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Li Xiuying's jaws hardened at the thought. Why was she so afraid of being alone? Didn't she still have her baby and Chuntao with her? Why would she need to stay with a scumbag who only knew how to hurt her and blame her for the failure of their marriage?

"If I want to?" she laughed to herself, feeling really pathetic that she'd been played well by her husband. "Then tell me what I need to do?"

Make a fool out of her? Was she really the kind of person who can easily be bullied by a manwhore? Good. Very good. Let's see who'll get played for good later.

The hatred in her eyes intensified. After all the things she'd done and sacrificed for him, this was how he's repaying her?!

"Miss Ying, do you want to divorce him?" came the curious question from their family lawyer.

Her eyes were once again stung with tears. Was she really brave enough to let go of her husband?


Instead of going back to their home, Li Xiuying drove towards the Li Mansion to see her uncle. The place remained the same and nothing much had changed over the years. She remembered playing with her twin sister in the large garden that their grandmother personally tends to.

She was greeted by a butler once she stepped inside. Her eyes roaming around the ground floor, marvelling at the neatness of the place. This house was her home, where the laughter happens and she can rest at the end of the day, not the house she shared with her husband.

"Ying, what brings you here?" A deep baritone voice disrupted Li Xiuying's thought. Lifting her head towards its direction, she found her uncle taking the steps downstairs, eyeing her with curiosity.

He was wearing a light grey shirt and black pants. It was rare for him to be at home and Li Xiuying thought that her chances of meeting him were quite low.

Looking at him, she thought that her Uncle Yuren didn't seem to age. Those male actors and models were no match compared to his physiques and face. He could really give them a good run for their money.

"Uncle," she gave him a curt nod and followed him to the dining area. She sat opposite him and watched as he started his meal without waiting for her.

A servant placed her meal in front of her and left them alone for privacy. Since Chuntao's departure overseas to finish her studies, Li Xiuying moved out of the mansion as soon as she married Mu Jianyu.

By marrying him, Li Xiuying gained the freedom to decide on her own life. This was a tradition within the Li family. Marriage meant the Li family wouldn't interfere with any of their personal affairs whether they like it or not.

"Mu Jianyu wants to divorce me." Li Xiuying didn't beat around the bush and told her uncle what was happening.

Li Yuren faltered, gave her a side glance and continued with his meal. His expression told Li Xiuying that he wasn't surprised at the sudden turn of events.

"So what do you plan to do now?" He cut his steak and chewed slowly, waiting for her to respond.

Li Xiuying lowered her head in shame, refusing to meet his gaze.

"I-I don't know yet..." she admitted.

"Do not lower your head, Ying. Do not forget you are a Li and the Li family never lower themselves to anyone, especially not to a vermin like Mu Jianyu,"

Li Yuren never approved his niece's relationship with that man. It wasn't an issue to him that Mu Jianyu came from a humble family, it was just he thought the man wasn't responsible enough to take care of Xiuying.

Li Xiuying took a deep breath and straightened her back. Her uncle surely knew how to lift up her and Chuntao's spirits.

"I understand,"

"Divorce him if you want, but you must first teach him a lesson for messing with you." His gaze sharpened at her.

When he first found out about the adultery, he really wanted to beat Mu Jianyu and teach him a lesson but because Li Xiuying begs him not to intervene, he was forced to stay on the sidelines and watch the clown's performance.

Li Xiuying released a sigh she didn't know she was holding. So her uncle had predicted that this would happen or was he just being cautious of her husband? Initially, she thought that the prenuptial agreement wasn't necessary. They were both deeply in love with each other back then and hadn't thought that something like this would ever happen.

No wonder her Uncle Yuren didn't want to accept Mu Jianyu into their family. A part of him must have known that Mu Jianyu would only cause trouble for them.