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 Chapter 154: God of Berserkers!

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"Brother Nan, what do you mean?"

Su Ming looked at Nan Tian, remaining seated.

Dong Fang Hua's face was filled with respect as he stood by the side with his heart racing against his chest. He knew that he had just obtained a huge chance. That chance was not of him obtaining any treasure, but it came from Mo Su sitting right before him.

'He actually made Sir Nan Tian treat him as an equal. By how Sir Nan Tian is acting, he's definitely treating him very courteously. This person... if I can follow Sir Mo Su, then it'll be serendipitous for me.'

Dong Fang Hua took in a deep breath and a determined look appeared in his eyes.

"Brother Mo, our forces are thin, and it'll be difficult for us to fight against Lake of Colors Tribe. But if Xuan Lun comes here as well, the three of us will obtain great power in this place.

"Lake of Colors Tribe has sent all of their forces here. Before this, they covered up their tracks and did not reveal any clues, which means that Tranquil East and Puqiang are most likely in the dark. This is a chance for us!

"It'll be a waste if we don't obtain something good from the grave of Han Mountain's ancestor, no?"

Nan Tian looked at Su Ming with a polite smile.

"There is room for discussion about this."

Su Ming fell into momentary silence. He did not immediately agree to it.

Nan Tian only smiled when he heard Su Ming's reply. He nodded his head and no longer spoke. Instead, he closed his eyes, and the beast bones lying around his body rose into the air once again, spinning around his body slowly. By his side, Chou Nu sat down as well to protect him.

Silence gradually fell upon them. There was a faint breeze blowing in the valley. As it blew past, the wind would lift up strands of their hair, which would tickle their faces, causing them a faint itch.

While Su Ming remaining seated, he lifted his head and looked at the starry sky over the valley. His expression was calm as he became troubled by his thoughts.

"Sir... Sir Mo Su, these are the herbs I found when I was outside."

Dong Fang Hua looked at Su Ming at his side. There was a calming effect coming from Su Ming, but for some unknown reason that Dong Fang Hua himself could not explain, he could sense a hint of sorrow from that tranquility.

Dong Fang Hua brought out almost all of the herbs on his body before he placed them respectfully before Su Ming.

"I can't promise you that you can leave this place safely," Su Ming said dully.

Dong Fang Hua let out a sigh before he spoke softly. "It's fine. Staying here is at least better than being outside."

Su Ming did not speak any longer but chose to look at the sky instead as he healed his wounds in silence. The injuries on his chest were the worst, and he would not be able to heal them within a short amount of time. However, he could still absorb the spiritual aura around him and store it into the path of blood in his body.

Yet when he made it flow around his entire body, the flow would be slightly jerky when it arrived at the center of his brows. He could feel that the three spots on the small virsecent sword were the reason why the flow of the spiritual aura had slowed down.

Time trickled by. The four people in the valley fell into silence. No one spoke. As followers, until Nan Tian and Su Ming spoke, Chou Nu and Dong Fang Hua would also maintain silence.

It was about 20 hours later. Another day almost passed by, yet the starry sky stayed up and did not change. Su Ming continued looking at the sky. These stars had already been carved into his mind.

"Brother Mo, you seem to be very interested in this piece of sky."

Nan Tian broke the silence. He had been observing Su Ming discreetly for a long time. He could tell that Su Ming had not Transcended, yet that sense of danger did not diminish even one bit. It caught his attention, that was why he had been observing silently.

"This piece of sky does not belong to the night sky of the Land of South Morning," Su Ming stated slowly.

"Of course. This sky was created by Han Mountain's ancestor by using an Art. From what I know, this sky has a direct connection to the mysterious place Han Mountain's ancestor came from.

"It's said that Han Mountain's ancestor came from another world. Perhaps the stars in this sky belong to the other world," Nan Tian said in a low tone, seemingly moved by the story.

"Other world..." Su Ming mumbled.

"I heard that the other world is a mysterious and strange place. I've never been there, but I've heard some rumors about it. Brother Mo, if you're interested, I can tell you about it to spend time."

Nan Tian smiled and a deep emotion seemed to be stirred within him.

"When I first came here a few years ago, I was also taken aback by this sky. When I went back, I searched through a lot of ancient scrolls that spoke about this, and I gradually grew to understand it somewhat.

"If we speak about the other world, we must also talk about the God of the Berserker Tribe... the God of Berserkers!

"The God of Berserkers is the most powerful person in the Berserker Tribe. He is worshipped by all of us in all our tribes. He is our deity and our protector... There is also a legend that says that the power of the first God of Berserkers has reached a level that is unimaginable by our standards. At that time, the entire Berserker Tribe was at its most glorious time...

"He led brave warriors from an innumerable amount of tribes and left our world. It was also at that moment that we obtained news of another world. There were a lot of other places outside other than the land that belonged to us Berserkers...

"I can't imagine it, and a part of me still doesn't believe... the things about the legendary era that were described in the ancient scrolls."

There was a hint of uncertainty on Nan Tian's face, but there was also excitement.

"Brother Mo, I read this in the ancient scrolls. There was one sentence that described that legendary era and the age where all detailed records were gone...

"'The worship of all worlds!'"

Su Ming's heart lurched. He lifted his head swiftly to look at Nan Tian. He was not the only who did so. It was clear that this was the first time Chou Nu heard about it as well. Only Dong Fang Hua had his head lowered, his expression impossible to be seen.

"The worship of all worlds..." Su Ming mumbled.

Those simple five words held a domineering and mighty force that seemed to lift a veil off a canvas in his mind. On that canvas, he seemed to see the legendary era. The God of Berserkers floated in the sky, and an uncountable amount of people from other worlds knelt down and worshipped him.

"I find it unbelievable, but I also regret not being born during that era." Nan Tian laughed bitterly. "But all glorious moments would eventually fade out. The first God of Berserkers died mysteriously, causing this worship of all worlds that is described within the ancient scrolls to only be a short moment of glory.

"Yet after many years went by, the second God of Berserkers appeared. His appearance immediately brought forth a disastrous event. It is said that the land of the Berserker Tribes was divided into five parts because of him!

"He died and his body was divided into five parts, which were buried in the five continents of the Berserker Tribes... His head was taken away by those in the other world, and we have no idea where it went... That's how the Day of Eternal Creation came by. It is said certain people could hear a roar from far away in the land of the Berserker Tribes on the last day of the Day of Eternal Creation. That is the mournful cry of the second God of Berserkers.

"The fourth God of Berserker might come from among those who can hear the roar. All of us Berserkers have been waiting for the fourth God of Berserkers...

"But those are just legends. I've never heard the roar, and neither has anyone around me heard it," Nan Tian said in a low tone.

"What about the third God of Berserkers?"

"This is what I'm curious about. Perhaps my power is not enough for me to obtain more ancient scrolls, but among the records I found that spoke about the Gods of Berserkers, the third God of Berserkers is missing.

"It's only said that he died not long after he appeared. The only records about him are regarding the land where he came from - the Great Yu Dynasty, the Central Land of Berserkers."

Nan Tian shook his head.

When Su Ming heard it, light shudders ran through his body. He could not control these shudders. Nan Tian immediately noticed and gave him a questioning look.

"Brother Mo, what's wrong?"

"It's nothing." Su Ming closed his eyes to hide his shock... and fear.

'So there's not just one God of Berserkers, but there were generations of them... but why didn't he mention the Fire Berserkers? Which God of Berserkers sealed the Fire Berserkers, which generation did he belong to..?

'Why didn't Nan Tian speak about the big event that shocked all Berserkers... Perhaps this is a difference between regions. It must be...'

Panic rose in Su Ming's heart, a sight that was rarely seen.

He did not know why, but Cang Lan's pitying and complicated gaze as she looked at him appeared naturally in his head.

"If someday, you remember something... you can come to Freezing Sky Clan to look for me..."

Su Ming opened his eyes, which became filled with a lot of red in the span of a few short breaths. He turned his head to look outside the valley.

An almost unnoticeable glint appeared in Nan Tian's eyes. He felt that something was wrong with Mo Su. While he was mulling over it silently, his expression suddenly changed and he lifted his head to look outside the valley, which was soon followed by a shock in his heart, and he looked at Su Ming from the corner of his eyes.

'What shocking senses. He should have been affected by my words just now, but even so, he sensed that there were people outside the valley before me... If he had been calm... I should establish a good relationship with him,' Nan Tian decided in his heart.

At that moment, a ghastly and cold voice that seemed to tear through the space outside the valley forcefully traveled in, "Nan Tian, I, Xuan, am here!"

That voice was like a rumbling thunder. As it traveled inside, two people appeared outside the valley and walked in. The person walking in front was Xuan Lun. His face was dark, and there was a frown between his brows. Behind him was an old man. That old man was covered in fresh blood. There were many wounds on his body, and his face was pale. It was clear that the fights he had endured until he reached this place had been incredibly devastating.

"I'm honored that you could come here."

Nan Tian smiled and stood up, wrapping his fist in his palm towards Xuan Lun.

Xuan Lun's face had been dark since the time he came to this place. As he walked towards them, his gaze fell on Su Ming, and a freezing glint appeared in his eyes.

"You were spreading out your presence without care here. You gained the courage to do so not just to tell Lake of Colors Tribe you're here, but also to tell me you're here, no?

"How could you be so sure that Lake of Colors Tribe won't find you first and kill you?" Xuan Lun let out a cold harrumph.

"Besides those in Lake of Colors Tribe, if I was the only one who reached the Transcendence Realm, I wouldn't dare to do this, but with you here, I would naturally have the courage to do so."

Nan Tian smiled, not at all bothered by Xuan Lun's tone.

"We can talk about your schemes later. This isn't a bad place, but there're too many people here. You, either you take off your mask, or leave!"

Xuan Lun's tone was terrifying and cold as he looked at Su Ming. He just found this person to be an eyesore. It did not matter whether it was during the first time he met him in the tunnel or just now when he met him in this place. That feeling of dislike was still there.

Nan Tian was momentarily stunned. His eyes went back and forth between Xuan Lun and Su Ming, who remained seated. After a moment of hesitation, he spoke to Xuan Lun in a low tone.

"Brother Xuan, do you have any personal grudges against brother Mo?"