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 Chapter 163: If You Don't Die, Then This Will Become Your Serendipity

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"How would the Berserkers understand the Runes of us Immortals? This has long since not been a four dimensional layer seal, there's another half a layer left!"

Su Ming's vision was clouded. Once it became clear, he appeared in a dark place. It was a mountain cave. There was no light around him. He only had minimum vision.

"Hurry, send me back. I was heavily injured in the past and could not recover. I've given up on my real body and only have this replica left. I won't be able to last long. Once my real body dies and I haven't left this place, I will die as well!

"Only if my replica leaves the Berserkers' domain and I cut ties with my main body using a different Law amongst the Immortals can I continue living."

Harsh pants came from beside Su Ming as Han Kong tightened his grip on his shoulder. His face was only seven inches away from Su Ming's. He stared into his eyes with madness and anxiety. At that moment, he was already nearing despair and no longer had the calmness he possessed previously.

Su Ming stayed silent for a moment before he spoke slowly. "I don't have any way to send you back."

"I'll say it once more, send me back!!" Han Kong roared and grabbed Su Ming's shoulders. Killing intent appeared on his face.

"If you don't believe me, you can use Possession on me and look through my memories to see whether I am lying to you..."

Su Ming's expression was calm as he looked at Han Kong. This was his goal!

When he was at the end of the tunnel outside the entrance, he understood many things. He became uncertain about whether he had truly lost some memories, so he could not ignore it. He wanted to understand everything about this.

Yet Su Ming knew that with his power, it was impossible for him to know what had happened to him. That was why he thought about Han Mountain's ancestor and what He Feng had talked about... Possession!

There was one thing about Possession - during the process, he could forcefully look through his memories!

He Feng could not do this, but Su Ming believed that Han Mountain's ancestor could.

'I want to know why there was pity in Han Cang Zi's eyes. I want to know why Nan Tian didn't mention the genocide of the Fire Berserkers in the hands of the God of Berserkers... I want to know about the aloof gaze and the words that reached me when I was walking on the red path. Why did it make me nervous and afraid..?

'I want to know whether I truly lost some memories, and if so, when did that happen...

'I want to know what happened in those lost memories...

'I want to know whether everything about the elder and Dark Mountain is just a dream...'

Su Ming closed his eyes, then reopened them. He stared at the harshly panting Han Kong.

"Help me. Tell me what I've lost in my memories, and you can also see for yourself the reason why I can't send you back to your home. You'll also see that I'm not lying to you.

"Help me... Tell me... who I am..." Su Ming whispered, and determination appeared in his eyes.

Han Kong stared at him. He did not know why, but under Su Ming's gaze, a hint of fear that he could not describe boiled in his heart. He was afraid of Su Ming's calmness. He was afraid, because he had never met someone who asked him to possess their bodies in his life.

"A simple Possession and Soulseek won't allow us to see complete memories, only fragments... If you won't send me back butoffer yourself to be Possessed, then I will help you!

"This replica of mine was refined from a Berserker's body. This person had already obtained the power of the Bone Sacrifice Realm while he was alive. If you truly want me to help you, then I will have to refine your body into my replica!

"If I die, then you will die with me. If you don't die, then this will become your serendipity. I will fulfill your wish!"

Han Kong had lived for many years, there was no way he would be unable to see through Su Ming's ploys, but he no longer had any time... A hint of maliciousness appeared in his eyes. He had waited for 8,000 years, and yet this was the outcome he obtained. He could not go home, could not go back to his birthplace.

He might even die at any moment. Once his real body was located outside this world died, he would also die. Instead of dying like that, he would rather refine the body of this Destiny who gave him hope and crushed it at the same time. He would have them die together. Still, no matter what, he could indeed see all his memories.

He did not wait for Su Ming to agree. Han Kong lifted his right hand swiftly and pressed it against his abdomen. His body started trembling viciously, and with a bang, he turned into a bundle of blood mist right before Su Ming's eyes.

The blood mist dyed Su Ming's body, then let out a golden glow. A small golden person about the size of a palm charged out of the mist towards the center of Su Ming's brows. That person was Han Kong, but his power was not something He Feng could compare.

The small person had already materialized and was not a Spirit Body, but the Origin Spirit that was even stronger than Spirit Infant! There was a golden spine in his body!

The spine may have been dark, but there was a savage and wild presence coming from it. This was the first piece of bone that would be reverted by a powerful Berserker in the Bone Sacrifice Realm!

This was slightly different from what Su Ming predicted, but the final result would be the same, anyway, so he did not resist. He looked at Han Kong's Origin Spirit descending upon him and closed his eyes.

'There are few plans in the world that could be made where all things are taken into consideration and attended to. Only when there are mistakes will there be chances of being right as well. I'll take the risk!'

The moment he closed his eyes, Han Kong's Origin Spirit touched the center of his brows and slipped in, disappearing in an instant. The moment he was gone, Su Ming started trembling violently. Pain appeared on his face, which was hidden underneath the mask.

The pain was much stronger than when He Feng had used Possession on him. The two levels of pain could not even begin to compare. They were like the difference between the sky and earth. Not only was his body aching like millions of bone needles had pierced into every single pore, he also felt as if there was a mountain range pressing on his mind, and it made him feel as if he was about to be crushed to pieces.

Under that great pain, drops of blood started seeping out from his face under the mask. That blood came from his bleeding nose, eyes, ears, and mouth!

It was difficult to describe the pain he felt, but Su Ming did not make a sound, neither did he fall into madness. He sat there with calmness in his eyes that seemed like still water in a well.

He endured the pain silently and quietly experienced Han Kong's act of either Possession or refining his body into a replica. He simply endured everything silently.

His vision became clouded, and he once again arrived in the place he had came to before - the world shrouded by a magnificent layer of fog, the place where there was only an empty space of hundreds of feet.

Su Ming was still that weak Spirit Sphere. As he floated in midair, the familiar sensation and his determination allowed him to not tremble and sink into fear. He turned his gaze towards Han Kong's Origin Spirit, which was letting out such a piercing golden light he felt it going to melt him.

The Origin Spirit was several feet tall. Compared to Su Ming, he was like a giant that stretched to the sky and earth. When he descended, the empty space of hundreds of feet trembled as if it could not withstand the force and was about to crumble.

That piercing golden light and the gigantic person made Su Ming feel as if he was caught in a rainstorm and that he was going to shatter at any moment, and that was before the giant even got close to him.

'What is with this mind..? Why is there so much fog here?!'

Once Han Kong saw his surroundings clearly, a shocked look appeared on the face of his Origin Spirit. He seemed to have understood what it meant since he swiftly turned to look towards Su Ming with a complicated look in his eyes.

"I will fulfill your request!"

The moment Han Kong's words left his mouth, the giant Origin Spirit opened his mouth wide and sucked in a breath in Su Ming's direction. Immediately, the Spirit Sphere that was Su Ming flew towards Han Kong.

Even if he was going to be possessed, this was still Su Ming's mind. He could still see the fog before him thinning rapidly, and the memories of his time in the Land of South Morning quickly rushing by...

"This time, will I be able to see it..?" he mumbled.