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 Chapter 166: Completion of the Blood Solidification Realm

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Su Ming could not describe what he saw. Perhaps he did not even see anything.

Yet he was still struggling to see clearly, even though he did not even know himself just what he wanted to see. The world before him was black; there was no light.

"Do I desire to see light..?" Su Ming mumbled a question that no one cared to answer. There was no answer to this, neither did he think that he required an answer any longer.

Because he suddenly understood. What he needed was neither light nor darkness.

"What I want to see... is clarity... I want to see the naked truth..."

Su Ming closed his eyes, but not just his physical eyes. He also shut down his thoughts, his mind, and his soul.

It was as if that slit that had been forcibly opened could no longer withstand the pressure and finally chose to close up once again, as if he had just struggled up to the edges of the abyss and lifted his head to see the world outside before he fell back inside.

Even so, he still managed to see something.

'If the day comes and I finally understand who I am, only then will I... be me. Right now, I am Su Ming. I... am Mo Su.'

Su Ming opened his eyes. There was still bewilderment in them, but that bewilderment was already hidden away deep within his heart and his thoughts.

He suddenly felt extremely lonely. That loneliness stemmed from his heart, as if he had been abandoned by the entire world and the entire universe. He felt as if he had just lost his soul and could not find it. He was like a lost child that could not find his way back, like a wanderer that left his home and forgot the smell of his home in this vast world.

'Wherefore doth thou cry, o blue sky..?'

Su Ming had once been ignorant about these words, and had even mulled over them. Right now, they appeared in his heart, and he gradually began to understand them somewhat.

He fell silent.

The calmness in his eyes exuded an air of loneliness as he sat quietly in the silent mountain cave. However, while his calm and silence this time may have seemed similar to how he was previously, it was in truth completely different from before.

In his memories, after he experienced everything in Dark Mountain and woke up in the strange and unfamiliar Land of South Morning, he learned how to be silent, how to be calm, and how to be alone.

Yet he had learned all these to hide. It was used to hide the true emotions in his heart. It was simply a childish disguise.

Right now, as Su Ming lifted his right hand and touched the scar on his face, there was no longer any need for his silence and calmness to hide anything. It came straight from his heart, and instead of a cover, it became something that stemmed from his soul.

Su Ming lowered his head and mumbled to himself, "Have I grown up..?"

In his memories, the brilliantly smiling boy who had spoke naively and had the elder hold his hand like a child still remained in his heart.

The childhood friend who had asked him in the snow whether they would remain together until they became old, and her hair that had a slight fragrance, still remained in Su Ming's heart.

"I grew up."

Su Ming lifted his head. The moment he did so, booming sounds instantly burst forth from within his body and reverberated around him. It turned into a large number of echoes in the mountain cave, sounding as if they had turned into low roars and howls that did not disappear even after a long time had passed.

Amidst these booming sounds, red light shone from Su Ming's body. This red light instantly illuminated the dark mountain cave in a shade of red, causing everything inside to sink into a world where everything was red.

Brilliant red!

It signified power and a person's level of cultivation. This here was a shade of red that pierced into the eyes of all those who looked at it!

With Su Ming acting as the center, that red light shone strongly outward, into its surroundings. Under Su Ming's silence and calmness, the robes he wore were shredded into pieces and disappeared into nothingness. Only the storage bag and other items remained, falling by his feet.

Once his robes disappeared, an innumerable amount of dense blood veins could be seen covering Su Ming's body. It was difficult for a normal person to tell just how many of them there were with just one glance. Only Su Ming himself knew. As of then, there were 937 blood veins on his body!

'If I don't die, then this will become my serendipity... Han Kong... thank you.'

Su Ming was not surprised by the change in his body. Han Kong's words rose up in his heart. He could also clearly feel the presence of the Berserker Bone that had assimilated into his body. He could still feel it slowly melting within him.

It should not have been so easy for Su Ming to absorb the Berserker Bone, but due to the doings of fate, the body of the original owner of this Berserker Bone had been refined into Han Kong's replica. Han Kong himself might not have had the time to train and increase the power of the replica, but it still had experienced a silent transformation due to the Berserker's influence over the years.

As the Bone melted, the power that spilled out from it was the prime reason why Su Ming's power was increasing by leaps and bounds!

He sat down and melted away all his confusion into his heart. He did not want to show it. He did not know where his path led to, but he knew one thing-only when he was powerful could he find the answers to his questions. Only then could he have the chance and time to find his own answers.

'I don't care whether this is destiny or whether my memories have been wiped out. Some day, I will find the answer, and when I find that answer... I will obtain the right to decide my own fate!'

Su Ming took in a deep breath. The blood veins in his body let out a loud bang and increased once again.

941, 943... and they continued increasing until they reached 952!

950 blood veins was a rare sight in the land of Berserkers. This state was known as the completion of the Blood Solidification Realm! Those who managed to manifest 980 blood veins would be known to have attained great completion of the Blood Solidification Realm. Those who could arrive at this state in the Blood Solidification Realm were incredibly rare!

Even if there was someone who used the same method as Su Ming and absorbed a Berserker Bone from the Bone Sacrifice Realm, without Han Kong's influence on that Bone over the thousands of years, they would not be able to obtain the same results. It was not as easy as it sounded either. The Berserker Blood within the person's body was also an important factor.

At the moment the 952nd blood vein appeared on Su Ming's body, there were nearly a hundred people in the once hidden grounds of Han Mountain. These people were either in groups of three or five, or were moving alone. They were all spread out as they searched around the hidden grounds.

This place was originally quiet, but at the moment, although the ground did not move, all the Berserkers in the place suddenly felt the blood veins in their bodies going into disarray as if they had just lost control over them.

This sudden change immediately shocked them.

"What happened!"

A middle aged man came out of a valley, which was one of the spots where the herbs were planted. His expression changed. His blood veins were all gathering together automatically in his body, causing his entire body to let out red light. It made the middle-aged man momentarily stunned before an alarmed look appeared on his face.

All the people who were gathered in the hidden grounds had the same reaction at this moment. They were enveloped by the light spreading out from the blood veins in their bodies. That blood light was not stable, as if there was an incredibly powerful absorption force dragging that light, trying to separate it from their bodies.

"What... what is this? What's going on here?!"

"I can't control my blood veins anymore. Damn it! This only happens if I run into a Transcended Berserker. Is there a Berserker in the Transcendence Realm here?"

"That's not right. This is difficult even for Berserkers in the Transcendence Realm. There aren't even 100 people in this place right now. Look at the red light around us. It's clear that everyone lost control of their blood veins..."

The people in the hidden grounds burst into a commotion and it stirred up a wave of panic and alarm within them. If they were in another place, perhaps this panic would not appear. After all, all the Berserkers who came to this place were not weaklings.

Yet this place was the most mysterious place in Han Mountain City just two months ago. Even though it was now open to the public and two months had gone by, some degree of mysteriousness still remained to it!

If such a drastic change happened in a place like this, how could they not be alarmed?

'There must be a secret here that the three tribes had not discovered. It might have just been activated, and it already made me feel as if my blood veins are going to fall apart and fly out from my body... I cannot stay here!'

A white haired old man quickly left the place to return to Han Mountain with a grave expression on his pale and ashen face. In his mind, this place was incredibly dangerous. It was not a place that he could explore.

However, he had only just started running and had not even managed to cover a distance of 1,000 feet when a rumble that shook the earth suddenly came upon the numerous valleys in the hidden grounds.

Once the tremors started, the earth moved and mountains shook, causing the wind and clouds to change. It made all the people in the hidden grounds let out cries of surprise.

That old man did not even turn back to look. His heart pounded against his chest and his determination to leave this place as soon as possible became stronger.

Quite a few people harbored the same thoughts. There were dozens of Berserkers around the area, and they were all dashing from different locations towards the exit.

However, right after the tremor, a strong wave of intimidating pressure suddenly swept through the place like a typhoon, instantly covering the entire hidden grounds. The pressure came too suddenly, catching everyone off-guard.

Booming sounds reverberated through the air, the intimidating pressure so great it shook the sky. All those who wanted to leave trembled. They could not help but stop under the pressure to immediately sit down and circulate the blood in their blood veins to resist the pressure on their bodies.

The starry sky that originally existed in above had disappeared as the seal was broken. What they saw then was a clear blue sky that stretched far into the distance. This piece of sky belonged to the Berserkers and to the Land of South Morning.

At that moment, clouds tumbled in the sky. As they gathered together, a golden light surrounded them. This strange change immediately attracted the attention of all the people in Han Mountain City. Even those from the three tribes cast their eyes towards that scene.


"What happened? Why did the sky suddenly change?"

"Are the people from Freezing Sky Clan here already? That can't be right. They should only be here several months later according to their schedule..."

"What strong pressure... My blood veins are already going slightly out of control! Just what is the meaning of this strange phenomenon?"

"What's the meaning of this sight? The clouds are gathering, golden light is surrounding them, could it be... Could it be that a treasure has just appeared?"

Almost every single person in Han Mountain City put aside whatever they were doing and lifted their heads to look at the sky, and sounds of discussions started buzzing in the air. The people's faces were filled with astonishment and perplexity. Some of them were even showing hints of fear towards the unknown.

"This... This is..."

Within Han Mountain City was an old man who was trembling slightly. This old man stood in the crowd with a cane supporting him as he looked dumbly at the sky. In his eyes was not bewilderment but disbelief and astonishment.

"This is the God of Berserkers' Blessing that will only appear when a person who has attained great completion of the Blood Solidification Realm reaches the Transcendence Realm! This is..." the old man cried out instinctively.

His words were overheard by the people around him. After a short period of silence, cries of surprise that grew increasingly stronger burst forth from among them.