body increased once again with a loud bang!

Su Ming expected this increase. It was already very difficult for him to suppress the urge to Transcend; he didn't have any further thoughts of suppressing it again. Today, he would finish challenging the Chains of Han Mountain. Today, he would Transcend!

A flash of shocking red light appeared on the forehead of the muddled face covered by blood veins belonging to the giant formed by blood veins... The 980th blood vein appeared!

The moment the blood vein appeared, the sky rumbled incessantly. The layers of clouds tumbled as if there was a pair of hands that reached deep within them and split them apart forcefully. As the clouds were torn apart, sunlight fell on the earth clearly and gathered on Su Ming's body.

At the same time, a twisted apparition appeared in the sky. The scene that occurred in Han Mountain a few months ago appeared once again!

This was the sign that the deity statue of Transcendence was about to manifest. This symbolized that before long, the deity statue of Transcendence would descend upon them once more!

The sky rumbled incessantly. A large amount of clouds were ripped apart. A gentle light fell upon the entire world. The earth trembled slightly. A strong, imposing pressure accumulated in the sky. It had yet to fall upon people, but it was enough to make them feel shaken.

Su Ming jolted. There was also a blood vein gathering on his forehead. That blood vein laid diagonally as if it penetrated his entire face. Once it appeared, he could clearly feel a boom that could shake the sky and earth within his body. No one else could hear that sound. Only he could.

As the boom resounded, he felt strong. He could feel a vague calling in the sky! In fact, at that moment, he felt that all the people around him, even all the powerful Transcended Berserkers, were giving him a distinct sense that they were all weak.

It was even more so for those in the Blood Solidification Realm. Su Ming had an impression that with just one thought, he could make all the blood veins leave the bodies of those still in the Blood Solidification Realm. As for those in the Transcendence Realm, they were no longer powerful in his eyes.

Only the presence of a Berserker in the middle stage of the Transcendence Realm coming from each of the three tribes could make Su Ming pay slight attention to them.

'This is the great completion in the Blood Solidification Realm..?'

Su Ming closed his eyes before he reopened them slowly, no longer suppressing the urge to Transcend. He lifted his foot and moved towards the ninth section of the Chain.

"9... 80... blood veins!"

The Elder of Puqiang Tribe trembled. He no longer harbored any antagonistic thoughts towards Su Ming, who stood on the stone pillar before him. There was only deep reverence within him.

"Great completion... of the Blood Solidification Realm... This is the first time I see someone like this. Berserkers who can attain great completion like this should be rare in the entire Land of South Morning!"

There was a frenzied look in the eyes of the tribe leader of Puqiang Tribe. All Berserkers worshipped the powerful. The person before him was definitely someone who could Transcend. Once he Transcended, then he would in no doubt be the strongest person in the entire region in Han Mountain!

On Tranquil East Mountain, the Elder's breathing quickened. He had already came to a conclusion that this person was somehow connected to Si Ma Xin, perhaps something like... destiny?

The Elder of Tranquil East did not dare speculate. It did not matter whether it was Mo Su or Si Ma Xin, he could not freely form speculations about them. However, it was his belief that if Mo Su entered Freezing Sky Clan and returned to Han Mountain once again, he would be a presence that was akin to the blazing sun.

Fang Shen was thrilled. He knew that his son, Fang Mu, could truly be cured. Mo Su did not lie to him.

"He attained great completion!"

The old woman looked at the Chains of Han Mountain on Lake of Colors Mountain, then at Han Fei Zi, who stood in the distance, and a strange glint appeared in her eyes.

"Fei Er, I've already prepared everything for you, whether you succeed or not once you enter Freezing Sky Clan will depend on your luck."

As the power in the sky gathered together, when the crowd in Han Mountain City saw the 980th blood vein appear on Su Ming's body, all sounds of discussions and uproars died. Their gazes spoke of everything in their thoughts.

Great completion of the Blood Solidification Realm!

It was also at this moment that Han Mountain Bell, which was located by the side of the stone gate connecting the third and second layer, let out a faint and muffled bell chime even though no one touched it.