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 Chapter 159: Break The Relocation Seal

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Fog shrouded the sky. The strange stars shone dimly. Giant cracks tore the sky, telling all those who lifted their heads to look that the starry sky was fake and it did not exist.

There was a gigantic building in the plains surrounded by the numerous valleys under the starry sky. That building could not be seen clearly because the fog surrounding it obscured the view of all those trying to see it.

Yet if someone got closer, they would see that this building was a gigantic object shaped like a sword. That object pierced into the ground diagonally, and the part that was revealed was about thousands of feet tall.

It was entirely black and made from an unknown material. Dense scale like objects covered its surface. It looked like a sword, yet it was also rather similar to a ship.

Three tall altars shaped like towers surrounded three sides of the sword-ship object. The altars were colored white, black, and red, and they were each different from each other.

Compared to the aged feeling coming from the sword-ship object, those three altars in the shape of towers were clearly built later.

At that moment, the white altar was empty, and so was the black altar. Only the red altar was shining with a red light. That strong light pierced through the fog and surrounded the area, causing all those who saw it to have their vision entirely covered in red, even if they were standing far away.

A few dozen people floated around the red altar. One of them was Yan Luan. She wore a red robe and her hair floated around her as she looked at the sword-ship object with sparkling eyes.

Han Fei Zi followed behind her quietly. No one could see the changes in her expression due to the veil covering her face. They could only see that her eyes were glowing.

The area was silent, yet there were occasional muffled rumbles traveling forth from afar. If anyone searched for the source of the voice, they would see the people from Tranquil East, Puqiang, and Lake of Colors Tribe fighting against each other in two spots located rather far away from the place.

"We won't be able to hide from Tranquil East and Puqiang for long. They should have already noticed the changes in this place... Our time is short..." Han Fei Zi whispered.

"Even if Han Cang Zi and the Berserker from Puqiang Tribe are held back by the previous tribe leader and the Elder... she's still a member of Freezing Sky Clan. We mustn't kill her, nor can we kill her."

Han Fei Zi's gaze swept past Yan Luan.

"I'll be careful. I won't cause delay for your entering into Freezing Sky Clan." Yan Luan chuckled and turned around to look at Han Fei Zi. "I'm curious how that new guest of Tranquil East Tribe attracted you, so much so that you would spend your last wish to make me let go of my interest in him."

Yan Luan may have been smiling beautifully, but only those who knew her would be able to see the chill in her eyes.

"You do not lack mates, but I lack a companion," Han Fei Zi said softly.

Her voice may have been pleasant to the ears, but there was chill to it as well.

"Companion? Are you perhaps thinking..."

Yan Luan covered her mouth and laughed, but she did not finish speaking. She cast a profound look towards Han Fei Zi instead.

"It's time. It would be best if you open the seal and break the mark of slave tribes so that I can leave in peace," Han Fei Zi said softly, closing her eyes.

Yan Luan smiled faintly and turned back to look at the sword-ship object. A strange light appeared in her eyes. She lifted her right hand and pressed it over her heart before she fell to her knees in midair. Her face was no longer enchanting, but filled with pious devotion.

"Align the runes!" Yan Luan said softly.

The moment she spoke the words, thunder rumbled in midair, and multiple bolts of red lightning appeared out of nowhere. They intersected with each other and pervaded the sky as they continuously traveled about.

At the same time, the dozens of people from Lake of Colors Tribe behind Yan Luan floated up as if their bodies were pulled in by the lightning in the sky; they sat down in midair with respectful looks on their faces.

The traveling bolts of lightning were originally rather chaotic when they appeared and shone in the sky, but when the dozens of people from Lake of Colors Tribe floated in midair, all of the bolts surrounded them with these people acting as the center. Once the lightning connected to these people, a complicated picture was formed in midair.

That picture was the Relocation Rune.

"Han Fei Zi!" Yan Luan called out softly.

Han Fei Zi did not say a word but took a step forward and charged towards the picture. She sat down in the center of the picture and let out a deep breath, then closed her eyes.

"Statue of Lake of Colors, please descend upon us!"

"Statue of Lake of Colors, please descend upon us!"

"Statue of Lake of Colors, please descend upon us!"

These words fell out of the lips of the dozens of people in the sky one after another. Their voices blended together and turned into a growl. As it echoed in the surroundings, in the outside world, at the mountain where Lake of Colors Tribe was located, which was situated beside Han Mountain City in the Land of South Morning, all tribe members of Lake of Colors Tribe sat down with their legs crossed. Some of them were Berserkers, while the others were normal members of the tribe.

They all sat down with their eyes closed. At that moment, all of them bit their tongues at the same time and coughed out fresh blood. Every single drop of their blood rose into the sky and rapidly gathered in midair.

A giant contour of a face formed by blood appeared at the summit where Lake of Colors Tribe was located. It was the gigantic face of a woman filled with a dignified might. The moment she appeared, the light of relocation appeared outside the woman's face, causing her face to begin fading out despite the fact that she had just appeared.

The mountains where Tranquil East Tribe and Puqiang Tribe were located were strangely silent as their people looked at this sight. They did not show any signs of wanting to investigate. At that moment, on the stage situated at the summit of the mountain where Tranquil East Tribe was located were the tribe leader of Tranquil East, the Elder, and the many powerful Berserkers of Tranquil East Tribe. Among them were three old men who seemed to have crawled out of their coffins. Their bodies were letting out a rotten stench as they stood with their tribe members silently.

They did not look at Lake of Colors Tribe, but were looking instead at the middle aged man wearing a blue robe before them.

The man's hair was very long. He had his hands behind his back, and there was the picture of a mountain of ice sewn on his robes.

"I know that your hearts are unwilling..."

The man was very handsome. As he looked at the summit of Lake of Colors located in the distance, he spoke languidly.

"But this is the decision made by leader Sun within the clan. You may feel unwilling, but you must obey."

"We would not dare to. We will definitely comply with the orders given to us by the envoy, but Han Cang Zi is still inside..." The one who spoke was one of the three rotting old men. His face was calm as he spoke hoarsely.

"Would anyone dare to harm her?"

The middle-aged man smiled faintly.

The same scene appeared on the mountain where Puqiang Tribe was located. The leaders and powerful Beserkers of Puqiang Tribe stood respectfully before a middle-aged man in black. The man had the mark of a scorpion on his face. The scorpion looked vivid, as if it was a living creature.

"Leader Wang has given the orders that Puqiang is not allowed to interfere in this matter!"

At the same moment, within the hidden grounds under Han Mountain City, Han Fei Zi and the others were sitting down cross-legged as they activated the Relocation Rune formed by the red bolts of lightning. As red light shone into the sky, a strange pressure gradually appeared. The woman's face that appeared on the mountain of Lake of Colors Tribe slowly descended upon this place.

As it appeared, a large amount of ripples appeared in the sky and reverberated in the area, causing more and more powerful tremors to shake the world with each passing moment. Very soon, at the moment the light of the Relocation Rune in the sky reached its brightest peak, the gigantic face of the woman appeared completely in the sky.

That woman's face was about thousands of feet in size as she looked at the land indifferently.

"Open the Tranquil East Door!"

Yan Luan's face was piously devoted as she lifted her right hand and pointed towards the white tower shaped altar that belonged to Tranquil East Tribe in the distance.

The moment she pointed, a red light immediately shone outside Tranquil East's altar. Four people in red appeared out of nowhere. In their hands they held several heads of people who were glaring furiously even in their deaths.

These four people acted at the same time. They threw the heads onto the altar and slammed their hands on them.

The moment they did so, the heads exploded and turned into a large amount of blood that dyed the white altar red in an instant!

These heads belonged to the guests from Tranquil East Tribe who had entered this place. Once they were killed by Lake of Colors Tribe, their blood was gathered in their heads using a unique method. At that moment, their heads exploded, and their blood dyed the entire tower red.

The blood-stained Tranquil East tower rumbled and a large amount of cracks appeared. Roaring sounds traveled out from within, and a vast amount of energy spilled out abruptly.

The moment the energy appeared, the heavens and earth seemed to change their color. This was the power of all the Qi that had been accumulated overtime by the guests in Tranquil East Tribe over the centuries when the three tribes opened up the hidden grounds. Once enough energy had been accumulated, Tranquil East Tribe originally intended to use it while working with the other two tribes to open the giant sword-ship object.

Yet at this moment, all their energy was taken away ingeniously by Lake of Colors Tribe.

The gigantic woman's face in the sky opened her mouth and sucked in a breath in the direction of Tranquil East tower. Immediately, this energy charged towards the woman's face and was completely absorbed by it.

"Open the Puqiang Door!"

Excitement appeared in Yan Luan's eyes. She had been waiting for this day for far too long. For this day, they had poured in too much blood, sweat, and tears.

The originally black Puqiang tower was dyed in red as the heads exploded. It crumbled as Tranquil East tower had done, and the vast amount of Qi that the guests accumulated over the centuries spilled forth, all of which were instantly absorbed by the woman's face in the air.

The final wave of energy absorbed was from the altar belonging to Lake of Colors Tribe. Thunderous booms echoed in the air, and cracks appeared on all three altars. The moment they exploded because they lost the Qi that had been stored within them, the woman's face in the air became distinct.

Yan Luan took in a deep breath and charged towards the woman's face, fusing with it in an instant. She appeared at the center of the woman's brows.

"Break the relocation seal!"

A strange light appeared in the eyes of the gigantic woman's face before it descended abruptly from the sky and charged towards the sword-ship object that was stuck diagonally on the ground.

As the face rapidly closed in, the sword-ship object immediately let out a dim light. The dim light was the seal itself. It did not spread out, but flowed around the sword-ship object like running water.

With a loud crash, the statue of the God of Berserkers from Lake of Colors Tribe crashed into the giant sword-ship object!

"The seal from Han Mountain's ancestor would be extremely difficult to break if we didn't understand its principles. This is a completely different energy compared to us Berserkers. Even if Lake of Colors Tribe understood the Relocation Art and used the power of the entire tribe, it'd still be difficult for us to break it, but...

"With the power of the statue of the God of Berserkers, the power of Relocation, and the research Lake of Colors Tribe conducted over the past few centuries, we've predicted that we can cause this seal to disappear for an instant using Rune against Rune. At that short moment it disappears, we... will enter!"