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 Chapter 186: The Outburst In The Midst of Silence

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When everyone fell silent in Han Mountain City, an old and aged voice suddenly came from Lake of Colors Mountain. That voice was a little weak, but the moment that voice appeared, it instantly broke the stillness caused by the people's silence!

All their eyes gathered on Lake of Colors Mountain. Most of the people were unfamiliar with the voice that suddenly rang out. They only knew that the voice came from Lake of Colors Tribe, but they did not know the identity of the person who spoke.

However, there were still people who recognized the owner of the voice. Shocked expressions immediately appeared on their faces, and they whipped their heads around to look at Lake of Colors Mountain.

Nan Tian's body shuddered. He had, of course, recognized the owner of the voice, and he immediately looked over.

Leng Yin also sucked in a sharp breath and looked towards Lake of Colors Mountain.

Ke Jiu Si was definitely the one outsider who was feeling the most overwhelmed at that moment. He knew the identity of the person who spoke, and because he had been a guest in Lake of Colors, he also knew a secret that practically no outsider would know - the terrifying aspects of the oft ignored Lake of Colors' Elder due to the rumors spread among the outsiders that the head of Lake of Colors was the tribe leader.

"Lake of Colors'... Elder!"

Yan Luan's expression immediately changed on Lake of Colors Mountain. She looked towards the old woman by her side. She did not expect the Elder to say such words at this moment. This act would in no doubt offend Puqiang. Even with the previous attempts to repair their relationship, it would be completely broken because of this.

Sometimes, killing someone for personal gain was perhaps something trivial for two small tribes, but at this moment, if she said this before all the people in Han Mountain City, then this sentence would bring about almost irreparable damage!

She suddenly understood why the Elder had been flexing her right hand repeatedly just now. The answer to the Elder's hesitation, which she did not understand, was revealed.

'Could the Elder have predicted that something like this would happen, that's why... she was hesitant..?'

Yan Luan took a deep breath and lowered her head.

The words of Lake of Colors' Elder reverberated in the area, causing the signs of an outburst in Han Mountain City to begin appearing among the crowd. However, they still remained silent.

On Puqiang Mountain, the expression immediately changed on the man who looked like a mountain of flesh. The sullen old man who spoke by his side was momentarily stunned and found himself at a loss for words.

The Elder of Puqiang Tribe frowned and anger appeared in his eyes. He slowly stood up and looked towards Lake of Colors Mountain.

After a long while, he uttered his words slowly. "You are the Elder of Lake of Colors, of course you have the right."

The moment he spoke, the ones who did not know the identity of the person in Han Mountain City immediately fell into a state of shock and amazement. However, oddly enough, they did not talk amongst themselves. Instead, they turned this shock into a force for an outburst that was about to appear in the midst of their silence.

"I disagree with this!" The Elder of Lake of Colors Tribe, the old woman who looked increasingly lethargic, said languidly.

Yan Luan gritted her teeth and shouted out, "I, Yan Luan, tribe leader of Lake of Colors Tribe, also disagree with this!"

The voices of the tribe leader and the Elder were the most significant will in a tribe. Yan Luan and the Elder's words symbolized the stand Lake of Colors Tribe decided to take. The meaning behind their words was enough to shake the entire Han Mountain!

"Very well! Very well!"

The entire Puqiang Tribe was in shock. Countless Puqiang Tribe's members were filled with anger, and their expressions changed. On the summit, the Elder of Puqiang Tribe laughed in anger, and his laughter was incredibly dark.

The old man who previously spoke by his side was shivering. He had a feeling that all of this was related to what he had just said. That feeling became stronger when the man who looked like a mountain of flesh glared at him coldly.

The man who looked like a mountain of flesh took a deep breath and stood up beside the Elder of Puqiang Tribe. He glared at Lake of Colors Mountain venomously and was just about to speak...

Yet at that moment!

An old and aged bark of laughter traveled forth from Tranquil East Mountain.

"I disagree with this as well!"

"I, Fang Shen, tribe leader of Tranquil East Tribe, too, disagree with this!"

Right after the Elder of Tranquil East spoke, Fang Shen's authoritative voice also reverberated in the air.

"I, Han Cang Zi, disciple of Freezing Sky Clan, tribe member of Tranquil East Tribe, also disagree with this!"

Han Cang Zi's voice had always been delicate, yet at this moment, there was a steadfast tone within that delicate voice.

On Puqiang Mountain, the man who looked like a mountain of flesh staggered and his expression changed. At that moment, the people of Puqiang Tribe were no longer angry, but incredibly uneasy. They had a feeling that something big was about to happen!

The Elder of Puqiang Tribe turned pale. The anger in his eyes burned stronger. He was about to speak, when suddenly, voices came once again, this time from Han Mountain City.

"I, Yan Fei from Lake of Colors Tribe, disagree with Puqiang's decision."

"I, Nan Tian of the Transcendence Realm of Han Mountain City, disagree!"

"I, Ke Jiu Si of the Transcendence Realm of Han Mountain City, disagree!"

"I, Leng Ying of Han Mountain City, disagree with Puqiang Tribe's decision!"

Right after Lake of Colors and Tranquil East, the four voices that traveled forth from Han Mountain City finally provided the final burst of energy necessary to break the silence. Without including Han Fei Zi, the other three were powerful Transcended Berserkers. It would have been useful if only one of them spoke, but the intimidating force created when the three of them spoke in succession, while not as powerful as a small tribe, was still a force that could not be overlooked!

Especially when they were also outsiders!

That was enough!

"I, Lu Tao, Han Mountain outsider, disagree with this!"

"I'm also an outsider in Han Mountain, even if I don't have the right, I'm also telling you, Puqiang! I disagree!"

"I, Song Yun, an outsider, disagree with this!"

Roars broke out from among the silent crowd within Han Mountain City. As the voices shouted out, more and more people broke out from their silence and cried out. They broke out of their silence and opened their mouths, howling towards Puqiang Mountain!

"I, Luo Hai, Han Mountain outsider, disagree!"

"I, Yan Luo, Han Mountain outsider, disagree!"

"I, Chen Feng, outsider, disagree!"

"I, Qiao Da, also disagree!"

"Me too. I, Qiao Song, also disagree..."

The voices shook the sky and earth, and gradually, everyone within Han Mountain City shouted out their thoughts. The countless people within Han Mountain City cried out the same words, and their voices blended together to form an outcry that could overcome the sound of thunder. Although saying that their voices shook the sky and earth was slightly too much of an exaggeration, it could still cause alarm to Puqiang Tribe.

The voices rumbled and shook the region, as if it could drown Puqiang Tribe in a wave of sound, causing all the people on Puqiang Mountain to turn pale with terror and disbelief.

The man who looked like a mountain of flesh did not speak for a long time on the mountain. He had not expected for things to turn out this way. This was no longer something that was solely related to the challenger of the Chain. This was a surprise attack launched against them by all the people in Han Mountain City, along with Lake of Colors and Tranquil East!

It was something of such epic proportions that could overturn the entire Puqiang Tribe. This was blatant animosity. If they did not handle this with care, then they might even bring doom upon themselves!

He was afraid. This fear even turned into terror.

"This is a conspiracy! This must be a conspiracy that was planned a long time ago!"

The man who looked like a mountain of flesh whipped his head around to look at the Elder.

The Elder's face was pale. This had long since exceeded his expectations, and just like the man who looked like a mountain of flesh, he too, absolutely did not expect things to turn out this way.

"Elder, please make a decision quickly!"

The man that looked like a mountain of flesh was brimming with anxiety. He saw that the people around them were already overcome by terror, and their tribe members were crying out in fear.

The shouts of disagreement traveled from outside, growing stronger to the volume of thunder, causing them to feel shocked and terrified. Even though only some of the people who shouted were Transcended Berserkers, even though most of those who cried out were only at the Blood Solidification Realm, and some were even like ants in their eyes.


When the man who looked like a mountain of flesh saw that the Elder still remained unmoving, he whipped his head around to look at the old man who had spoken rashly in his panic.

The old man trembled. He had felt that something bad was about to happen to him, and when he saw the tribe leader turning to look at him, the old man instinctively backed down. A sense of death looming over his head abruptly rose within him, and right at the moment the man who looked like a mountain of flesh moved and charged towards him, the old man quickly withdrew, a shrill cry tumbling out of his mouth.

"I'm the chief of the hunters, even if you're the tribe leader, you can't apprehend me because of one sentence!"

Even if the old man was running, the man who looked like a mountain of flesh had already closed in on him.

"Elder! I contributed to the tribe! I'm one of the leaders in the tribe!"

The old man was terrified. Even as he retreated, no one came forth to help him. All of them were silent and watched as the man who looked like a mountain of flesh closed in on him and seized him with his right hand.

"You forced my hand!"

When the old man saw that he was cornered, hatred and viciousness immediately appeared on his face. He did not want to die. He was just about to launch a desperate attack when the Elder who had been staying silent all this while turned around at this moment.


His voice was not great, but it was filled with authority, causing the man who looked like a mountain of flesh to flinch. Once he descended to the ground, he looked at the Elder anxiously.

The old man also let out a huge sigh of relief. He also looked at the Elder with anxiousness and uncertainty.

"The chief of hunters has contributed to the tribe..."

The Elder of Puqiang Tribe was passive, and no emotion could be seen on his face, be it happiness or anger. As he spoke, he walked forward.

"But, Elder..." The man who looked like a mountain of flesh was just about to speak, but his words were cut off by the Elder.

"Not only did he contribute to the tribe, he's also loyal to the tribe. How can we condemn him because of one sentence? I cannot do something like this!" The Elder said languidly as he continued walking forward.

Only then did the old man completely relax. Sweat beaded on his forehead and gratitude appeared in his eyes as he looked at the Elder. He wrapped his fist in his palm and bowed towards him.

"He is loyal and even if the tribe is in danger of destruction, he would not run for his own life. He would live for the tribe, and die for the tribe. Is that not so, chief of the hunters?"

As the Elder spoke, he was already 30 feet away from the old man.

"As long as the tribe is here, then I will be here! If the tribe is in danger, then I won't live either!" the old man quickly said.

The Elder came within ten feet from the old man and spoke languidly. "If that is the case, then I will fulfil your wish. Thank you for all that you've done for the tribe."

The moment his words came out, the old man was dumbfounded, then his expression drastically changed. Just as he was about to run away, the Elder lifted his right hand and swung it abruptly. The chief of the hunters immediately let out a pained scream and bundles of black mist instantly surrounded his body. He trembled, and his body was enveloped by the mist before it charged out of Puqiang Mountain. In the blink of an eye, he was brought above the howling Han Mountain City.