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 My novels are not dropped, I have been writing my first novel for one year none stop no brakes as I did, then jumped right into Infinity Fanfiction and did that for a few months, Then I jumped to Fallout 4.

I have been taking a brake on writing as I needed it very badly, and partly got burnt out on writing. And as my ideas have ran out it does not help so I have been taking this brake to refresh my ideas so when I start up again I can enjoy writing but mostly ignoring my novels and not thinking about them as much to just relax.

I have thought of a large project for me to do, and it will require me to rework on all my novels and some will be completely changed to a new one and others will not change much to no change at all, but one thing I will be doing is linking all my novels together allowing a more in-depth lore behind an enemy and more like how a game would be made if done correctly and not for money only.

Also I want to redo my novels because they just don't feel like I made them the best I could have, well at that time it was now I improved thanks to the readers I have new knowledge to put in my novels.

I will not post until I have organized my large plan, made a back story, a lore and a few more important things.

Just want to let everyone know that, Infinity Fanfiction will be changed Completely, a team of four and lots of Galaxies more on adventures and Over powered team that brakes everything to even base building.

Galaxy of Infinity worlds (beta) will be completely redone changed and fixed up, Title will be changed by removing the (Beta) it will be a base building leader and world traveling.

Galaxy of Infinity worlds will have a new Title and have a changed story it will be about an assassin and no base building, no becoming a leader, just pure assassin work and finding new ways to kill fast and stay hidden. (Depending on how I go with this it might be the only Novel without the Enemy in it but can have the enemy in it if I do it right.)

Fallout 4 Infinity will be partly changed but Continue as is, base building, army building, Overpowered and helping everyone.

Infinity supernatural will be partly changed but Continue as is, Powerful Mage building a school and helping fight the supernatural. (this novel will have a sequel but different world as it was my original plan.)

Infinity Blacksmith will be partly changed but Continue as is nothing to much needs changed, Blacksmith and Powerful Mage that is an Angel regaining his strangth after being reborn and mixing Demonic and heroic Manas together, adventure and worlds exploring with Building new items along the way. (small leader of a team only nothing bigger, Mix of Magic and smithing, and surviving against two main factions and thousands of smaller factions.)

The lore will start in Galaxy of Infinity worlds, then branch off to all my other novels it does not mean you need to read this novel to figure it out but it will be like a back story on where the enemy comes from and the like, as you read and slowly figure out what is truly lurking in the shadows of all of my novels and hopefully I do it correctly to allow the amazing readers to have fun reading my novels figuring out the story.

I always wanted to make my own game but never had the skill or true knowledge on how to do that so I will move my Ideas to novel writing as that only needs me to write, in the beginning Was horrible, but thanks to me on just writing and not giving a ...., I made improvements then with the help of you readers giving me advice that helped me have larger improvement then before, the largerest improvement I notice was Fallout 4 the help of many readers help kick me on improving myself thanks for that.

My brake has been peaceful and relaxing now its time for me to start my project, it will take a bit and seeing that you have stayed this long shows your patience and I very much thank you all for that.

there will be a chapter on the novels I will be redoing Completely of being one chapter to two, then I will Concentrate on writing and going through them making sure its not rushed before postung.