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 Chapter 151: Counterattack

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Booming sounds echoed in the air and the shards shattered. Yet with a shudder, cracks also appeared on the black snake's body. The moment the cracks appeared, Su Ming retreated once again. His gaze was freezing as he spat out one word.


The black snake Berserker Vessel he had just obtained immediately let out a large amount of black fog. It instantly spread outwards, causing the area to be shrouded in black.

The expression on Han Fei Zi's face immediately changed. The instant the black fog spread out, she instantaneously lifted her right hand and pointed towards Yan Guang. The white mist cloud instantly appeared around Yan Guang's body, who through his shock, had a grave expression on his face in the black fog. The white mist cloud formed a tight defence around his body.

Once she helped Yan Guang with his defence, a golden light flashed outside Han Fei Zi's body. It was the same light that had appeared when she faced Su Ming previously - the strange Art that allowed her to remain largely unscathed even after the numerous ambushes Su Ming had laid on her.

The moment Han Fei Zi made her moves, Su Ming's eyes flashed in the black fog. The mark of the sword of virescent light charged out. Its target was not Yan Guang, neither was it Yan Fei Zi, but the person of blood standing right before her.

That person of blood was Su Ming's target. If that thing was not destroyed, he knew that even if he managed to escape, there was still a possibility that he would be chased down. If that was the case, then it would be better if he destroyed it!

The virescent sword sliced through the air and turned into a strong pressure as it charged towards the person of blood floating before Han Fei Zi with a might that could even make those in the Transcendence Realm shudder in fear. Han Fei Zi's heart immediately trembled. She could not see that viriscent sword, but she could feel a terrifying presence closing in quickly from the fog before her. It even gave her the false impression that she was under the threat of death.

Her expression changed once again. Han Fei Zi quickly retreated and once she did so, she surrounded her body with mist clouds. The golden light shone through the mist clouds, and an ancient mirror about the size of her palm appeared in her hand. As light shone from the mirror, it let out banging sounds and six other mirrors apparated around her body, situated on her sides, her front and back, and the top and bottom of her body, protecting Han Fei Zi inside.

Just as she retreated, the small viriscent sword closed in on the person of blood under Su Ming's control with the Brand and sliced through its head. The moment the sword slashed down, the person of blood let out a piercing cry as if it possessed intelligence and split in half beforeshattering and crumbling apart.

A murderous look appeared in Su Ming's eyes. He was just about to control the small virescent sword to charge at Han Fei Zi when his heart suddenly jumped and his face instantly darkened.

A red mist spread out from the two halves of the crumbling person of blood and turned into a complex red picture that was about 100 feet in size. The moment it appeared, a piercing red light flashed. That red light contained a pressure that made Su Ming tremble, and when it appeared, it caused the black fog in the area to fade out. In an instant, the black fog was gone without a trace.

At the same time, the red picture started shifting and turned into a face of a woman. This woman was incredibly beautiful. She had her eyes closed, and as her eyelashes fluttered, she opened her eyes.

The instant she did so, the small virescent sword immediately trembled as if it could not get closer. A dim light shone from within the woman's eyes and a tinkling chuckle echoed in the air. There was a strange force within that chuckle, making those who heard it feel like their hearts shook like endless rippling water. It made people restless.

As the chuckles echoed in the air, the woman opened her mouth and blew at the small virescent sword. Her breath was like fragrant air, and the moment it touched the small sword, it let out a sharp, sword whistle. The sword trembled and tumbled back towards Su Ming before quickly entering his body.

A red flush immediately colored Su Ming's face. When the fragrant air rushed into his face, a mystified look appeared in his eyes. He could see a blurred figure of a beautiful young married woman. That woman's beauty gave the feeling as if his heart was going to race out off his chest. It was a feeling that made him think that if she just said the word, he would give his life for her.

The woman was looking at him with a bewitching look at that moment, as if she was calling him to go to her.

Su Ming's expression under the mask was one of bewilderment. Yet at that moment, the mysterious black piece of debris hanging over his chest let out a chilling presence into his body, just like the time when he was stunned when the Fallen God of Berserkers descended. Su Ming's body jolted, and immediately, his eyes became clear.

The moment he regained consciousness, Su Ming coughed out a mouthful of blood and the light in his eyes became dull. Shock appeared on his face, and he immediately retreated without any hesitation.

This might have seemed to have happened over a long period of time, but it only lasted for an instant.


Interest appeared in the giant face of the woman in the air. As she watched Su Ming hasty retreat, she suddenly laughed.

"Fei Er, Yan Guang, I want this person alive. Go. He is already heavily injured, he won't be able to do much... Bring him to me."

As the giant face spoke softly, it gradually disappeared.

Yan Guang immediately complied. Han Fei Zi did not speak, but remained frowning while looking in the direction Su Ming had escaped in. She still felt that there was something familiar about Su Ming, yet she had only managed to cross hands with him for a short period of time. She could not find any clues from him.

Su Ming held his chest, the part where it hurt the most at the moment. It was as if his heart had been broken. Blood continuously flowed from his mouth, and the mark of the small sword at the center of his brows also became dull because of it. There was a looming red mark on the sword.

'That's Yan Luan!'

This was not the first time Su Ming had seen the gigantic form of the woman's face. He had seen this woman before, when He Feng challenged the Chains of Han Mountain a few years ago.

'She's definitely not any common powerful Berserker in the Transcendence Realm! The Berserker Art she cast just now could definitely kill a person without anyone even realizing it!'

Su Ming coughed out a mouthful of blood, and as he staggered forward, he brought out South Asunder with his right hand from his bosom and placed the pill in his mouth before continuing charging forward.

Han Fei Zi and Yan Guang were pursuing him nonstop at full speed behind him.

"Master, Yan Luan's power should be around the middle stage of the Transcendence Realm... She's one of the very few tribe leaders from all the tribes in the world that has power that surpasses the Elder of her tribe.

"Lake of Colors Tribe is also very distinctly different from other tribes. The Elder is not the head of the tribe, the tribe leader is! To think that she's here as well..."

There was obvious fear in He Feng's voice.

When Su Ming heard He Feng's words, his face became darker. He gritted his teeth and continued dashing forward without regard for his injuries. As he ran, he continued taking in a large amount of South Asunder, which allowed him to maintain his speed, but due to this continuous charge, he could not calm down and heal his injuries quickly.

Han Fei Zi and Yan Guang became increasingly more stunned as they pursued him. The both of them had though that with Su Ming's grave injuries, he would not be able to run too far away or for too long, yet four hours had already passed by, and this guest from Tranquil East Tribe was still dashing forth at an incredibly fast pace.

Su Ming's face was pale under the mask. Even with the help of South Asunder healing his wounds, the hours of escaping still made it hard for him to recover because he did not have time to sit down and meditate to heal. It was especially so for the sharp pain in his chest. Not much of it had went away.

As he continued running, it even became much more painful, as if his heart was about to break completely.

'Lake of Colors Tribe!'

Su Ming carved the name of the tribe into his mind, but he could not stop. He was worried that Yan Luan would appear once again. Once she did, he would have a difficult time escaping.

"Master, I think Yan Luan won't appear again!"

He Feng's cautious voice echoed in Su Ming's mind with an anxiety that could not be hidden. He did not want Su Ming to die. If Su Ming died, it would be difficult for him to survive as well.


Su Ming knew that his intelligence and experience could not compare to He Feng's. When he heard He Feng's words, a vague but important thought appeared in his head.

"Yan Luan's power is so incredible it's shocking. If she could appear at anytime she wanted, then none of the guests from the other two tribes who entered the hidden grounds would have been able to survive. In fact, there would be no need for them to send people to investigate the place at all..."

He Feng's mind moved at an incredible pace, and he spoke as he continued with his analysis.

"But since she sent Han Fei Zi and Yan Guang to kill you, and since we met the man in red robes and the other person when we came out of the tunnel, that means..."

"This means that either Yan Luan's power is largely limited in this place, or there's something else that's forcing her to be constantly in one place and she cannot leave. She can only use the method like just now and attack through apparitions," Su Ming immediately said.

"Incredible, Master! Also, the attack from Yan Luan's apparition was not simple, or else, she could just summon the apparition again and you wouldn't have been able to escape for such a long time," He Feng first praised Su Ming before he spoke his thoughts.

A sparkle appeared in Su Ming's eyes. He knew he could not last much longer. He might still have an ample supply of South Asunder, but if he left that sharp pain in his chest alone any longer, his body would not be able to withstand it.

'He Feng, I know you still have some tricks hidden up your sleeve. If I die, you won't be able to survive either. Don't hide anymore. Can you hold Han Fei Zi and the other person for a while?'

Su Ming took a deep breath and sent his thoughts to He Feng.

He Feng fell silent for a moment, as if he making his decision.

"Master, with my current condition, I can only stall them for half the time it takes to burn an incense stick..."

"That's good enough!"

Su Ming stopped and immediately sat down cross-legged on the ground. He brought out a few pills of South Asunder and placed one in his mouth before closing his eyes and immediately starting to circulate his Qi.

Time passed by. Very soon, a white cloud whistled through the sky behind Su Ming. When the white cloud was 1,000 feet away from him, a dim light flashed around his body, and He Feng's small form dashed out.

His face was obscured. He did not want Han Fei Zi recognizing him, which would only cause Su Ming to be displeased with him and in turn suspect him. Once he appeared, He Feng lifted his right hand and hurled his fist towards the white cloud approaching from the sky.

Ripples appeared between where Su Ming sat and the approaching white cloud. The ripples quickly spread out. He Feng charged out swiftly, and the dim light around his body spread outwards.

The dim light instantly enveloped an area of 500 feet around Su Ming. He Feng sat down cross-legged in midair with his eyes closed. His entire body blended together with the light, and he disappeared without a trace. With this method, he could stop Han Fei Zi and Yan Guang to gain some time for Su Ming.

A thunderous boom appeared in the air. It was Yan Guang, who had a murderous look on his face as he continuously attacked the dim light with the long blue spear in his hand, causing the dim light to waver, looking as if it was about to be torn apart at any moment.

In just one glance, Han Fei Zi saw Su Ming sitting within the dim light. A strange light appeared in her eyes and she took action. White clouds surrounded the dim light and closed in with a great pressure, causing the area enveloped by the dim light to continuously shrink.